Chinese Roasted Pork Buns/叉燒包



100g 水

20g 高筋面粉


180g 高筋面粉

60g 中筋面粉

65g 汤种

25g 全蛋液

90g 牛奶

3g 速发酵母

30g 糖

3g 盐

25g 软化的无盐黄油

將湯種中的水和麵包粉混合在一小鍋中, 開中火煮。要不斷攪拌直到它變成稠糊狀,放涼。

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100g Water

20g Bread flour

Flour Main Dough

180g Bread Flour

60g All Purpose Flour

65g Tangzhong

25g Egg

90g Milk

3g Instant Yeast

30g Sugar

3g Salt

25g Unsalted Butter(Softened to Room Temperature)

Mix water and bread flour for Tangzhong in a small sauce pan and cook with medium heat. Stir constantly until it becomes thick paste like, turn the heat off, let cool.

Add everything for flour main dough except butter to the stand mixer and mix at speed 4 for about 7-8 minutes.

Add butter to the mixer and continue to mix at the same speed for 20 minutes.

Take the dough out and fold it into a ball then leave it inside the mixing bowl. Use a piece of plastic wrap the cover the bowl and leave it for one hour or until twice in size.

Take the dough out and knead for a few times to let the air out, cut the dough evenly to 6-8 pieces.

Wrap some roast pork inside and seal it, then use your hands to roll it to a round ball shape.

Turn the oven light on and leave all the finished products inside the oven for another hour.

Brush a little bit of egg wash on the buns, add a little bit of sesame seeds.

Bake the buns inside the preheated oven(355F) for about 23 minutes.

Here are the links for the roast pork and the roast pork for the buns:

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WeChat Image_20200712162025

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