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One large ripe avocado

½ Roma tomato, diced

2tbsps diced red onion

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh cilantro

½ tbsp. lime juice

Salt 1/5 tsp

Smash avocado with a fork after peeled and pitted

When it is smooth, add in lime juice, salt to the taste (you can add some black pepper too)

Finally add the diced tomato, cilantro and red onion and mix well. Refrigerate for a couple of hours.

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等到压的很烂了之后, 加人青柠汁,盐调味(也可加些黑胡椒粉)

最后加入切粒的番茄,洋葱和香菜, 搅拌好后放冰箱冷藏一两个钟头。

Lobster With Fruit Salad/龙虾水果沙拉

lobster 3


Lobster meat 75g

Yellow kiwi 1

Small avacodo ½

Haden Mango 1/3

Mayonnaise 3tbsps

Condense milk 1tbsp

Dice everything into the same size pieces.

Mix mayonnaise and condense milk together first then mix it with the rest of ingredients.

Mix your sauce with the fruits when you are ready to serve otherwise it is going to be so runny like soup.  You can use any other kind of tropical fruits. Also do adjust the ratio of the mayonnaise and condense milk to your own preferences.










你也可以用其他的热带水果代替的。 至于蛋黄酱和炼奶的比例也可以自己调到自己喜欢的比例的。


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This year I made my zongzi with purple rice with mixed beans. Savory ones I used  abalone. In order to make zongzi really tasty, I used abalone and chicken breast to make broth and use the broth to soak the rice. For the sweet ones I used dried osmanthus and sugar with some water to make osmanthus syrup, then I used the syrup to soak the rice and beans. I have to say they are really delicious.
4 cups of abalone chicken broth
3 tablespoons of  dark soy sauce
1.5 tablespoons of light soy sauce
1.5 tablespoons of oyster sauce
2 teaspoons Salt
6 cups Round glutinous rice
After washing the rice, add the above ingredients to soak the rice overnight (broth has to  to be cool), if the rice soaks up all the broth, add a little more water in, but do not add too much,  we want to keep the flavor in.
Osmanthus syrup:
5 tablespoons of dried osmanthus
1 cups of sugar
Water 4-5 Cups
Put the above ingredients in a cooking pot and cook about 10 minutes with medium low heat. Filter the syrup and set aside.
Dried Red Bean 6 oz.
Dried Black Bean 6 oz.
Dried Peanuts 2 oz.
1 cup skinless green bean
Purple glutinous Rice 3 cups
Round white glutinous rice 2 cups
Rinse the above ingredients and add the osmanthus syrup to soak overnight.
Wrapping is the same every year, here is the link:

今年包的甜粽子有紫米杂豆的。 咸的有加了鲍鱼的豪华版。 为了让粽子更入味, 我用鲍鱼加鸡胸煲了一锅汤来泡糯米做咸的。 用桂花加白糖熬了桂花糖浆泡米和豆子做了甜的。 很入味好吃的说。 比起以前泡了水后才加糖或着盐要更入味,更香。




蚝油 1.5汤勺


圆糯米 6杯



干桂花 5汤勺












Vietnamese Rolls/越南春卷



6 pieces tapioca Sheets

Shredded cucumber some

Shredded carrot some

Shredded bell pepper some

6 pieces lettuce leaves

6 pieces whole shrimps

2/3 cup pork with hoisin sauce

Vermicelli 50g

Cook the vermicelli in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, and drain.

Cook shrimp in boiling water too for 2-3 minutes then drain (adjust the cooking time depend the size of the shrimp)

Pork with hoisin sauce:

Get a piece of tapioca sheet and rinse it with cold water, then leave it on a flat surface, place a piece of lettuce leave on top of it, get a small amount of vermicelli on the leave then use the leave to wrap up the vermicelli.

Add few shreds of carrot, cucumber, bell pepper alone with the wrapped vermicelli on the middle of the tapioca sheet. Lay 2 pieces of shrimps next to it.

Flip the bottom tapioca sheet up to cover the vegetable and shrimp, then do the same to the right and left side of the tapioca sheet then roll it up as tight as possible just like how we do egg rolls. Remember, do not overstuff the roll. The tapioca sheet is very delicate.

Do the same for the pork one (use pork instead of shrimps).


Dipping sauce:

Peanut butter dipping sauce

  • 4 Tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 Tablespoons hoisin sauce
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • 1 clove minced garlic
  • Sriracha sauce some if you like it spicy
  • 4 Tablespoons hot water or more until it reach to the thickness you prefer
  • A little bit of crush peanut for garnish

Mix everything together and mix well.



Sweet and sour dipping sauce

  • 2 tablespoons minced carrot
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 12 cup warm water
  • 3 tablespoons Chinese fish sauce
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 1 red spicy chile if you like it spicy

Mix everything together and mix well.








海鲜酱猪肉2/3 杯


把粉丝放在滚水里煮3-4 分钟, 沥干。

虾在沸水中煮2-3 分钟(取决于虾的大小调整烹饪时间)


拿一片越南米纸, 用冷水冲一冲它, 然后把它放在平坦的桌面上, 放一块生菜在上面, 再放少量粉丝在菜上面, 然后用菜把粉丝包起来。

加少量的胡萝卜, 黄瓜, 甜椒丝与刚刚包好的粉丝在米纸中间。在它旁边放2只虾。

把底下的米纸翻上来盖住蔬菜和虾, 然后同样把右边和左边的米纸也翻过来盖住蔬菜和虾, 然后尽可能紧的卷起它就像我们做春卷一样。记住, 不要 包太多的东西因为米纸很易破。









4汤匙热水或更多, 直至达到您喜欢的浓度


把所有的东西混合起来, 拌匀。











把所有的东西混合起来, 拌匀。


Rice Balls/汤圆/元宵


On the 15th day of the new year, Chinese will celebrate the 15th day of the first month by eating rice balls with different kind of stuffings. I like the one with savory meat inside.

Rice ball :

Sweet sticky rice flour 3 cups

Cold water 1 cup

Hot water 5tbsp

Regular rice four 4tbsp

Oil 1tsp

Peanut stuffing:

Roasted peanut 50g (finely grounded)

Peanut butter 2tbsps

Pork fat 4tbsp

Sugar 2-3tbsps


Sesame stuffing:

Roasted sesame Powder 50g

Pork fat 3tbsp

Sugar 2-3tbsps


Meat stuffing:

Ground pork 120g

Light soy sauce 1tbsp

Dark soy sauce 1 tbsp

Sugar 1/2tbsp

Scallion 3tbsps (finely chopped)


Add hot water to the rice flour and mix them with a pair of chop stick first, then roll them with hands.

Add cold water to the dough, when the flour almost come together, add oil and knead the dough for 2 minutes.

Mix all the ingredients for peanut stuffing, sesame stuffing and meat stuffing separately in separate containers.  Then roll each of them into 10 small balls and freeze them in freezer for about 1 hour.

Cut the rice dough into 30 even pieces.

Roll the rice dough into small round ball first then use your thumb and index finger roll the ball into a deep bowl shape, then add one of the freeze flavored stuffing inside the bowl shape rice ball then close the opening , hold your palms together and roll it into a round ball again.

Bring a big pot of water to boil, add the rice balls to the boiling water and cook for about 3 minutes, when the balls float to the surface, turn the heat to medium and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes.  If the meat is frozen, then cook 1-2 minutes more. Don’t cook too many at a time, you should cook not more than 10 at a time, it all depend on the size of your cook ware and the amount of water.




糯米粉 3 杯

冷水 1 杯

热水 5 汤匙

大米粉4 汤匙

油 1 茶匙


熟花生 50 克 (细磨过的)

花生酱 2tbsps

猪油4 汤匙

糖 2-3汤匙


熟芝麻粉 50 克

猪油 3 汤匙

糖 2-3汤匙


碎猪肉 120 克

生抽 1 汤匙

老抽 1 汤匙

糖 1/2 汤匙

葱花 3汤匙


再往面团里加冷水,当面团快成型时加油 再揉2 分钟。

混合所有做花生馅、 芝麻馅和肉馅的原料在不同的容器里。 然后将每种馅都分成 10 个小球并放冰箱里冻约 1 小时。

粉团平均切 成30 份。


烧开一大锅水,加入做好的汤圆/元宵到煮沸的水里,煮大约 3 分钟,当汤圆/元宵浮到了水面时,转至中火,继续煮 2-3 分钟。 如果是冷冻的肉,多煮 1-2 分钟。不要一次煮太多,应该不超过 10 个一次,这也取决于你的锅的大小和水的量。


Ground pork 300g

Ginger 3 slices

Chinese celery 50g

Dried mushroom a few pieces

Shrimp 100g

Light Soy sauce 2.5tbsps

Dark soy sauce 1/2tbsp

Oyster sauce 1tbsp

Cooking wine 1 tbsp

Chicken powder 1tsp

White pepper powder 1/3 tsp

3 tbsps water


Dumpling skin:

All purpose flour 2 cups

Water 2/3 cup

Mix the water and flour together in a bowl, and cover with a plastic wrap and let stand for one hour.

Soak dried mushroom in water overnight.

I used both lean pork and pork fat in the ratio of 6:4, it is all up to you, you can use whatever the ratio you prefer.  Also I used food processor to cut both pork and shrimp.

Mix meat, shrimp, water and all the spices together and mix well. Separate the mixture into 2 portions, then add finely chopped Chinese celery in one and finely chopped mushroom in another one and mix well.

Cut the dough into 20 to 25 even pieces, use a rolling pin to roll the dough into thin dumpling wraps. The wrap should be really thin on the outside edge and thick in the center. Get the max. amount of meat to the center of  dumpling wrap that you can wrap the dumpling.

Line up dumplings to a nonstick pan and add cold water to cover about half of the dumplings, add 2tbsp oil the water and cook with a cover on. When the water is gone, the oil will start frying the dumplings.  When the water is all gone, you should start checking your dumpling if you don’t want to burn them.

This is so far the fastest and easiest way to make pan fried dumpling for me.   I made 2 different flavors dumpling today. You can also boil the dumpling if you don’t like pan fried one.


绞肉 300 克

姜 3 片

中国芹菜 50 克


虾 100 克

酱油 2.5tbsps

老抽 1/2 汤匙

蚝油 1 汤匙

料酒 1 汤匙

鸡粉 1 茶匙

白胡椒粉 1/3 茶匙

3 汤匙水



普通面粉 2 杯

2/3 杯水




我用6:4 比例的瘦猪肉和肥猪肉。 您可以使用任何你喜欢的比例。 此外我用食物处理器来切猪肉和虾。

把肉、 虾、 水和所有酱料混合在一起,搅拌均匀。把混合物分成 2 份,然后加切碎的芹菜于其中一份和切碎的香菇在另一份里。

把面团分成 20 到 25 份,用擀面杖擀成薄薄的饺子皮。皮应该是边缘薄,中间厚。放你可以包最多的肉到皮里包起饺子。

饺子排列整齐到不粘锅里,加冷水覆盖约一半的饺子,再加 2 汤匙油,盖上盖煮。当水煮没了的时候油就开始煎饺子了。 当水都消失了,你就应该开始检查你的饺子,不然很容易焦掉。

到目前为止,这是我觉的最快和最简单的煎饺子方法。今天我做了两种不停口味的饺子。 你也可以煮饺子如果你不喜欢煎的。



Crab Cakes/蟹饼


Crab meat 180g

Japanese Panko bread crumb ¼ cup

A pinch salt

A pinch black pepper

Mayonnaise 2 tbsp

Half whole egg

Dijon mustard 1tsp

I used fresh crab meat to make this crab cake. I steamed the live crabs and patiently sitting there for at least 30 minutes to get the meat out the 2 big crabs. If you don’t have time to do this, you can buy the can crab meat, but of course the taste will be different.

Mix all of the ingredients together gently; try not to break the crab meat. Make four even size crab cakes.

Heat up 3 tbsp oil in a pan, use medium heat to pan fried the cakes until both sides are golden brown.


蟹肉 180克
日本面包 ¼
蛋黄酱 2 汤匙
芥末 1 茶匙
我用新鲜蟹肉制作隔水耐心地坐在那里至少 30 分钟 2螃蟹的如果没有时间这个可以罐头蟹肉味道当然不同
倒3 汤匙锅里火加热蟹饼金黄

Cheesy Mozzarella Onion Rings/奶酪洋葱圈


1 large white or yellow onion
4 OZ. mozzarella cheese
1 cup flour
1 cups Japanese bread crumbs
2 cups Oil


1 Egg

1/3 cup flour

1/3 cup water

Garlic powder 1tsp

Paprika powder 2tsp

Pinch of salt
3 Honey mustard sauce:

Honey 2.5 tablespoons

Yellow mustard 2 tablespoons

Mayonnaise 6 tablespoons


Mix everything in 2 together and mix well.
Peel and cut the onion into 1CM rings, then separate the rings, pick the big ones and leave the small ones out.

Cut the mozzarella into even strips.  Pick a smaller ring and place it inside a larger one, then fill the gap between the rings with strips of mozzarella. Repeat with remaining onion rings and freeze them for 1 hour.

Place the flour, egg and flour mixture and bread crumbs into three separate bowls. Dip each ring into the flour, then the egg and flour mixture, then the breadcrumbs. Press the bread crumbs a little so they will stick to the rings.

Heat the oil in a pot over high heat. Deep fry the rings until golden brown. Be careful not to fry them for too long because the cheese may melt out of the rings. Drain on a paper towel. Serve hot with honey mustard sauce.



1 个大的白色或黄色洋葱

4 盎司莫扎里拉奶酪

1 杯面粉

1 杯日本面包屑

2 杯油


1 个鸡蛋

1/3 杯面粉

1/3 杯水

蒜粉 1 茶匙

辣椒粉 2 茶匙



蜂蜜 2.5大勺



把2中的材料 混合,搅拌均匀。

洋葱剥皮切成 1 厘米宽的圆环,然后把环分开、 挑大的用。

奶酪切成均匀的小片。 挑一个小的洋葱圈将它放到较大的里面,然后将奶酪放在两环之间的缝隙中。重复剩余的洋葱圈,然后把它们冷冻 1 小时。



Egg Omelette/蛋卷

This is a super easy egg omelette, not only it is delicious, but also very easy to make, and also very healthy and nutritious.

I don’t want to give a recipe for this dish because it will be much easier if you watch the video and be creative yourself. You can use any of your favor ingredients.

Here is the vedio:

Hope you all enjoy it!


这个蛋卷好吃又好做。 不止营养还很健康。 而且你根本不需要我给你食谱。 只要你看过这个视频你就会了。 至于食材的话你自己爱吃什么就用什么好了。




Octopus Balls/章鱼烧


Cake flour 100 g

Octopus 80 g

2 eggs

Water 1 cup

6 medium size shrimps

Green peas 32 pieces

Scallion 2 TBSP

Red sushi ginger some



Red ginger, scallion chop really fine

Shrimps peel and devein and each cut into 3 pieces

Octopus cut into small pieces and cook in boiling water for 15 minutes. Set aside .

Pour 1 cup of water that used to boil Octopus to flour, add egg, 1/4 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 teaspoons chicken powder and mix well.

Spray some oil on the octopus grill pan when heat up on fire, drop a little bit of the flour mixture to the pan, if it starts jumping and making a loud noise then it is ready. Pour the flour mixture into the pan. Only pour enough to cover the holes do not over fill them.

On each holes put one piece of shrimp, one pieces of Octopus, two pieces of peas, sprinkle a little bit of scallion, red ginger. Use a bamboo stick to turn 90 degrees when the bottom is solidified, and add a bit of flour mixture to the free space.

2-3 minutes later turn the entire Octopus balls over, this time make sure push all the  extra parts  to the bottom so the balls will look round and pretty. Turn down the heat when doing this part. And turn the heat back on when this is done.

Continue to grill for 3-4 minutes, turn the Octopus balls in different angles to make sure they are Golden brown on each side.

Put the Octopus balls on a plate, pour some Okonomi Sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and sprinkle some shredded dried seaweed, dried bonito shavings over the balls.



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低粉 100克

八爪鱼 80 克

鸡蛋 2个

水 1杯


青豆 32粒

青葱 2根

寿司红姜 少许



虾除壳去线 每只切成3 块



把章鱼烧的盘子放火上加热时喷一点的油在上面, 先挑一点的浆在盘子上试一下火候,会马上吱吱响时就可以把浆倒入盘中凹槽里,第一次倒时倒刚刚满就好了,不要漫出来


烧2-3分钟后就把章鱼烧整个翻过来,这个时候要注意要把多余的部分全部塞到底下去章鱼烧才会圆滚滚好看。 做这部份时把火调小。全部翻个后再把火调大。

再烧3-4分钟就差不多了。 要把章鱼烧多转几圈保证每一面都金黄好看。

把章鱼烧排在盘子里, 浇点Okonomi Sauce, 日本的蛋黄酱,撒点紫菜丝,柴鱼片就可以吃了。