What Do I Want You To Know Before You Read My Recipes?

When I cook, I don’t always follow the recipes. Well, maybe the first time I will. Then after that I will adjust the cooking to how I want it to be. I always tell my friends cook however they want, after all they’re the ones eating the food. Here I am showing you the most frequently used spices/sauces for my cooking. Also the measuring cups and spoons.

1 cup =240ml

1 tbsp =15ml

1teasp =5ml

1 杯 = 240 毫升
1 湯匙 = 15 毫升
1茶勺 = 5 毫升


How To Cook Eggs/怎么煮鸡蛋

I have been thinking about this post for a while but never got it done. I promised someone I would do it soon, so here it is. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.

Fried egg


It is better to use a nonstick pan when making fried egg. Medium low heat, add a few drops of oil in the cooking pan. Even though it is fried, really with the nonstick pan, you almost need no oil at all.

  1. Crack the egg directly into the pan and season with salt and black pepper.
  2. Continue cooking the egg over medium low heat for about two to three minutes, or until the white is set but the yolk is still quite runny.


煎蛋时最好用不粘锅。中低火, 在锅里加入几滴油。尽管它是煎的但是用不粘锅的话你几乎不需要油。

  1. 将鸡蛋直接敲开放入锅中, 加盐和黑胡椒粉调味。
  2. 继续用中小火煎鸡蛋约两到三分钟, 或直到蛋白固化, 但蛋黄仍然是液状。


Over-easy egg



  1. Crack the egg directly into the pan and season with salt and black pepper.
  2. Continue cooking the egg over medium low heat for 2 minutes, or until the white is set but the yolk is still quite runny.
  3. Use a plastic spatula lift the egg gently and flip
  4. Cook the other side for 1 minute with low heat.


  1. 将鸡蛋直接敲开放入锅中, 加盐和黑胡椒粉调味。
  2. 继续用中小火煎鸡蛋约两分钟, 或直到蛋白固化, 但蛋黄仍然是液状。
  3. 使用塑料铲子轻轻提起鸡蛋并翻转一面煎
  4. 另一面小火煎1分钟。


Scrambled egg



  1. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and season with salt and black pepper.
  2. Meanwhile, melt butter in a small non-stick pan over high heat.
  3. When the butter melts and begins to foam, pour in the eggs and immediately turn the heat to medium low. Stir with a spoon or spatula constantly as you cook.
  4. When the eggs are just set but still look too moist, remove them to a plate as they will continue to cook even though they are already in the plate.



  1. 将2个鸡蛋打入碗内, 加盐和黑胡椒粉调味。
  2. 同时在不粘平底锅里加黄油高温融化。
  3. 当黄油融化并开始起泡时倒入鸡蛋, 并立即将火关成中小火。用勺子或铲子不停的搅拌。
  4. 当鸡蛋刚刚凝固但看起来仍然很湿时, 把它们倒到盘子里, 因为余温他们还会继续凝固即使他们已经在盘子里了。


Boiled egg

5 minutes/5分钟



6 minutes/6分钟



7 minutes/7分钟



  1. Bring a pot of water to boil (water should be enough to fully cover the eggs)
  2. Add eggs to the boiling water, from this point set time for 6 minutes.
  3. Take the egg out of boiling water and leave them in cold water.
  4. Adjust time accordingly to how runny you want your egg yolk to be.


  1. 把一锅水烧开 (水应该足够把鸡蛋完全淹没)
  2. 将鸡蛋放入沸水中, 从这个时候开始设定时间煮6分钟。
  3. 把鸡蛋从开水里拿出来, 放在冷水里。
  4. 根据你希望蛋黄的软硬情况调整时间。


Steamed egg



Sweet one/甜的


The best ratio of water or broth to egg for steam egg will be (1.5-2) : 1. If you like your egg to taste like firm tofu then 1.5:1. If you like it to taste like soft tofu then 2:1 will be perfect.

  1. Heat up the water or broth until it is pretty warm but you can still use your fingers to test it and do not feel hot.
  2. whip the egg with a fork, add pinch of white pepper to the egg.
  3. Gradually add warm water to the egg while still whipping.
  4. Use a strainer to strain the egg and water mixture.
  5. Bring some water to boil in a large cooking pan (or wok), steam the egg in a bowl over the water in medium low heat for about 8 minutes for 2 eggs.
  6. Add some light soy sauce to the egg and serve right away.

You can make savory steam egg like this by adding either water or broth. Or you can have milk instead of water or brother, add maple syrup or honey at the end instead of soy sauce (no white pepper of course) for sweet one.


蒸鸡蛋的水或肉汤与鸡蛋的最佳比例为 (1.5-2): 1. 如果你喜欢你的鸡蛋吃起来像老豆腐, 那么比例是1.5:1。如果你喜欢它像嫩豆腐, 那么2:1 是完美的比例。

  1. 把水或肉汤加热到有点烫手但你仍然可以用手指测试不觉得烫。
  2. 用叉子抽打鸡蛋, 在鸡蛋里加入少量白胡椒粉。
  3. 在抽打时, 慢慢向鸡蛋中加入温水。
  4. 使用密的漏勺对鸡蛋和水的混合物过滤一下。
  5. 将一些水放入一个大的平底锅中煮沸, 将2个鸡蛋以中小火的温度蒸约 8分钟。
  6. 在蒸好的鸡蛋里加入一些生抽, 马上上桌。

你可以加入水或肉汤来制作这样美味的咸蒸蛋。或者你可以用牛奶代替肉汤。添加枫糖浆或蜂蜜, 而不是酱油 (当然没有白胡椒) 做甜的蒸蛋。

Porched egg



  1. Bring a lot of water to bubbling in a saucepan (when you see a lot of little bubbles coming from the edge of the pan)
  2. Crack the eggs into the water, turn the heat to low. DO NOT stir the water for at least 1 minute, so the egg white will form the perfect shape.
  3. Use a plastic spatula or a wooden spoon touch the egg gently to see if it sticks to the bottom.
  4. Continue to simmer the eggs for 2 minutes.

Tips: Don’t add anything else to water and don’t stir the water to create whirlpool. It works for me every single time for porched egg and the shape will be perfectly oval shape.


  1. 大量的水在平底锅里煮到起泡 (当你看到很多小泡从平底锅边缘冒出来)
  2. 把鸡蛋打开小心放入水里, 把火调低。至少 1分钟不要搅拌它,那么蛋清就会形成完美的形状。
  3. 使用塑料铲子或木勺轻轻触碰鸡蛋, 看看它是否粘在锅底。
  4. 继续煮鸡蛋约2分钟。

小贴士: 不要在水中添加任何其他东西, 也不要搅动水形成漩涡。这个方法我每次煮荷包蛋都是完美的椭圆形状。

Potato-Crusted Quiche/乳蛋饼


I haven’t been here for such a long time. I made this for Christmas eve breakfast, and it was really good. So I want to share with you today.

Here is the original recipe:


I substituted some vegetables with whatever I had in my refrigerator and also I used Chicken sausage instead of bacon, and everything else was the same. I used broccoli, scallion, tomato, Mushroom and onion.

我已经很久没来了。 昨天我做了这个乳蛋饼做早餐,很美味而且也容易做。

原食谱在这: https://tasty.co/recipe/potato-crusted-quiche?fbclid=IwAR0tbnO-M23eCp4F5ClTPuSlfcNJ4s42R19GF5BaTd4X8uJWyDAao_7BDJ4



Lobster With Yi Noodles/龙虾炒伊面


I’ve been cooking Yi Noodles quite often recently, but never post them because I never remembered exact amount of ingredients I used. Recently lobster is on sale for $7.99 per pound, last week I bought 2 lobster around 2.5-3 pounds, and I used to cook Yi noodles. (Yi noodle is noodles that is already deep fried like instant noodles. ) Very delicious!!!


Lobster 2.5-3 pounds

Yi Noodles 400g

Ginger 35g (thin shred)

Scallion 4-5 whole pieces (thin shred)

Half small yellow onion (thin shred)


Cook yi noodles in a big pot of boiling water for about a minute, use a drainer to take noodles out of water and set aside.

Cut the lobster into small pieces.

Drain the water out, then add 4-5 tbsps corn starch to the lobster and mix well.

Deep fried lobster in hot oil about 4 minutes, make sure only a few pieces at a time, we want to keep the oil temperature high.

After all the lobster are deep fried, set aside.

Leave 2 tbsps oil in the cooking pan, add scallion, ginger and onion to the oil and stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add the lobster and noodles back to the pan and mix with the vegetables, sprinkle 1/3 tsp salt, 1/3 tsp black pepper, 1tsp sesame oil, 2tbsps Chinese cooking wine, 1.5 tbsps vegetarian oyster sauce, 1/2 tsp chicken bouillon and 2 tbsps light soy sauce to the pan and mix everything together.


Below is yi noodles with shrimp and beef and mushroom


Here is the yi noodle.

Image result for 伊面

Pepper Steak/甜椒牛排

I haven’t post anything for September yet. It usually takes me a while to go back to posting after summer time, I just got really lazy lately. So I went to Costco last week and bought some really good steak, and I used them to cook some Chinese dishes.  They are actually quite simple because I don’t want to ruing the steak by using too much spices or sauces. Basically I just add some salt and pepper or only oyster sauce to stir fry the food.

First dish is steak and bell peppers. I only added salt and pepper to taste and quickly stir fried for about 3 minutes. Once the steak’s color turns light brown, I took it off the heat. It is so tender and delicious!!!

IMG_4003.JPGSecond dish is still stir fry steak but with Mushrooms and bell pepper. I used 3 different kind of mushrooms, also this one I used vegetarian oyster sauce instead of salt and pepper. I thin slice everything. This one I cooked steak first, then stir fried the vegetable for a few minutes until everything is tender then add the cooked steak alone with oyster sauce. This was just as good as the first dish!


This steak is kind of expensive, but the taste is unbeatable! Life is short I do treat myself nice once in a while.

WeChat Image_20180923220444



Letter Cake/字母蛋糕

I’ve been wanting to make a number cake for such a long time. But I don’t like the idea of using cookies for base. I believe a lot of people have the same thought when it comes to cutting the cake. It is cookie, how do you cut it without breaking it? how do you cut it evenly? So, the thought of making one faded after a while until recently I saw another beautiful one. I started think really hard and I decided to make a cake base instead of cookie base.

I wanted to make a letter cake for my birthday 2 weeks ago, but my birthday day is my all I can eat junk food day so I didn’t have extra stomach for cake. And this week I finally decided to make one because today is my Chinese Lunar birthday. The fun part is decorating. I should have bought some fresh flower to make it better looking.

This cake is easier than it seems. I use below cake recipe for base, and I made 1.5 times as much of batter for my letter cake( depends on how big you want to make your cake, adjust accordingly):




The Cream Cheese Whipped Cream Frosting:

12 oz. cream cheese

1/2 to 2/3 cup sugar

1.5 cups heavy cream

1.5 tsp Vanilla extra

Add cream cheese and sugar together and mix them with a electronic mixer until creamy.

Add vanilla extra and heavy cream and continue to mix until firm about 4 minutes.


  1.  placing one layer of the letter onto a cake platter. Using a pastry bag fitted with a large round tip, pipe the whipped cream frosting over the cake in dollops. You can choose to evenly spread the frosting too, I don’t have a round tip, so I used one that is similar.
  2. Place the second layer of the letter cake on top of frosting. Pipe some more frosting on top in dollops.
  3. Finally, decorate the cake with your desired toppings. I used fresh fruit, M&M, chocolate, fake macarons that are made of marzipan,  I also use marzipan to make some fruits.


If you are making a number cake, this recipe is good, if you are making double digits, make sure you double everything.


我一直想做一个数字蛋糕。但我不喜欢用饼干做底。当要切蛋糕的时候我相信很多人都有同样的想法。它是饼干 你怎么切它而不会碎呢?你怎么可以切得均匀呢?后来我也就忘记了要去做,直到最近我看到了另一个漂亮的数字蛋糕。我就很努力的想要怎么做,后来我决定做一个蛋糕底的。

2周前 我想为我自己的生日做一个字母蛋糕, 但我的生日那天是我吃垃圾食品的时候, 所以我没有额外的胃容量来装蛋糕了。这个星期我终于决定做一个因为今天是我的农历生日。做这个蛋糕最有趣的部分是装饰。我应该买些鲜花让它看起来更漂亮。

这个蛋糕比看起来容易。我用下面的蛋糕食谱做的基底, 我做了1.5 倍的面糊 (取决于你的蛋糕大小相应 调整):






1/2 到2/3 杯糖

1.5 杯动物奶油

1.5 茶匙香草精

加奶油奶酪和糖在一大盆里,用电子搅拌器搅拌在一起, 直到奶油变软。

添加香草精和奶油, 并继续混合, 直到硬挺约4分钟。


把一层字母基底放在蛋糕盘上。用一个装着大圆尖挤奶油嘴的糕点袋里装上奶油霜。你可以选择均匀的涂抹奶油霜在基底上, 我没有圆尖的奶油嘴, 所以我用了一个类似的。把奶油均匀的挤在第一层的基底上。
最后, 用你想要的配料装饰蛋糕。我用了新鲜水果, M&M巧克力, 巧克力, 由杏仁糖制成的假马卡龙 , 我也用杏仁糖做一些水果。


如果你是做一个数字蛋糕, 这个食谱也可以了, 如果你是做两位数的, 那你材料要加一倍的量了。

WeChat Image_20180826155500

Mushroom Shrimp Cups/蘑菇釀虾

This is a very light and healthy dish for summer time when you don’t feel like to eat anything. It is also very easy to prepare.


Shrimp 200 g

White Mushroom (jumbo size) 8 pieces

Ginger 1tsp

Corn starch 3 tbsps

Egg white 1/2

Chinese celery 1/3 cup

Cut the stem off the mushrooms.

Add Shrimp, ginger, corn starch, egg white, Celery, 1/3tsp salt, a few pinches white pepper, 1tbsp rice wine to the food processor and press until everything is well combined.

Scoop the shrimp paste and fill into the mushroom cups. Smooth the top with wet fingers.

Steam the mushroom over the boiling water for about 8-10 minutes.

Pour the juice in the bottom of the plate back to a sauce pan, add some broth if there is not enough of it. Add pinch of salt and chicken bouillon to taste, when it comes to boil add some starch water to thicken it up.

Pour the sauce over the mushroom.


If you want richer flavor, you can use fresh shiitake mushroom instead of the white one.

Also you can use whiting fish, or chicken breast to substitute the shrimp.



白蘑菇 (特大号) 8 只




中国芹菜1/3 杯


加虾, 姜, 玉米淀粉, 蛋清, 芹菜, 1/3 茶匙盐, 几捏白胡椒粉, 1 汤匙米酒到食品搅拌机里搅拌到所有的食材都变成黏糊状。


将蘑菇隔沸水蒸上大约8-10 分钟。

将盘子底部的汤汁倒入锅里, 如果没有足够的汤水就加一些鸡汤。加入少许盐和鸡精调味, 煮开后加一些淀粉水勾个薄芡。



如果你想要更丰富的口味, 你可以用新鲜的香菇代替白蘑菇。


Cold Rice Soup/冰饭

This is a very famous cold dessert from my home town. Compare to other desserts, this is relatively healthy. In a summer time like this, this is just beyond delicious!


Sticky rice 2 cups

Raisin 1/3 cup

Water melon 1 cup

Papaya 1 cup

Crispy peanut 1/3 cup

Cold water 1-2 quarts

Sugar 1/2-2/3 cup

Banana extract 1-2tsps


Soak rice in water for 2-3 hours

Steam rice over boiling water for 15 minutes

Let cool then refrigerate for a few hours or until rice are harden.

Cut fruits into smaller pieces.

Add sugar, banana extra to the cold water and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Add rice and everything else to the cold flavored water.


You can use any kind of tropical fruits you want. If you don’t have banana extra,  use any other kind of extract you prefer. I tried maple bourbon pecan and it was pretty good too.

You can use honey or syrup instead of sugar.

Adjust the amount of water and everything else to your own preferences.

糯米 2 杯

葡萄干1/3 杯

西瓜 1 杯


酥花生1/3 杯

冰水 1-2夸脱

糖1/2-2/3 杯



米泡水2-3 小时










Flavored Mochi/糯米糍

Since last time I made mochi, I always wanted to do it with different flavors. So this time I made some red bean paste as filling and made 3 different flavors: green tea, peanut meal and coco. They are all really good!!!


Here is the recipes for red bean paste filling:

Red bean 225g

Water 2 cups

Sugar 250g

Vegetable oil 45g

Glutinous rice flour 15g + 3tbsps water (mix well)

Salt 1/3 tsp.

Soak the red bean in water overnight.

Cook the red bean and water in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes.

After the bean is cooled, pour half of it to a blender and blend until smooth.

Cook the bean paste in a cooking pan with the rest of ingredients until it is in thick paste condition, about 20-30 minutes. when it is ready, the bean paste will become whole big piece and not stick to the edge of the cooking pan.

The other half just use a potato smasher to smash it a little. then mix it with the other half that is already in paste form. I like some different texture in the filling, so I want some chunk red bean mix in it.

Here is the link to how to make mochi


Make small size red bean paste balls.

Divide the flour dough into even size balls too.

Wrap the red bean paste inside the flour dough then cook in boiling water.

Wrap the cooked balls with the green tea powder, coco powder or peanut meal. ( don’t wrap them with too much of coco powder or green tea powder, they can be bitter)


Mochi dough is very sticky, so it is extremely hard to shape them. It is very important to get a pair of gloves when you are working on them. Also add some Cooking oil to the dough will help to make the work easier too.




Purslane Pork Buns/马齿苋肉包



I  just recently discovered this amazing vegetable: purslane. I don’t know if this is familiar to everyone, but I do see Mexican people are eating it. I went to farmer’s market yesterday and I saw they sold it for $2 a big bunch. I bought 2 bunches home and decided to use some of them to make steam buns. This vegetable has a hint of sour taste in it, and it is perfect for summer.

Here is the link for how to make the bun dough:



Purslane 500 g

Pork belly 200 g

Soy paste 1 tbsp

Soy sauce 2 tbsps

Sugar 1.5 tbsps

Cooking wine 1.5 tbsps

Chicken bouillon 1 tsp

Sesame oil 1/2 tbsp

Dice the pork into small pieces, add the soy paste, chicken bouillon and cooking wine to it and marinate for at least 30 minutes.

Precook purslane in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then rinse it with cold water. Squeeze as much water out of the vegetable as possible.

Chop the vegetable really fine. Add it to the pork, then add the rest of sauce/spices. Mix everything together.

WeChat Image_20180715200809

WeChat Image_20180715200740

WeChat Image_20180715200757

我最近才发现了这种神奇的蔬菜: 马齿苋。我不知道是不是每个人都熟悉它, 但我有看到墨西哥人卖它。昨天我去了趟农贸市场, 我看到他们卖2美元一大捆。我买了2捆回家, 决定用一些来做蒸包子。这种蔬菜带一种酸的味道, 夏天吃很完美。







糖1.5 汤匙




芝麻油 1/2 汤匙

将猪肉切成小块, 加入酱油、鸡精和料酒腌至少30分钟。

在滚水中 煮马齿苋2-3 分钟, 然后用冷水冲洗。尽可能的把蔬菜里的水挤出来。

把蔬菜切细后加到猪肉里, 然后加入其余的酱油/香料。搅拌在一起。

Anka Flavor Fried Salmon Fish/炸红糟三文鱼


One pound salmon

3 tbsps Anka sauce

Cut salmon into strips, then marinate it with anka sauce, 1/2tsp salt, a few pinches of white pepper powder for 1hour。

Wrap the salmon with a thin layer of corn starch. let sit for 15 minutes.

Deep fried the fish in hot oil for about 3-4 minutes depend on how big you cut the fish.

Use a kitchen paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

You can squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the fish when serve.





在热油中炸3-4分钟 看你的鱼切的大小。