Durian Crepe Cake/榴莲千层蛋糕



Recently I see so many people eating Durian crepe cake, it makes me wonder how it will taste like. So last Saturday I bought a big frozen durian home and decided to make one myself. Before I assembled the cake, the cream mixture looked kind of runny to me; I started to worry a little, but decided to finish it anyway. After I finished assembling, the cake was kind of shaky like pudding: jiggling around. I was like man this is going to be bad!!! However, when I eat it today I was shocked, the cake didn’t need to stay in room temperature for 15 minutes, it was ready to eat fresh out of the refrigerator. It tasted so GOOD, so soft and creamy, so fully of the fragrance of durian (of course only if you like durian). It is the exact Lady M crepe cake feeling I’ve been looking for. It is better than Lady M now (just kidding)!!!!!

Mille Crêpes Cake Recipe by Ellen Easton. I made some changes to the original recipe.

Here is the link to the original recipe:  http://whatscookingamerica.net/EllenEaston/20-LayerCrepeCake.htm

The day before making and assembling the cake, make the Crepe Batter and the Pastry Crème Filling (see recipes below); refrigerate.

Crepe Batter:
6 tablespoons butter
3 cups milk
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups all-purpose  flour
7 tablespoons granulated sugar
Pinch salt

In a small pan, melt the butter until lightly browned; remove from heat and set aside.
In a separate, small pan, warm the milk until steaming; remove from heat and set aside to allow to cool slightly.
In a large bowl using your electric mixer at a low speed, mix together the eggs, flour, sugar, and salt. Slowly add in the warm milk and browned butter. Pour the batter into a tightly-sealed container to refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Pastry Crème Filling:
1 egg
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon hot water
2 tablespoons heavy cream, whipped
In a small bowl, add egg, flour, sugar, and cornstarch; beat until smooth.
In a saucepan over low heat, bring milk almost to a boil (simmer). Immediately remove from heat and slowly whisk the milk into the egg mixture. Return all ingredients to the saucepan, while constantly stirring, for about 5 minutes, until thickened and just comes to a boil.
Remove from the heat. Add vanilla extract and hot water; stir until dissolved into the mixture. Set aside to cool until firm.
When the Pastry Crème has cooled, fold in the whipped cream.
Refrigerate mixture until thick (best if refrigerated overnight).


Remove the prepared Crepe Batter from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature. Heating up a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Evenly distribute approximately ¼ cup of batter; swirl to cover the surface of the pan. Cook approximately 40 seconds or just until the bottom of the crepe becomes lightly browned. Using your clean fingers, gently and carefully flip the crepe over and Cook on the other side for 20 more seconds. Remove the cooked crepe onto a prepared baking sheet or a big plate.
Repeat this process until you have at least 20 perfect crepes. I usually end up making around 25-27 pieces 7 inches diameter crepe.

Durian and heavy cream mixture:

400g of heavy cream

2 tablespoons of sugar

450g Durian puree


Remove the prepared Pastry Crème Filling from the refrigerator.

Whip heavy cream with the sugar until it reaches medium peak.

Gently fold the whipped cream into the Durian puree, after mix them well, fold the mixture to the prepared chilled and thickened Pastry Crème Filling. If it is runny, refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

Assembly of 20-Layer Crepe Cake:
Place one (1) prepared crepe on a large cake plate.
With a small spatula or wide blade knife, completely cover the crepe with a thin layer of the pastry cream mixture (approximately 1/4 cup).
Cover with another piece of dry crepe and repeat the above process until you have reached 20 layers.
The 20th crepe will be the last or top layer.

Refrigerate the cake for a minimum of 2 hours before serving. Dust with powdered (confectioners’ sugar) and garnish it with berries.


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最近老看到别人吃榴莲千层蛋糕,搞的我很想吃。上个礼拜六出去买了个大榴莲回家决定做一个。 做好蛋糕抹层的奶油后我有点当心因为好像看起来太稀了但是还是决定做完它。 蛋糕层层搭起之后看起有点像果冻一样颤颤巍巍的,我想完蛋了,可能榴莲太稀了。放冰箱过夜后第二天吃的时候发现, 好吃的不得了一点也不会稀,也不要像之前一样要放外面15分钟才可以吃。 我感觉比Lady M 还要好吃了。 好有成就感!!!

製作蛋糕前一天做千层蛋糕糊和糕點奶油糊 冷藏起來。

6 湯匙黃油
3 杯牛奶
6 個雞蛋
1 1/2 杯中筋面粉
7 大湯匙砂糖

在一小平底鍋,融化黃油直到淺金黃色 ;關火,待用。
在一個大碗里,用電動攪拌機低速攪拌雞蛋、 麵粉、 糖和鹽。慢慢加入熱牛奶和黃油。把麵糊倒入密封的容器,放冰箱冷藏幾個小時或过夜。

1 個雞蛋
1 大湯匙面粉
2 大湯匙砂糖
1 湯匙生粉
1 杯牛奶
1 茶匙純香草精
1 茶匙熱水
2 大湯匙奶油,打发

在一隻小碗,加入雞蛋、 麵粉、 糖和生粉 ;打至光滑。
在平底鍋裡低温把牛奶幾乎煮沸 。並慢慢攪拌牛奶到雞蛋混合物中。再倒回到平底鍋裡不斷攪拌,大約 5 分鐘,直到變稠。
關火。加入香草精和熱水 ;攪拌,直到溶解到混合物中。放在一邊冷卻。
冷藏混合物,直到變稠 变凝固(最好冷藏一夜)

從冰箱取出準備好的千层蛋糕糊 至室溫:

不粘鍋中火,做第一片时候锅里喷一点点油。在锅内均勻分佈大約 ¼ 杯麵糊 ;快速的旋转锅子以便面糊均匀覆蓋锅底。第一面40秒左右或直到底部千层蛋糕皮成為淺金黃色。使用乾淨的手指,輕輕地翻开千层蛋糕皮翻转到另一邊继续煎20 秒鐘。放到準備好的烤盤上。 重複此過程,直到你有 20 张完美的薄餅。注:刚开始时您可能需要做幾张练练手。我通常会做出25-27张7英寸的饼皮。






鲜奶油加 糖用打蛋器打发到中性发泡,就是提起搅拌器奶油的尖是硬的但是还是一边倒。輕輕地把榴莲果泥糊加入到刚刚打发的奶油里,轻轻的搅拌均匀后再加入到前一晚準備好的奶油糊里轻轻的拌匀。

如果你对打发奶油有疑问,可以看看漾漾美味的奶油打发视频: http://bbs.wenxuecity.com/cooking/1516758.html  保证受益匪浅。

20 層的千层蛋糕:
蛋糕板上放置一张 千层蛋糕皮。
用另一张千层蛋糕皮覆蓋並重複这个过程,直到達到 20 層。

冷藏至少 2 小時。當準備食用时撒上糖粉或加点水果装饰。

Blue Berry Sponge Cake/蓝莓海绵蛋糕

I baked 3 cakes in the last 2 days. I want to bake a cake that has the really soft but rich texture. I am still trying to find the right recipe…

Here are the cakes:


Blue berries syrup:

½ pint blue berries

3tbsps sugar

1tbsp water

Mix all the ingredients above in a cooking pan, bring it to boil then reduce the heat to low and cook for 10 minutes. Filter the mixture and set the syrup aside.


Blue berries cream cheese Frosting:

( good for 2 – 6″ cakes)

1 1/4 cups heavy whip cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
12 oz cream cheese

3 tbsps blue berries syrup

Whip cream cheese and blue berries syrup until it is creamy and fluffy.

Mix whip cream, sugar and vanilla extract together in a big mixing bowl and whip on high speed until soft peaks form.
Add the cream cheese mixture to the whipped cream and whip until stiff peaks form. Set whipped frosting in the refrigerator.


6 eggs at room temperature,

Cake flour 200 grams, sifted

Sugar 150 grams

Vegetable oil or melted butter 50 grams


Preheat oven to 355Fahrenheit

Break the whole eggs into a large mixing bowl

Then pour the sugar into the bowl

Take a big cooking pan with some hot water in it, leave the bowl on top of it (the bottom of the bowl touches the hot water) and whip the eggs.

With the constant whipping, the egg will produce big bubbles; then it will become thicker.

Whip the egg until when you pick up the mixer the egg batter drop down will not disappear immediately and you can use it to draw clear lines. (The whole process takes about 12 minutes depends on the power of your mixer).

Add the flour to the batter in 3 times; with the help of a rubber scraper carefully stir it from the bottom to the top. Do not mix it in a circle direction to avoid defoaming of the egg.

Pour the vegetable oil or melted butter into the cake batter and continue to stir from the bottom to the top.

Spread the parchment paper on the bottom of the baking pan and pour the cake batter into it.

Bend the baking pan on the kitchen counter really hard a few times to get the air out. Bake in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes. To see if it is ready, use a toothpick to insert inside the center of the cake if it comes out clean then it is ready.


Let the cake to cool down completely

Cut the cake into 3 even slices

Leave the first slice on a cake bottom pad and put it on the cake turntable

Add some frosting on top of the first cake slice, with the help of spatula, smooth the frosting on the surface evenly. Then add the second slice and repeat the same procedure until all 3 layers are stacked up. Use an icing decorator to smooth the surface and the side of the cake. Decorate the cake with your favor berries or fruits.

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3大勺白 糖

1大勺 水

把上面的所有配料倒入锅里, 把它煮开, 然后把把火调小 煮10分钟。过滤混合物, 把糖浆放在一边备用。


(够做2 个6寸的蛋糕)

1 1/4 杯奶油

1/2 杯白糖




用搅拌器打奶油奶酪和蓝莓糖浆, 直到它变蓬松。

将奶油, 糖和香草精倒入一个大的碗里用搅拌器高速搅拌, 直到奶油变浓稠。提起搅拌器奶油仍会滴落。

加入奶油奶酪混合物到奶油里继续打, 直到凝固硬性发泡。放在冰箱里备用。



蛋糕的食谱是君之的, 几乎没有改变。 http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4a5089ff0100cdet.html


鸡蛋6个, 室温



烘焙:烤箱中层355 华氏度,15-20分钟



将鸡蛋打发到提起打蛋器,低落下来的蛋糊不会马上消失,可以在盆里的蛋糊表面画出清晰的纹路时,就可以了。(整个打发的过程约需要12分钟, 看你的打蛋器的马力有多大)




将第一个切片放在蛋糕垫上, 再放在蛋糕转盘上。

在第一片蛋糕上加一些奶酪霜, 在刮刀的帮助下, 均匀地抹在蛋糕上。然后将第二个切片覆盖上去, 重复同样的步骤, 直到所有3层蛋糕片都堆起来。使用一把刮蛋糕奶油专用刮刀把蛋糕的面和边都刮平。用你喜欢的浆果或水果装饰蛋糕。

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I didn’t have enough frosting for this last one, so this one I added some strawberries to the frosting and make a sandwich cake. Lol…

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This year I made my zongzi with purple rice with mixed beans. Savory ones I used  abalone. In order to make zongzi really tasty, I used abalone and chicken breast to make broth and use the broth to soak the rice. For the sweet ones I used dried osmanthus and sugar with some water to make osmanthus syrup, then I used the syrup to soak the rice and beans. I have to say they are really delicious.
4 cups of abalone chicken broth
3 tablespoons of  dark soy sauce
1.5 tablespoons of light soy sauce
1.5 tablespoons of oyster sauce
2 teaspoons Salt
6 cups Round glutinous rice
After washing the rice, add the above ingredients to soak the rice overnight (broth has to  to be cool), if the rice soaks up all the broth, add a little more water in, but do not add too much,  we want to keep the flavor in.
Osmanthus syrup:
5 tablespoons of dried osmanthus
1 cups of sugar
Water 4-5 Cups
Put the above ingredients in a cooking pot and cook about 10 minutes with medium low heat. Filter the syrup and set aside.
Dried Red Bean 6 oz.
Dried Black Bean 6 oz.
Dried Peanuts 2 oz.
1 cup skinless green bean
Purple glutinous Rice 3 cups
Round white glutinous rice 2 cups
Rinse the above ingredients and add the osmanthus syrup to soak overnight.
Wrapping is the same every year, here is the link:

今年包的甜粽子有紫米杂豆的。 咸的有加了鲍鱼的豪华版。 为了让粽子更入味, 我用鲍鱼加鸡胸煲了一锅汤来泡糯米做咸的。 用桂花加白糖熬了桂花糖浆泡米和豆子做了甜的。 很入味好吃的说。 比起以前泡了水后才加糖或着盐要更入味,更香。




蚝油 1.5汤勺


圆糯米 6杯



干桂花 5汤勺

















看到一个很厉害的网友最近做了芋头的慕斯蛋糕,很想吃所以就买了栗子做了。我想如果用芋头做一定很香。她的做法在这: http://bbs.wenxuecity.com/cooking/1508576.html

为了方便我稍微改了一些东西,这个方子跟我以前用的一个很相似: https://caiqinchen.com/2014/09/01/blueberry-mousse-cake%e8%93%9d%e8%8e%93%e6%85%95%e6%96%af%e8%9b%8b%e7%b3%95/



  • 栗子肉400克
  • 菜油 30克
  • 椰奶 100克
  • 牛奶 50克






  • 蛋黄 5个
  • 菜油 40克
  • 牛奶 60- 70克,
  • 低筋面粉 70克
  • 栗子泥180克
  • 朗姆酒 15克


  • 蛋白 5个(冷藏)
  • 细砂糖 60克,
  • 玉米淀粉 5克
  • 醋 一小勺,



  1. 蛋黄糊制作





4,开始打发蛋白 , 糖和玉米淀粉混合(玉米淀粉有利打发的蛋白稳定)







  • 蛋白 100克
  • 细砂糖 80克
  • 水 25克







栗子泥 350克

椰奶 150克

鲜奶油 180克

意式蛋白霜 150克

吉利丁粉 15克 + 冷开水 75克

朗姆酒 25克











切记要做好蛋糕后才开始做慕斯馅, 因为蛋糕还要时间放凉。慕斯馅做好后很快就凝固了。








蜜桃味橡皮糖 40克

水2/3 杯








Rice Balls/汤圆/元宵


On the 15th day of the new year, Chinese will celebrate the 15th day of the first month by eating rice balls with different kind of stuffings. I like the one with savory meat inside.

Rice ball :

Sweet sticky rice flour 3 cups

Cold water 1 cup

Hot water 5tbsp

Regular rice four 4tbsp

Oil 1tsp

Peanut stuffing:

Roasted peanut 50g (finely grounded)

Peanut butter 2tbsps

Pork fat 4tbsp

Sugar 2-3tbsps


Sesame stuffing:

Roasted sesame Powder 50g

Pork fat 3tbsp

Sugar 2-3tbsps


Meat stuffing:

Ground pork 120g

Light soy sauce 1tbsp

Dark soy sauce 1 tbsp

Sugar 1/2tbsp

Scallion 3tbsps (finely chopped)


Add hot water to the rice flour and mix them with a pair of chop stick first, then roll them with hands.

Add cold water to the dough, when the flour almost come together, add oil and knead the dough for 2 minutes.

Mix all the ingredients for peanut stuffing, sesame stuffing and meat stuffing separately in separate containers.  Then roll each of them into 10 small balls and freeze them in freezer for about 1 hour.

Cut the rice dough into 30 even pieces.

Roll the rice dough into small round ball first then use your thumb and index finger roll the ball into a deep bowl shape, then add one of the freeze flavored stuffing inside the bowl shape rice ball then close the opening , hold your palms together and roll it into a round ball again.

Bring a big pot of water to boil, add the rice balls to the boiling water and cook for about 3 minutes, when the balls float to the surface, turn the heat to medium and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes.  If the meat is frozen, then cook 1-2 minutes more. Don’t cook too many at a time, you should cook not more than 10 at a time, it all depend on the size of your cook ware and the amount of water.




糯米粉 3 杯

冷水 1 杯

热水 5 汤匙

大米粉4 汤匙

油 1 茶匙


熟花生 50 克 (细磨过的)

花生酱 2tbsps

猪油4 汤匙

糖 2-3汤匙


熟芝麻粉 50 克

猪油 3 汤匙

糖 2-3汤匙


碎猪肉 120 克

生抽 1 汤匙

老抽 1 汤匙

糖 1/2 汤匙

葱花 3汤匙


再往面团里加冷水,当面团快成型时加油 再揉2 分钟。

混合所有做花生馅、 芝麻馅和肉馅的原料在不同的容器里。 然后将每种馅都分成 10 个小球并放冰箱里冻约 1 小时。

粉团平均切 成30 份。


烧开一大锅水,加入做好的汤圆/元宵到煮沸的水里,煮大约 3 分钟,当汤圆/元宵浮到了水面时,转至中火,继续煮 2-3 分钟。 如果是冷冻的肉,多煮 1-2 分钟。不要一次煮太多,应该不超过 10 个一次,这也取决于你的锅的大小和水的量。

Water Chestnut Cake/桂花马蹄糕



水 700 克


马蹄 100克


枸杞 几粒




边搅拌马蹄粉水边慢慢倒1/4 到煮沸的糖水里,要不停的搅拌。搅拌到最后,就能搅出很浓稠的粉浆。







Water chestnut powder 125g

Water 700 grams

Brown rock sugar and white rock sugar 100g each

Water chestnut 100g

Sweet-scented osmanthus 1 tablespoon

A few grains of Chinese wolfberry fruit

Add 1/3 of water to the water chestnut powder. Stir with a spoon.

Pour the remaining water to a small pot; add sugar, Chinese wolfberry fruit and sweet-scented osmanthus cook into syrup.

Add finely chopped water chestnut to the syrup.

Stir water chestnut powder and water mixture and pour 1/4 of it slowly to the boiling syrup, keep stirring until it forms thick batter.

Pour the battery slowly to the remaining water chestnut powder and water mixture and keep stirring.

Pour the batter to a tin container and steam over boiling water for 20 minutes

Once cooled, cut into pieces pan fried with little bit of oil or just steam over water.

Double Colors Sweet Rice/双色甜糯米


White sticky rice 2 cups

Black sticky rice 2 cups

Pork fat ½ cup

Sugar ½ cup + 4tbsp

Water 1/2 cup

Dried Osmanthus  2tbsp

Soak rice in water separately overnight.

Drain the rice then steam over boiling water for 10 minutes for white sticky rice and 20 minutes for black sticky rice.

When the rice is ready, mix it with ¼ cup sugar, 2tbsps water and ¼ cup of pork fat while it is still hot. Do the same for the other rice.

Get a large deep bowl, add the two different kind of rice in two separate sides then press down a little.

You can make this a day before, and if you do just steam the rice over the boiling water the next day.

Get a large plate cover the rice bowl, then flick over to get the rice to the plate.

Bring ¼ cup water, 4tbsps sugar and dried osmanthus to boil, add a little bit of starch water to thicken the sauce a little. Pour the sauce over the rice.

白糯米 2 杯

黑糯米 2 杯

猪油 ½ 杯

糖 ½ 杯 + 4 汤匙

1/2 杯水

干桂花 2 汤匙


隔水大火分开蒸白糯米10 分钟,黑糯米 20 分钟。

米饭蒸好后,混合 ¼ 杯糖,2大勺 水和猪油 ¼ 杯, 搅拌好。另一种米也一样做法拌好。




¼ 杯水,4大勺 糖和干桂花煮沸后,加入一点点的淀粉水勾芡一下。桂花糖汁倒在米饭上。

Bubur Cha Cha/摩摩喳喳


Taro 120g (small diced)

Japanese pumpkin 120g (small diced)

Yellow sweet potato 120g (small diced)

Purple sweet potato120g (small diced)

Japanese sweet potato 120g (small diced)

Small size Tapioca pearls 1/3 cup

Pandan leaves 3 pieces

Coconut milk 10 oz.

5 cups water

Rock sugar ¼ cup

Steam taro, pumpkin and all the potatoes over the boiling water for 15 minutes or until they are all tender.

Bring some water to boil and cook the tapioca for 2 minutes, then drain

Add 5 cup of cold water, pandan leaves and the precooked tapioca in a cooking pan and bring it to boil or cook until the tapioca turns clear without white color in the center.

Add coconut milk and rock sugar then bring everything to boil again then turns off the fire.

Add the taro, pumpkin and sweet potatoes to the coconut milk and tapioca mix.


This dish can be served hot or cold and the color is so beautiful.


芋头 120 克 (切小粒)

日本南瓜120 克 (切小粒)

黄色甜薯120 克 (切小粒))

紫色的甜薯120 克 (切小粒))

日本甜薯120 克 (切小粒)

小粒西米1/3 杯

香兰叶 3 片

椰奶 10 盎司。

5 杯水

冰糖 ¼ 杯

隔水蒸芋头、 南瓜和所有的甜薯约 15 分钟或直到他们熟透。

煮开些水来煮西米 2 分钟,然后捞出备用。

加 5 杯冷水、 香兰叶和西米在锅里一起煮开或煮到西米变成透明没有白色在中心。


加芋头、 南瓜和红薯到椰奶和西米里。




Creme Brulee/焦糖布丁

I love Creme Brulee as much as flan, but I like to make it the healthy vision by using whole milk. It turns out to be pretty good (maybe only for me) but I still want to share with you and maybe you will like it too. If you don’t care about calories that much use cream instead.



2 egg yolks

3 whole eggs

9 tablespoons white sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 1/2 cups whole milk


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F
  2. Beat all the eggs, 5 tablespoons white sugar and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl until well mixed, don’t over beat it because we don’t want a lot of bubbles.
  3. Boil the milk in a saucepan over low heat until it is really hot and almost comes to boil. Remove it from heat immediately. Stir milk into the egg mixture; beat until combined.
  4. Pour milk and egg mixture over the strainer because I use whole egg. If you prefer to use egg yolks only(6 egg yolks)  then you don’t need to do this step.
  5. Pour the mixture to 6 (7-8 Oz.) ramekins. Bake in preheated oven for about 60 minutes or until the center is set. Remove from oven and cool to room temperature. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or overnight.
  6. Pour about 2/3 tablespoon sugar over each of it, then brown the sugar by using a kitchen torch. Let cool on the counter for about 5 minutes then refrigerate until custard is set again.





2 个蛋黄

3 个全蛋


1/2 茶匙香草精

2 1/2 杯全脂牛奶



1.预热烤箱至华氏 300 度

2.在一个大碗里搅拌所有的鸡蛋, 5 汤匙糖和香草精,不要过分打蛋因为不想有很多的泡泡。

3.牛奶在一个锅里小火加热直到它几乎煮开。把牛奶搅和到鸡蛋混合物里; 搅拌均匀。

4.因为我用全蛋所以把牛奶混合物过滤一下。如果您更喜欢只用蛋黄(6个蛋黄) 那你不需要做这一步。

5.倒混合物至 6 个(7-8 盎司)的模子里。放入烤箱烤约 60 分钟,或直到中心凝固。从烤箱中取出,冷却至室温。冷藏至少 1 小时或过夜。

6.倒入2/3 汤匙糖在每杯的表面,然后使用厨用火枪融化白糖。在柜台上大约放5 分钟到凉然后放进冰箱冻再次冻10来分钟。



I love flan a lot, but so concern about calories. So I decided to make flans with both cream and whole milk to see the difference. The first one is made of cream.

img_10371 3/4 cups heavy cream

1 cup whole milk

Pinch of salt

2 tsps. Vanilla extra

2/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup water

4 eggs

2 egg yolks

3 tablespoons sugar

Preheat oven to 350°F


Combine cream, milk, vanilla extra and salt together. Bring to simmer over medium heat. Remove from heat and let cool down for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine 2/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water in another pan and cook until sugar dissolve. Increase heat to high and cook without stirring until syrup turns deep amber about 7-8 minutes. Quickly pour caramel into six 3/4-cup ramekins . Swirl the caramel quickly make sure all the bottom of the ramekins are covered.

Whisk eggs, egg yolks and the rest of the sugar, then gradually whisk cream mixture into egg mixture without creating lots of foam. Pour custard to the ramekins; Pour enough hot water into baking pan to come halfway up sides of ramekins.

Bake until centers of flans are gently set, about 35 to 40 minutes. Take them out of the baking pan and let cool. Chill until cold. Cover and chill overnight.

To serve, run small sharp knife around the edge of the flans. Turn over onto plate. Shake gently to release flan.

The one below is made of whole milk. The only different is use whole milk instead of cream, everything else is the same.

Differences (Taste):

The one made of cream tastes creamier, I can feel the cream the second my tongue touches it. The one made of milk has flatter taste, lack of the excitement we usually get from this kind of desert.

Differences (Texture):

Cream one has firmer texture and the one made of milk has the really silky texture. It is  like comparing firm tofu to soft tofu. Milk one will melt into your mouth.

Differences (Calories)

Heavy Cream : 1Tbsp is about 50 calories (varies depend on the brand)

Whole milk : 1cup is around 150 carlories

1tbsp =15ml

1cup = 240ml

我很喜欢弗朗,但又很担心它的热量。 有天心血来潮要用奶油和牛奶来分别做看看有什么不同。 上面那一个是奶油做的。

1 3/4 杯奶油

1 杯全脂牛奶


2 茶勺香草精

2/3 杯糖

1/3 杯水

4 个鸡蛋

2 蛋黄

3 汤匙糖

烤箱预热至 350 ° F

将奶油、 牛奶、 香草精和盐混合。中火煮到开始冒泡后关火,冷却 15 分钟。

混合 2/3 杯糖和 1/3 杯水在另一锅中的,煮至糖溶化。调高火力煮到糖浆变成深琥珀色约 7-8 分钟,不用搅拌时不时拿起轻轻转一转。快速倒入焦糖入模子中。迅速旋转焦糖确保覆盖所有模子的底部。

搅拌鸡蛋,蛋黄和其余的糖,然后逐渐搅拌奶油混合物到鸡蛋中,尽量不要搅拌出太多的泡沫。倒蛋的混合物到6个3/4杯的弗朗的模子中; 倒入足够的热水到放模子的盘中, 至少要到模子高度的一半。

烘烤,直到中心凝固,大约 35 到 40 分钟。把它们拿出烤盘,让它冷却。加盖并冷藏一夜。


差异 (味道)
奶油口味起奶香十足,舌头一碰到弗朗马上就感受到那股浓浓的香气。 可是用牛奶做的相对来说味道比较淡,缺少那么一点点吃甜食的心满意足的兴奋感。
差异 (质地)︰
奶油做的吃起来硬一点, 而牛奶就有丝般质感这就像拿老豆腐和嫩豆腐来比较牛奶做的会融化嘴里
差异 (热量)
奶油 1 汤匙大约 50 卡路里 (变化取决品牌)
全脂牛奶 1 杯大约 150卡路里
1 汤匙 = 15 毫升
1 杯 = 240 毫升
要吃哪种就仁者见仁, 智者见智了。
下面这个是用牛奶做的/This one below is made of whole milk