Roast Pork/叉烧

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Roast pork


Light soy sauce 1tbsp
Dark soy sauce 1 tbsp
Vegetable oil 1 tbsp
Cooking wine 1 tbsp
Minced garlic 1 tbsp
Honey 2 tbsp
Salt pinch
White pepper pinch
Water 3 tbsp

Red yeast rice 1 tbsp

Use a food processor to grind red yeast rice so it will dissolve easily with the bright red color. Red yeast rice is mainly used to make Chinese wine, but it is also good for coloring. You can get it from Chinese supermarket.


Sauce: Mix all the ingredients in a cooking pan and heat up with medium high heat until boil. Turn the heat to low and simmer for 10 more minutes. Cool down.
This sauce is good for 300g of pork. Marinate the thin sliced pork (you can use any of your favor part of pork) with the sauce and leave them in the refrigerator overnight for the best flavor.
Hang the pork inside the oven with the help of paper clips. Make sure leave a baking sheet or something on the bottom with some water in it for the drippings. Roast the meat with 400F for 20-25 minutes. (Adjust the time according to how thin you slice your meat) This sauce is also good for ribs and wings. The finish product is very tender and kind of crisp with each bite. It is much better than buying from the restaurant.



If you want your roast pork to be more flavorful, then make some extra sauce and cook a bit longer until it is thicker like BBQ sauce. So when the roast pork is ready, brush it with this sauce.



生抽 1 湯匙
老抽 1 湯匙
蔬菜油 1 湯匙
烹調酒 1 湯匙
切碎的大蒜 1 湯匙
蜂蜜 2 湯匙
水 3 湯匙
红曲米 1大勺


醬汁: 混合所有的材料用中高火加熱直到煮沸。再用小火煮10分鐘。放凉。
這調味醬够腌 300 克猪肉。(猪肉切薄片) (你可以使用任何你喜欢的部位的豬肉) 用醬汁腌后放在冰箱裡隔夜最好。用回行针把豬肉挂在烤箱里。放个盘子装点水放肉下面接滴下来的油。400F(200C) 烤20-30 分鐘。(根据肉的厚度調整時間)這調味醬腌排骨和翅膀也很好。烤出来的叉烧好吃过店里买的, 又嫩又脆。


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