Chinese Bread/中式面包


Bread flour 300g
All-purpose flour 100g
Sugar 40g
Salt 3g
Egg 1
Milk 100g
Active dry yeast 6g
Warm water ½ cup
Butter 100g

Mayonnaise 10g
Ketchup 10g
Cheese (us as much as you want)
Some Shredded Green onion
Add all the ingredients for dough except butter into bread machine in the order for bread machine (liquor first then flour, and yeast last) use dough Cycle. Add warm water little by little while the flour is forming the dough. When the flour mixture forms a ball, add in room temperature butter. By the time the cycle ends, the dough should be about 2-3 times as big. Knead the dough and let the air out, cut the dough into 8 even pieces. Knead each of them thin and flat, you can add bacon, hot dog or anything else you like and wrap them. (I used everything I could find at home.). Be creative. You can make them in all different kind of shapes you like.
After you done shaping, cover them with damp clothes until they become twice in size. Mix one egg yolk with one table spoon water then brush it over the bread. Now add all the toping you want if you like.
Bake them in preheated 355F oven for 20 minutes. You should really try this recipe; it smells so good 5 minutes after you start baking. I got this recipe from my friend who got this from

高精麵粉 300 克
麵粉 100g
糖 40 克
鹽 3 g
蛋 1
100 克牛奶
活性乾酵母 6 克
黃油 100 克

蛋黃醬 10克
番茄醬 10 克
乳酪 (适量)

除 了黃油外麵團里所有材料都加入麵包機按麵包機的順序 (液体第一次然後麵粉,酵母最後)。 按发麵功能。当麵粉慢慢形成麵團时一點一點加水,。當面粉混合形成一個球時,加入室溫黃油。在发麵功能週期結束的時候,麵團應該是 2-3 倍大。

揉揉麵團,讓空氣排出,把麵團切成 8 份。擀薄,平,你可以添加熏肉、 熱狗或別的什麼你喜歡的东西,然后包起来。(我用了我在家裡能找到的一切好吃的)。要有創意。你可以整成你自己喜歡的形状。

放入預熱的 355F 烤箱烘烤 20 分鐘。你真的應該嘗試這个食谱,你開始烘烤 5 分鐘就开始香气扑鼻了。我這個食譜是從 来的。

Enoki Mushroom salad/凉拌金针菇


Enoki Mushroom 200g

Cilantro 1Tbsp


Light Soy sauce 3Tbsp

Balsamic vinegar 1.5 Tbsp

Hot oil 1 Tsp

Chicken powder 1 Tsp

Sugar 1Tbsp

White pepper pinch

Sesame oil 1 Tsp

Minced garlic 1 clove

Bring a pot of water to boil and cook mushroom in the boiling water for about one minute then put in iced water right away. Drain the mushroom and reserved.Mix all the ingredients for sauce together and microware for 45 seconds. Pour the sauce over the mushroom and garnish with Cilantro.

金針菇 200 克

香菜 1 湯匙


醬油/生抽 3 湯匙

香醋 1.5 湯匙

辣油 1 茶匙

雞粉 1 茶匙

糖 1 湯匙


香油 1 茶匙

蒜茸 1 粒


混合所有醬汁的料一起微波 45 秒。醬汁倒在金针菇上撒上香菜。