Meatballs With Hoisin Sauce/海鲜酱肉丸子

It is the time of year for my company’s annual potluck party. I was requested by my dear coworkers to make my signature dish: meatballs. It is a simple dish, yet delicious. This time I used 2/3 pork and 1/3 beef. I made 94 meatballs so I decided to deep fry them instead of pan fry like last year. It turned out deep fry is much faster and also the meatballs won’t break apart. I did change the recipe a little bit this time, for example I added the water chestnut instead of dried mushroom, after I finish rolling the balls, I wrap them with a thin layer of corn starch on the surface. According to my coworkers, they were good! I do believe them because at the end of the party, there was not single piece left.


又是一年一度我工作的公司的聚餐时间。我亲爱的同事们要求我做我的招牌菜: 肉丸子。这是一个简单但美味的菜, 。这次我用了2/3 猪肉和1/3 牛肉混合起来做。我做了94个肉丸子, 所以我决定用油炸, 而不是像去年的煎。结果 油炸要快得多, 肉丸也不会裂开。这一次我改变了食谱一点点, 例如, 我加入了荸荠, 而不是香菇, 在我完成全部肉丸子后, 我包裹一层薄薄的玉米淀粉在表面。据我的同事说很好吃!我相信他们, 因为在聚餐结束之前就一颗不剩了。



This is my first time cooking chili. I only had chili twice before that, the first time was when I just came to the United States and I believe that was from a fast food restaurant. It was way too salty for me and I thought that’s how it supposed to taste like, therefore it never came to my mind to try it again.

2 weeks ago I went to Florida visiting my best friends and one of my friends cooked me chili and it was so delicious. I decided to cook it myself when I came back. I checked out recipes online and there were so many versions of it, some use so many spices, and others make it so complicated. I finally decided to come up with my own version of chili. I used the most common ingredients and used slow cooker to cook it. (I was originally thinking just cook it in a pot for one hour). It turned out awesome! Love it!

I wash and drain the bean because I don’t want too much salt in my food.  I feel the sour cream is a MUST for this dish. My mother doesn’t like it spicy so I am not using too much of spicy spice. You don’t have to buy the short rib to make your own ground beef, you can use any ground beef you like.


Beef chuck short ribs 20 oz. Ground

Beef broth 1-1.5 cups

Onion ½ Diced

Garlic 1 clove Minced

Green pepper ½ Diced

Shallot 2 Diced

Diced tomato 1 can 14.5 oz.

Small red bean 1 can 15.5 oz.

Black bean 1 can 15.5 oz.

Tomato sauce 16oz.

Cumin 2 tsps.

Dried oregano 2 tsps.

Chili powder 2 tsps.

Black pepper 1/3tsp

In a skillet add 1 tbsp. oil and sauté onion and garlic for a few minutes or until soften, pour them to a slow cooker.

Brown beef in the same skillet until golden brown, drain then pour to the slow cooker.

Add the rest of ingredients to the slow cooker and mix well.

Cook the chili in the slow cooker for 5 hours.  Add salt and pepper to your taste if needed. I didn’t add any because that was perfect for me already.

Garnish it with sour cream, scallion and cheddar cheese.

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这是我第一次煮辣味牛肉豆。我在这之前只吃过两次, 第一次是在我刚来美国的时候, 我相信那是从一家快餐店买的。我觉的太咸了, 我以为它就是应该是这个味道, 所以我再也不想再试了。

2周前, 我去佛罗里达看望我最好的朋友, 我的朋友给我做了这道德州的特色菜,我朋友煮出来的味道非常棒。当我回纽约后, 我决定要自己煮一煮。我查了网上的食谱, 有很多的版本, 有些使用很多的香料, 还有一些煮法非常之复杂。我最终决定按我自己的想法煮。我用了最常用的配料 用慢炖锅煮。(我本来想把它放在普通的锅里煮一小时)。结果真棒!我发现我现在爱上它了!

豆子要洗干净沥干,因为我不想吃太多的盐。 我觉得这道菜必须要有酸奶油。我妈妈不喜欢辣, 所以我没有用太多的辣香料。你不必要买短肋, 用自己喜欢的牛肉部位绞的肉末就好了。


牛肉汤 1-1.5 杯





西红柿丁1罐14.5 盎司

小红豆1罐15.5 盎司

黑豆1罐15.5 盎司


孜然 2 茶勺

干牛至 2茶勺



在煎锅里加1汤匙油, 炒洋葱和大蒜几分钟 或直到软化, 倒在一个慢炖锅里。

在同一个煎锅里炒牛肉, 直到变色, 把油篦掉后 倒入慢炖锅。

把剩下的配料加到慢炖锅里, 拌匀。

在慢炖锅里煮5小时。 如果需要的话, 可以按你的口味加盐和胡椒。我没有再加任何调味料因为我觉的味道很对味了。


Oxtail Soup/牛尾汤



Ox tail 550g

Water 5 cups

Small size carrot 1

Roma tomato 2

Celery 1 stalk

Large size potato 1

Corn 1

Small size yellow onion ½

Rosemary 1 spring

Bay leaves 2 pieces

Cut all vegetables into small chunks.

Blanch the ox tail in boiling water for 2 minutes, and then wash them with some water.

Bring the 5 cups water to boil.

Add everything to the slow cooker and cook for 9 hours. (Ox tail I only cooked for 6.5 hours). Only need to add some salt and black pepper to your taste at the end. I tried the soup before adding the salt and pepper; it was so sweet with all the vegetable flavors.

You can eat the ox tail soup by itself, or with rice or noodles. They are all good. I cooked some penne Rigate and added it to the soup today, SUPER yummy!!! When you have some vegetables that you don’t know what you can do with them, this is the dish for you to use all of them. You can use pressure cooker to cook it, but believe me the flavor and the texture will be very different. The oxtail is still very flavorful after 9 hours of slow cooking, and the vegetable and meat are both tender and sweet. Winter time is coming, so let’s cook soup.

Beef Soup with Barley/牛肉薏仁汤



I prefer chuck steak for soup because it is not totally lean; I don’t like dry meat. Barley needs more time to cook so I cooked it in pressure cooker first. I could have soaked barley in water the night before to shorten the cooking time but I forgot to do so until I started cooking my soup, so I had to cook it in pressure cooker until it was ready to eat.

Beef chuck steak 1 pound

Medium size potato 1

Medium size carrot ½

Large size yellow onion ½

Celery 2 stalks

Barley ½ cup

1 shallot

Fresh parsley to garnish, optional

Minced garlic 2 cloves

Portobello Mushroom 1

Beef broth 60 oz.

Rosemary 1tbsp

Thyme 1tsp


Cut the beef into cubes

Dice all the vegetables

Precook barley in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes

Blanch the beef in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, drain then set aside.

Heat up 2 tbsps. oil in a cooking pan then add onion, garlic and shallot and sauté for 2 minutes

Add the rest vegetables except mushroom and 2 pinches of salt and continue to cook for 4 minutes or until the vegetables are tender

Add broth,beef and herbs to the vegetables and bring the soup to boil, then turn the heat to medium low heat and continue to cook for 35 minutes.

Add the mushroom and cooked barley to the soup and turn the heat to high and continue to cook for 10 minutes.

Add some more salt and black pepper to your taste. Garnish the soup with some parsley.



牛肩胛肉 1 磅

中等大小土豆 1个

中等大小的胡萝卜 ½ 条

黄洋葱 ½ 个

2 根西芹


1 个红葱头


蒜茸 2 瓣

波多贝罗蘑菇 1 个

牛肉汤 60 盎司

迷迭香 1 汤匙

百里香 1 茶匙


牛肉切成 小块


先在高压锅里煮薏仁15 分钟

滚水中焯煮牛肉2-3 分钟,篦干待用。

锅中热2 大勺油加洋葱、 大蒜、 红葱 炒 2 分钟

除了蘑菇以外加其他蔬菜和 一点盐在锅里,继续煮 4 分钟,或直到蔬菜变软

肉汤,牛肉和香草加到蔬菜里煮沸,然后转中小火继续煮 35 分钟。

在汤里加蘑菇和熟薏仁转大火继续煮 10 分钟。


我更喜欢用牛肩胛肉煮汤,因为它不是全瘦的; 我不喜欢肉干干柴柴的。薏仁需要更多的时间来煮,所以我用了高压锅。我其实可以前一天晚上先泡泡,但直到我开始煮汤了才记起来我忘了泡薏仁。


Orange Beef/陈皮牛



Orange juice 8tbsp

Light soy sauce 1.5tbsp

Oyster sauce 1tbsp

Hoisin sauce 1tbsp

Ketchup 1tbsp

Sugar 1.5tbsp

White rice Vinegar 1.5 tbsp

2 small pieces of fresh orange peel


Simmering short ribs 12 oz.

Flour 2tbsp

Corn starch 4 tbsp.

Oil 2tbsp+ 1 cup

1 egg

Salt 1/2tsp

Cooking wine 1.5tbsp


img_1124_mr1481504680851Mix all the ingredients for sauce together.

Add salt and cooking wine to short ribs and marinate for 30-45 minutes

Add 2tbsp flour, half egg and 2tbsp corn starch to the meat and mix well and marinate for another 30 minutes

Add the rest of corn starch and egg to the meat and mix well again then add 2 tbsp oil on the top of the short ribs and marinate it for at least another 30 minutes.

Pour 1 cup of oil to a small frying pan with medium high heat, deep fry the meat for about 2-3 minutes each side.

Bring the sauce to boil in a sauce pan, add a little bit of corn starch water to thicken the sauce a little.

Add the short ribs to the sauce and make sure every piece of meat is wrapped with sauce.


橙汁 8 汤匙

生抽 1.5 汤匙

蚝油 1 汤匙

海鲜酱 1 汤匙

番茄酱 1 汤匙

糖 1.5 汤匙

白米醋 1.5 汤匙

2 小块的新鲜橙皮


雪花牛肉 12 盎司。

面粉 2 汤匙

淀粉 4 汤匙。

油 2 汤匙 + 1 杯

1 个鸡蛋

盐 1/2 茶匙

料酒 1.5 汤匙



加盐和料酒腌牛肉 30-45 分钟。

再在肉里加 2 汤匙面粉,半个鸡蛋和 2 汤匙淀粉拌匀腌 30 分钟。

将剩下的淀粉和鸡蛋加到牛肉里拌好然后再加 2 汤匙油在牛肉里再腌 30 分钟。

小锅中倒1 杯油,油热后大火炸牛肉每面约 2-3 分钟。




Beef with Eggplant Casserole/茄子煲


Eggplant is always one of my favor food. But I don’t really eat very often because if it is not steam in the water, it is usually cooked with a lot of oil. But I just recently learned from 田园时光美食how to cook it delicious but without a lot of oil.

Chinese eggplant 3

Scallion 1

Minced Ginger 1tsp

Minced Garlic 1tbsp

Chili Bamboo a few pieces

Dried mushroom a few pieces

Dried fungus a few pieces

Beef or Chicken breast 4 oz.

Chili bean sauce 1tbsp

Ketchup 1.5tbsps

White pepper powder 1/2tsp

White rice vinegar 2 tbsps

Sugar 1tbsp

Soy sauce 1tbsp

Water ½ cup


Wash dried fungus and mushroom then soak them in water for at least 2 hours. Shred and set aside.

Slice chicken or beef and marinate with salt, chicken powder, cooking wine and little bit of starch.

Rolling cut the eggplants then soak in a big pot of salted cold water for 15-20 minutes.

Drain the water then coat the eggplant with a thin layer of starch.

Heat up one pint of oil in a cooking pan, when the oil is around 170C, deep fry the eggplant in the oil for 1 minute. Divide the eggplant and deep fry them in 2-3 separated times, don’t fry all of them at once, otherwise too much eggplant will bring the oil temperature down and then eggplant will absorb a lot of oil. Also make sure you turn the eggplant to make sure it is cooked.

In the same pan when the oil is not too hot (120C) cook the beef or chicken in the oil until the color of meat turn brown or white around 2-3 minutes. Set aside.

Leave about 3tbsps of oil in the cooking pan and add ginger, garlic and white part of scallion to the pan and stir fry for 1 minute or until it is aromatic.

Add fungus and mushroom and stir fry for another2 minutes

Add chili bean sauce, mix everything together

Add meat and the rest of sauce and mix everything together, then add water and mix again.

Right away pour everything to a casserole pan and continue to cook for about 3-4 minutes.


一直很喜欢吃茄子但因为很多时候要用很多油而让我望而却步。 最近跟 田园时光美食

学了一招没有很多油。 好吃不油!

中國茄子 3条

蔥 1根

姜茸 1 茶匙

蒜茸 1 湯匙




牛肉或雞胸肉4 盎司。

辣豆瓣醬 1 湯匙

番茄醬 1.5湯匙

白胡椒粉 1/2 茶匙

白米醋 2 湯匙

糖 1 湯匙

醬油 1 湯匙



洗干净木耳和蘑菇后泡在水中至少 2 小時。泡软切絲,待用。

雞肉或牛肉切片,用鹽,雞粉、 料酒和一些澱粉醃制。

滾刀切茄子然後浸泡在冷鹽水中 15-20 分鐘。


鍋中加热一品脫油,油大約 170 C时,加入茄子炸 1 分鐘。茄子分2-3 次炸,否則為太多茄子會降低油的溫度造成茄子吸太多的油。

在同一鍋中當油温没有太热时 (大概120 C) 加入牛肉或雞肉直到肉的顏色变褐色或白色大約 2-3 分鐘。撥出备用。

留下3汤勺的油在鍋中加蔥姜、 蒜和葱白炒1 分鐘或直到它香味出来。

加香菇和黑木耳另炒2 分鐘



所有的菜馬上倒入砂鍋中,繼續煮約 3-4 分鐘。

Beef Meatballs with Hoisin Sauce/海鲜酱牛肉丸


Hoisin sauce 2 tablespoons

White rice vinegar 2.5 tablespoons

Soy sauce 1 tablespoon

Sesame oil ½ teaspoon

Minced Ginger 1 teaspoon

Sugar-1 tablespoon

Water 2 tablespoons

Beef Meat balls 8 pieces

Mix all the spice and sauce in a small bowl, and set aside.

Spray a little oil in a small nonstick pan then pan fry meatballs with low heat, add sauce and cook for 3 minutes. You can sprinkle some sesame seeds and scallions.

You can also make your own meatballs and it will be more delicious. I used the beef meat balls I bought from Costco.


海鲜酱 2大勺



芝麻油 ½茶勺

姜末 1茶勺


水2 大勺

牛肉丸 8颗


在一小的不沾锅里喷一点油加入解冻过的肉丸子小火煎一煎后加入酱料煮3分钟就可以了。 可以撒点芝麻和葱花。




Beef Short Ribs with Asparagus/牛仔骨炒芦笋


I love Beef short ribs a little too much recently (no wonder I gained weight!!!!). Today I cooked another beef short ribs dish. It is similar to my onion with beef short ribs I cooked 2 days ago. If you like your asparagus crunchy then cook them in boiling water for one minute then take them out and leave them in ice cool water to cool it down. Then saute with garlic (or other vegetables) and beef short ribs for 2 minutes just like how I cook them with onion.

最近吃牛仔骨有点上瘾了。 今天又煮了一道跟前2天差不多的菜。 今天用了芦笋。 如果你喜欢吃脆脆的芦笋那就在滚水了煮1分钟,马上捞起来放冰水里泡。 然后加蒜头炒2分钟就可以了。

洋葱快炒牛仔骨/Onion With Beef Short Ribs



牛仔骨 375克








小号洋葱 ½颗切丝



洋葱 ½个切丝






再加2大勺的油, 油热后加入洋葱和红葱先炒1-2分钟后加入西芹稍微再炒1 分钟加入1/4茶勺的盐,加入牛仔骨了, 炒匀后浇上1大勺的料酒就可出锅了。


Beef short Rib 375 g

Soy sauce 1 tablespoon

Salt 1/4 teaspoon

Oyster sauce 2 tablespoons

Chicken powder 1/2 teaspoon

Sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon

Cooking Wine 1.5 tablespoon

Garlic 1 clove chopped

½ Small onion sliced


3 stalks of celery shredded

½ Onion shredded

2 red shallots chopped

Beef short ribs cut into small pieces and put all into a large bowl, add cold water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda for 1-2 hours.

Run the ribs under the water until the water is clear and no blood. Drain.

Add the rest of the ingredients in 1 to the ribs and marinade for 1-2 hours. The longer the better flavor.

In a saucepan add 3-4 tablespoons of oil, heat up the oil and stir-fry ribs for 3 minutes. Set ribs aside.

Add 2 more tablespoons of the oil in the same pan, heat up oil again, add the onion and shallot and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes first and then add celery and sauté for 1 more minute add 1/4 teaspoon salt and ribs, then pour 1 tablespoon cooking wine and mix well.


Noodles With Meat Sauce/炸酱面



黄豆酱 3大勺

甜面酱 1.5大勺

水2/3 杯



干面 270克











面条盛在碗里,浇上肉酱, 加红萝卜丝,小黄瓜丝和鸡蛋丝。开吃!


Ground beef ½ pound (80% lean 20% fat)

Soy bean sauce paste 3 tbsps

Sweet sauce 1.5 tbsps

Water 2/3 cup

Sugar 1.5 tbsps

Chicken powder 1 teaspoon

Dry noodles 270 g

Ginger 1 teaspoon

Garlic 1 teaspoon

Shredded Carrot some

Shredded cucumber some

2 eggs

Whisk egg and make 2 thin egg pancakes and cut into shred.

Boil a big pot of water and cook the dry noodles for 4-5 minutes, drain.

Add 3 tablespoons of oil in a pan add ginger, garlic and stir fry until fragrant.

Add ground beef and cook until meat changes color, add soy bean sauce, sweet sauce and mix well.

Add water and sugar and cook about 8 minutes.

Noodles served in a bowl, pour meat sauce, add shredded carrot, cucumber and egg mix everything together. Eat!