Lotus Leaf Shape Steam Buns/荷葉包

All purpose flour 200 g

Water 110 g

Instant dry yeast 2 g

Sugar 15 g

Oil 10 g

Pour everything together in a big bowl and use chopsticks to mix until you don’t see any liquid. Knead the mixture until everything comes together. Leave it inside the bowl and cover with a damp cloth.

15 minutes later, take the dough out and knead for 10 minutes until the surface is smooth, leave it in the bowl again and cover with the damp cloth for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours until twice in size (depend on the temperature).

Take the dough out and roll it to a long roll and cut it evenly to 6 pieces.

Take one piece out and knead it about 10 times, then roll it into a round ball. Then do the same for the rest of them.

Take the first ball out, use a rolling pin to roll it out to a oval shape, brush/spread some oil on it then fold it over.

Use a cake scraper to lightly cut some liners on the top then use a chopstick to fold the edges a little to make it look like leaf.

Use a damp cloth to cover them up and let rest for 30 minutes.

Bring some water to boil then steam the buns over the water in a bamboo steamer for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes turn the heat off then leave them in the steamer for 5 minutes. ( don’t take the lid off right after you turn the heat off)

中筋麵粉 200 g

水 110 g

快速發酵酵母 2 g

糖 15 g

油 10 g




拿出一塊,揉10次,然後滾成一個圓球。然後 其他的也照做。





15 分鐘后關火,然後將它們留在蒸籠中 5 分鐘。(記住不要馬上開蓋)

Steam Buns/花捲饅頭

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All purpose flour 500 g

Water 285 g

Instant yeast 4.5 g

Whole scallion 1 (finely chopped)

Oil 2tbsps

Salt 1/2tsp

Brown sugar 3tbsps

Cinnamon powder 1tbsp

Add flour, water and yeast in a big bowl and mix them altogether then knead for 3 minutes. Cover the bowl with a pieces of plastic wrap and let ferment for about 1.5 to 2 hours depend on the room temperature. When it is twice in size then it’s good to go.

Mean while, heat up the oil in a skillet then add the scallion and salt to the oil and cook a minute. Set aside.

Take the dough out of he bowl and knead for 3 more minutes cover with the plastic wrap and let stand for 15 minutes.

Cut the dough in 2 halves, use the plastic to cover one.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the half dough to a Rectangle, add the scallion oil to the surface of the rectangle and spread it out.

Fold the rectangle twice like the picture below. Lightly press the dough together.

Cut the dough into strips. Get one of the strip on top of the other.

Use a chopstick press down in the middle.

Use hands to hold both ends of the strip then stretch out to make it twice in length.

Flip the strip over and fold the ends together use the chopstick to go through the middle.

Twist the chopstick twice, then press it down.

WeChat Image_20191108203700

The other half do the same but use brown sugar and cinnamon instead of scallion oil.

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Steam Bun With Beef/牛肉夾包

I was making braised beef for noodles, but I made kind of too much, and at the end I didn’t feel like to eat it with noodles anymore, so I came up with this idea. This kind of bun is called lotus leaf buns for the shape, there is this famous dish people love to eat it with peking roasted duck.


First of all we will need some braised beef. Here is the link for it:


Of course you can stuff the buns with any kind of meat you like.

Steam the buns in a bamboo steamer for a few minutes, if you don’t have one just steam them over water will be fine too.

I added thin slice cucumber, scallion and cilantro to it too. The other very important ingredient here is hoisin sauce. I didn’t make the buns myself, they are store bought. You can get them from Chinese supermarkets.

Image result for 荷葉包



Here is pork with hoisin sauce, this dish will be good to stuff inside the buns too.



Roast Pork Steam Buns/叉烧包

I am recently crazy about steam buns, always in the mood for more. Last time I made cabbage with ground pork steam bun, it was really good, but still for someone who loves meat so much, that wasn’t good enough. I was so much in the mood for roast pork steam buns. So here we go…. I made my own roast pork today to make my steam buns. Can I say it is so good and much better than store bought? Lol…

Today’s Chinese taboo story is about pear. Chinese don’t like to share pear with love ones because share Pear in Chinese has the same pronunciation as separation. Because we don’t want to be separated from our love ones so we don’t share pears.


Here is the recipe for my roast pork steam buns:

Soy sauce 2tbsps

Oyster sauce 2tbsps

Sugar 1tbsp

Water ½ cup

Scallion 4 whole pieces

Roast pork 400g


Dice roast pork, thinly chop scallion.

Add 1 tbsp oil to a sauté pan and heat it up a little then add white part of scallion and sauté for a minute.

Add water, soy sauce,sugar and oyster sauce then bring it to boil, thicken it up by adding some starch water.

Add roast pork and green part of scallion and mix well. (Don’t continue to cook)

Here is the link for roast pork: https://caiqinchen.com/2014/10/29/328/

Here is the link for the dough: https://caiqinchen.com/2017/09/24/steam-buns%e5%8c%85%e5%ad%90/









叉烧切丁, 葱切成葱花。

将1汤匙油加到炒锅中, 再加热少许, 然后加入葱白 炒一分钟。

加入水, 酱油, 糖和蚝油, 然后把它煮开 加一些淀粉水勾芡。

加入叉烧和葱花部 拌匀。(不要继续煮)

叉烧链接: https://caiqinchen.com/2014/10/29/328/

包子皮看链接: https://caiqinchen.com/2017/09/24/steam-buns%e5%8c%85%e5%ad%90/


Steam Buns/包子

I Love steam buns so much that I had tried so many times in the past to make them myself, but there was always something missing and I didn’t know why. Recently I’ve tried different recipes and asked people so many questions, and today I made my best steam buns ever. Here is my recipe, hope you will like it too.

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All-purpose flour 500g

Water 280g

Sugar 1tbsp

Rapid rise instant yeast 5g


Pork filling:

Pork belly 430g

Light soy sauce 1.5 tbsps.

Dark soy sauce 2 tbsps.

Cooking wine 1tbsp

Chicken bouillon 1/2tsp

Scallion ½ cup (finely chopped)

Mix everything together and marinate for a couple of hours.


Beef and cabbage filling:

Ground beef 70g

Cabbage 150g (finely shredded)

Carrot 2tbsps. (finely shredded)

Chinese Dried mushroom a few pieces

Salt 1/3 tsp

Chicken bouillon ¼ tsp

Sesame oil 1 tsp

Chinese vermicelli 10g

Soak the dried mushroom in water until soften. All vegetables need to be finely shredded, thin and short. Bring some water to boil, and cook cabbage in the boiling water for a minute. Also cook the vermicelli in boiling water for 15 seconds, then cut them really short. Squeeze all the water out of cabbage, and then mix with the rest of ingredients.


Red bean paste filling:

Red bean 225g

Water 2 cups

Sugar 250g

Vegetable oil 45g

Glutinous rice flour 15g + 3tbsps water (mix well)

Salt 1/3 tsp.

Soak the red bean in water overnight.

Cook the red bean and water in a pressure cooker for 7 minutes.

After the bean is cooled, pour it to a blender and blend until smooth.

Cook the bean paste in a cooking pan with the rest of ingredients until it is in thick paste condition, about 20-30 minutes. when it is ready, the bean paste will become whole big piece and not stick to the edge of the cooking pan.

You can do the same for the bean with green tea powder filling, only you need to an additional ingredient of 1tbsp of green tea powder that is mixed with 2 tbsps. of water, mix it with the rest ingredients.


WeChat Image_20170923220229


Mix all the ingredients for Bun dough together in a bread machine and turn the dough cycle on. The dough cycle is 90 minutes in total.

Once the time is up, usually it is twice in size, it is good. The time will vary depend on the weather temperature.  If you don’t have a bread machine at home, you can use a mixer to mix the dough for 15 minutes, then let it rise in room temperature until it is twice in size. If you have none of them, you still have your hands, use your own hands to knead the dough until it is smooth (I think it should be about 5 minutes)

Once the dough is twice in size, take it out of the bread machine, knead it by hand for another 5 minutes (you can use machine to do it too). Cut the dough into 10 to 12 even pieces, use a dump cloth or wet kitchen towel to cover them up,  take one piece of the dough, use a rolling pin to roll it out to a big flat round piece that is thin on the edge but thick in the center.

Place a spoonful of fillings in the center of dough wrapper. Use one hand’s thumb to secure it with your thumb pressing the filling lightly.

Use another hand, with your thumb and first index finger to pull up a little portion of the side of the dough. Fold and pleat evenly all the way as you go anticlockwise until you reach the end, enclose the bun. You’ll get a nice swirl pattern. You will need some practices to get to the perfect sharp, but it is not really that hard. I usually do Pleat for savory buns and smooth round surface for the sweet ones.

Once you finish pleating them, cut some parchment paper and seat them on top of the paper. Put them inside the bamboo steamer, let them seat for another 15 minutes, they will grow bigger again.

Bring some water to boil, steam them for 15 minutes.

DON’T OPEN THE LID OF THE STEAMER!!! Wait 5-10 minutes. If you open the lid right after you turn the heat off, the bun will shrink because of the colder air outside the steamer will heat the hot steaming buns.

WeChat Image_20170923204428




红腰豆 155克



干萝卜丝 80克

白糖 3/4 杯




粘米粉1/2 杯









豆子拿出后摊开放在一个通风的地方晾干, 干到表面一点水分也没有,粒粒分明。 (这么做的目的是一会加糖的话不会出水不用炒, 也不要加油更健康) 把豆子稍微搅碎, 也不要碎的跟粉一样, 还是要有一点咬劲才好。 将1中的糖加进去, 搅拌均匀, 这时候如果因为晒得不够干而太稀了, 那就要放锅里加点油炒干了才可以包。

晾干的豆馅捏成一颗一颗的圆球。 大小要看你要做多大的糍粑。

干萝卜丝加水泡15-30分钟泡软, 洗净后控干水,放锅里隔水蒸10-12 分钟。


在一平底锅里加2大勺油, 热一下油后加入蒸好的萝卜丝炒2分钟,加入2中的糖和桂圆再炒3-4分钟。凉干备用。

把晾干的馅料捏成一颗一颗的圆球。 大小要看你要做多大的糍粑。

泡过的粽叶剪成正方形, 做几个糍粑剪几片用于衬底



把皮料分成大小相等的小块, 跟做汤圆一样用皮料把馅料包起来后放手心搓圆,但糍粑要压扁, 再把其中一面放糯米上均匀粘上糯米后放在粽叶上, 有糯米的面朝上。

水开后隔水 蒸10分钟, (看大小调节时间)

为了好吃我是包了很多的馅料所以只做了5颗红豆馅的, 12颗萝卜丝馅的。 如果你包的馅不多, 那么皮料你要多做一点。 正宗的福州糍粑是用黑豆做的, 家里没有黑豆就用了红豆, 一样好吃。



小笼汤包/Mini Soup Buns


高精面粉 2 杯

热水1 杯


油1 汤勺


猪肉糜300 克


老抽2 汤勺







皮冻 200 克



把皮的料放一起,慢慢加入热水, 用筷子搅成絮状后揉成团放碗中用塑料薄膜盖起来醒10分钟。拿出来揉5分钟,再醒10分钟,再拿出来揉5分钟。最后再醒10分钟。





High fine flour 2 cups

Hot water 1 cup

Salt 1/2 teaspoons

Oil-1 tbsp



Ground Pork 300 g

Light Soy sauce 2 tablespoons

Dark Soy sauce 2 tablespoons

Green Onion 4 tablespoons

Sugar 2 tbsp

Cooking wine 2 tea spoon

Sesame oil 1 teaspoon

Potato flour 2 tbsp


Pork skin jelly 200 g


Mix all ingredients for meat together in one direction for a few minutes, add chopped pork skin Jelly in and stir well. Leave in refrigerator for an hour or two.

Put all ingredients for skin dough together and add the hot water slowly and stir with a pair of chop sticks, fold everything together and cover with a plastic wrap let stand for 10 minutes. Knead the dough for 5 minutes, and then stand for another 10 minutes, knead for 5 more minutes. Finally stand for last 10 minutes.

Cut the dough evenly into 28 pieces. Using a rolling pin and roll them just like how we do dumpling skin to thinner on the edge of the skin. Put a small amount of meat on the center of the skin, I fold each skin about 15-20 times to make them look beautiful. Put 7 buns inside the bamboo steamer which already covered with parchment paper.

Steam over boiling water with high heat for 8-10 minutes. For best taste better eat right away, otherwise the skin will get harder when they are cold. Eaten with balsamic vinegar and Ginger sauce is recommended.

Fuzhou Pork Buns/福州大肉包


1:中筋面粉3 1/4杯 (All purpose flour,3 1/4cups),泡打粉(Baking powder)1茶匙,拌匀。
2:温水120华氏度1.5杯,糖1大匙,发酵粉(yeast) 2茶匙,搅拌均匀,静置10分钟。
3:五花肉 550克,榨菜一小包(用水洗过),葱花 ½杯,生抽1大勺,老抽3大勺,糖3大勺,料酒1大勺,麻油2小勺
把发好的面团分成20块,每份擀成薄皮,加适量的馅料包成包子。将包子坯放入铺了层纸巾的烤盘上,放入烤箱内醒30-40分钟。醒好的包子隔水大火蒸10分钟,开中火再蒸4,5分钟。 关火后等5分钟才可以揭盖。


1. 3 1/4 cup all purpose flour, baking powder (Baking powder) 1 teaspoon, mix well.
2. warm water 120F 1.5 cups, sugar 1 tablespoon active dry yeast 2 teaspoons and stir well, let stand for 10 minutes.
3. pork belly 550 grams, a little bag of mustard pickle(washed), chopped green onion ½ cup, light soy sauce 1 tbsp, dark soy sauce 3 tablespoons, sugar 3 tablespoons, cooking wine 1 tablespoon, sesame oil 2 teaspoon

Dice pork belly and mix with ingredients in 3.

1+2 in a big bowl and knead into soft smooth dough. Cover with a damp cloth leave in a warm place until the dough is twice in size for about one and half hours.
Cut the dough evenly into 20 pieces and roll each into a thin wrap, add the right amount of pork into buns. Leave all the buns on a baking pan that layers with paper towels. Let them sit for another 30-40 minutes in the oven. Steam buns over boiling water for 10 minutes,Turn the heat to medium and steam for 4 , 5more minutes. Leave the cover on for at least 5 minutes after turn off the heat.

Steam Buns/花卷馒头



Low gluten wheat flour 1000g
Yeast 10g
Water 500g
Sugar 60g
Brown sugar ¼ cup
Oil 1/3 cup
Raisin 1 cup
Cinnamon a few tbsp
Scallion 1/3 cup
Mix 120F water, yeast and sugar together for 10 minutes. Add the mixture to flour and knead them together, cover the dough with a clear plastic and put in a warm place for about 1 hour or until it is twice in size.
Take the dough out and knead for 3, 4 minutes until it is silky smooth. Divide the dough into 3 pieces.
Steam cinnamon buns
Use a roller and roll the dough thin and flat. Cover the flat dough with a thin layer of oil and sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar and raisin. Fold the flat dough over a few times and cut it evenly into squares. Let them sit in a warm place and cover with plastic or damp cloth for about 30 minutes for second rise. Steam over boiling water for 12-15 minutes, when done turn the heat off let them sit with cover on for at least 5 minutes.
Steam Scallion buns
Use a roller and roll the dough flat and as thin as possible. Cover the flat dough with a thin layer of oil and sprinkle some salt, dried corn pepper powder and scallion. Roll the flat dough tight to a long roll. Cut the roll evenly into small pieces, stack two pieces together and use a chop stick press down from the middle. Let them sit in a warm place and cover with plastic or damp cloth for about 30 minutes for second rise. Steam over boiling water for 12-15 minutes, when done turn the heat off let them sit with cover on for at least 5 minutes.


低筋麵粉 1000 克
酵母 10g
水 500 克
糖 60 克
黑糖 ¼ 杯
油 1/3 杯
葡萄乾 1 杯
蔥 1/3 杯

將 120 华摄度水、 酵母和糖混合在一起静置 10 分鐘。添加麵粉在一起揉成团,蓋上透明的塑膠或湿布放在溫暖的地方,大約 1 小時,或直到它兩倍大。
取出麵團,揉 3,4 分鐘,直到它光滑。把麵團分成 3 塊。

使用擀面棒,把麵團擀薄平。在平的麵團上擦薄薄的一層油,撒上肉桂粉、 红糖、 葡萄乾。折疊麵團幾次,把它均勻地切成正方形。用塑膠或濕布蓋住讓他們在一個溫暖的地方約 30分鐘第二次发酵。在沸水上蒸 12-15 分鐘,关火后不要揭盖至少 5 分鐘。

使 用擀面棒,把麵團擀平,盡可能薄。在平的麵團上擦薄薄的一層油,撒上一些鹽、 花椒粉和蔥。卷成一条。切成均勻的小塊,兩塊堆疊在一起、 從中間用筷子压下去。用塑膠粘膜或濕布蓋住讓他們在一個溫暖的地方呆約 30 分鐘第二次发酵。在沸水上蒸 12-15 分鐘,关火后不要揭盖至少 5 分鐘。

Pan Fried Shanghainese Buns/上海生煎包


1. Dough
All-purpose flour 500g
Rapid rise highly active yeast 7g (1 bag)
Water 275g
Baking powder 5g
Sesame seeds 30g
2. Meat
Ground pork 500g
Minced Ginger 1tbsp
Minced Scallion 1/3 cup
Dark soy sauce 6 tbsp
Sugar 3 tbsp
Sesame oil 2tsp
Cooking wine 1 tbsp
Sweet potato starch 3 tbsp
Mix together all the ingredients in 2 for meat and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
Mix flour, yeast and baking powder together then warm up the water to 130F and pour water into the flour mixture. Knead the flour until it is smooth, leave it in a big bowl and cover with a damp cloth for about one hour.
Cut the dough evenly into 30 pieces and roll out into round flat wraps, get the right portion of meat and wrap it.
Cover the finished products with damp cloth and let it rise for the second time for about 10 minutes.
Move all the buns onto a non-stick skillet in a circle, add the sweet potato starch water (1:6) to cover half of the buns, add one tbsp. of oil and cover with lid. Cook 6 minutes with medium low heat then turn the heat to high and cook about another 5-6 minutes or until the bottom of buns are golden brown. Serve with a little bit of sesame seeds and green scallion.




中筋麵粉 500 克
高活性酵母 7 g (1 袋)
水 275 克
泡打粉 5 克
熟芝麻 30 克

碎豬肉 500 克
切碎的姜 1 湯匙
蔥花 1/3 杯
老抽 6 湯匙
糖 3 湯匙
麻油 2 茶匙
烹調酒 1 湯匙
甘薯澱粉 3 湯匙

把 2 中的所有原料都混合在一起,放冰箱冷藏至少 2 小時。

將麵粉、 酵母、 泡打粉混合在一起, 130F 的水倒進麵粉混合物。揉麵粉到表面光滑,把它放在大碗裡,用濕布蓋約一小時。
把麵團均勻地切成 30 塊然后擀成片,加肉包起来。
成品用濕布覆蓋,讓它二次发酵大約 10 分鐘。
接着移到一个不沾锅里围成一个圈,加澱粉水 (1: 6),水加到包子的一半,加一湯匙油蓋子上蓋。用中小火煮 6 分鐘然後關大火再煮 5-6 分鐘或直到包子底部是金黃色。配上一點點芝麻和青蔥。