Taiwan Style Pancake/台灣蛋餅

All purpose flour 300 g

Hot water 210 ML

Salt 2 pinches

Pork lard 1 tbsp

Scallion Optional

Heat up water to 65C degree

Add salt to the flour and mix, pour the hot water to the flour and use chopstick to mix them.

Knead the flour together to form a dough ( check the temperature before doing it, it can be hot)

Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let the dough rest for one hour.

Cut the dough into 4-6 even pieces.

Take one and roll it out to a thin pancake with a rolling pin, spread a little bit of pork lard over the surface of the pancake. You can add the thin sliced scallion now if you want it to have scallion flavor. ( I make one with Asian basil really good).

Please see below pictures on how to roll it up to make a pancake.

Add a tiny bit of oil in a non stick pan and pan fry the pancake until the color turns clear with a little bit of golden brown color on the surface.

You can eat the pancake just like that, or make a egg pancake by adding an egg to the pan, then add the cooked pancake to the wet egg and pan fry for 2 minutes. Or to be really fancy like to picture above, add cheese, vegetables, ham or anything else you would like to eat with it. Be creative!!!

麵粉 300 克

熱水 210 毫升

鹽 2小撮

豬油 1 湯匙







拿一個出來然後用擀麵杖擀出一個薄煎餅,凃上一點點豬油在煎餅的表面。如果您希望它有蔥味,現在可以加點蔥花。(我加羅勒做一個非常好吃) 。


麵糰擀薄后在加了一點油的不沾鍋裏煎到透明帶點金黃就可以吃了。 就這麽吃也可以, 或者加個蛋。 打蛋倒進鍋裏,馬上拿已經煎好的餅放上去蛋煎熟了就可以吃了。 也可以像我上面圖片裏一樣加你自己喜歡吃的東西卷起來更好吃。

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