Roast Mix Vegetable/烤蔬菜



As per my friend’s  request that I should post something easy for beginner. I think there is nothing easier than this dish. It is healthy, yummy and easy to make.

Mix any kind of vegetable that you have from you refrigerator. ( I used 1/3 purple cabbage, 1/2 Japanese pumkin, 1 Medium size carrot, a few cherry tomatoes, one zucchini, one  onion and 3 medium size potatoes) cut them into cubes. add a little bit of salt and black pepper and some extra virgin olive oil, mix well. bake in the 400 F preheated over for one hour. Of course it depends on how much vegetable you have. use your fork to stick into potatoes, if it is done then the rest vegetables are done too.

我的朋友说我应该贴些对于初學者来说很容易的菜。我認為没有什麼比這道菜更容易。它健康、 美味、 又容易做。
混 合任何几種你冰箱裡有的蔬菜。(我用 1/3 的紫甘藍、 1/2 日本南瓜、 1 中等大小的胡蘿蔔,幾個櫻桃番茄、 一個西葫蘆、 一個洋蔥和 3 中等大小土豆)切小块。 添加一點點的鹽和黑胡椒和一些特級橄欖油,拌勻。在 400 F 預熱的烤箱里烘烤大约一個小時。當然這取決於你有多少蔬菜。用叉子叉插土豆,如果它熟了剩下的菜就可以了。

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