Fried Wonton/炸馄饨


4 pieces per serving $1.20 per serving

I love deep fried food like crazy!!! However, I know it is not good for me, so I don’t cook deep fried food as often as I may want to be. Anyway, I recently kept thinking about fried wonton(non stop kind of thinking), so I decided to make fried wonton this weekend. I have recipe before on how to make wonton, and I only substituted the Chinese celery with water chestnut today. I did change the way how to wrap it today so they will look prettier for deep fry, don’t use this method when you make wonton for soup. I also make a few with mozzarella cheese (1:1 ration, half cheese and half meat and shrimp combo). It is so good!

The only thing I would do differently next time is to buy the thick skin for fried wonton, the one I had was the really thin ones. Usually we use thin one for wonton soup and thick one for deep fry, the reason being the thin one get burned too easy. I had to use 2 pieces of wonton skin to make one wonton, and still they look kind of burn.

Serve this fried wonton with the Thai sweet Chili sauce, perfect combination.


我喜欢油炸食品已经到了疯狂的地步!!!不过, 我知道这对我不好, 所以我不经常做。 我最近一直在想吃炸馄饨 (不停的想), 所以我决定这个周末做炸馄饨解馋。我以前有做馄饨的食谱, 我今天用马蹄代替了芹菜。今天我改变了一下包法, 所以他们看起来更漂亮, 你做馄饨汤不要用这种包法 。我还做了一些加了奶酪的 (1:1 比例, 半奶酪和半肉和虾组合)。太好吃了!

下次再做我唯一会改的是买厚皮包油炸馄饨, 我这次用的是很薄的。通常, 我们用薄的包做馄饨汤用厚的包来炸, 原因是薄的太容易焦。我不得不用2块馄饨皮做一个馄饨, 但看起来还是有点焦。

这个炸馄饨配泰式甜辣椒酱, 完美结合。


WeChat Image_20180325163203


Oxtail Borsch Soup/罗宋汤


5 servings $1.85 per serving

Oxtail 1.5 pounds

Green cabbage 10 oz.

Beet 15 oz.

Carrot 6oz.

Garlic 2 cloves

2 small size Red skin potatoes

Tomato sauce 8 oz.

One small size Onion

Cut potatoes small cubes. Cut rest of vegetables thin shreds.

Cook oxtail with 6 cups of water in a pressure cooker for 5 minutes. (if you don’t have pressure cooker, then cook on the stove for at least 30 minutes. Adjust the time to your own preferences. Some people want their meat very tender, some don’t)

Add 2tbsps cooking oil in a skillet, sauté the vegetable except potato for 5 minutes or until tender, season with ½ tsp salt.

Add the vegetables and tomato sauce to the oxtail broth and bring to boil, reduce the heat to medium low and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

Add potatoes to the soup and continue to cook for another 15 to 20 minutes depend on how tender do you want the vegetables to be. Season your soup with some more salt and black pepper.


牛尾1.5 镑









加6杯水在压力锅里煮牛尾5分钟。(如果你没有压力锅, 那么在炉子上煮至少30分钟。根据自己的喜好调整时间。有些人喜欢肉很烂, 有些人不喜欢烂)

在煎锅中加入2汤匙 烹调油,除马铃薯以外的蔬菜炒5分钟或直到软, 加½茶匙盐调味。

把蔬菜和番茄酱加到牛尾汤里, 煮开, 把火调到中小火, 继续煮15分钟。

把土豆加到汤里, 再继续煮15到20分钟, 取决于你想要蔬菜煮到多烂。加多一点盐和黑胡椒调味。


Stem Lettuce Salad/凉拌莴笋


It is 1 serving and about $1 in total.

Stem lettuce 150g

Salt 1/3 tsp

Light Soy sauce 1tbsp

Sugar 1/2tbsp

Rice vinegar 1 tsps

Chicken bouillon 1 tsp

Peel the hard skin of stem lettuce off then cut it into thin slices.

Add salt and mix, let stand for about 20 minutes. Discard the water from the vegetable.

Add the rest of ingredients to the vegetable and marinate for a few hours.

Image result for stem lettuce


盐1/3 茶匙


糖1/2 汤匙

米醋 1 茶匙


削掉莴苣的硬皮, 然后切成薄片。

加入盐混合, 腌约20分钟。把莴笋出的水倒掉。


Pork And Mixed Vegetables In Broad Bean Sauce/豆瓣酱杂菜肉丝

This dish is super delicious, I didn’t expect it to be this good. I just bought the spicy broad bean sauce yesterday, I love spicy but I can’t eat too spicy, so I didn’t use too much; and besides it is very salty so don’t use too much if you have never tried it before.

WeChat Image_20180320223309

About 2 servings and 85 cents per serving.

Pork 100g

One big Bell pepper

Half small Yellow onion

A few shreds of purple onion for color

A few shreds of carrot for color

Half Fruit Kohlrabi

WeChat Image_20180320223514

Shred pork and marinate it with salt, chicken bouillon, corn starch and cooking wine for at least 30 minutes.

Shred all the vegetables.

Add 3 tbsps cooking oil to the skillet and heat it up.

Add pork to the skillet and cook for a few minutes until they totally turn white and take them out, set aside.

Add 2tsps broad bean paste sauce to the oil and stir a little.

Add yellow onion, fruit kohlrabi and carrot to the skillet and stir fry them for 3 minutes.

Add the rest of vegetables and pork to the skillet and stir fry for another 3 minutes, add 2tsps oyster oil, 1tsp chicken bouillon, 1tsp sugar and mix everything together.

Finish the dish by adding 1 tbsp cooking wine.









猪肉切丝, 用盐、鸡精、玉米淀粉和料酒腌至少30分钟。


在平底锅里加3汤匙食用油, 加热它。

把猪肉加到煎锅里, 炒几分钟, 直到它们完全变白, 取出来, 放到一边。

加入2茶匙 郫县豆瓣酱, 稍微炒一下。

将黄洋葱, 大头菜和胡萝卜放入锅中, 快炒3分钟。

把剩下的蔬菜和猪肉加到锅里, 再炒3分钟, 加入2茶匙 蚝油, 1茶匙 鸡精, 快炒混合。


Noodles Soup/汤面

WeChat Image_20180318143928

It is about 3 servings and $5.5 per serving.

Pork bone 3 pounds

Beef neck bone 3 pounds

Shanghai thin noodle 16 oz.

Shrimp 9 pieces

Fish balls 9 pieces

Scallion 3 tbsps

Spinach some (optional)

Blanch the bones in cold water until it is boil, turn the heat off then rinse under the running water.

Bring 4 quarts of water to boil then add the bones. When the water is boiling again, turn the heat to low and simmer it for 4-5 hours.

Cook the noodle in boiling water for 5 minutes or until it reaches you prefer tenderness. Rinse the noodle under running water for 30 seconds.

If you like vegetable in your noodle, precook it in boiling water too.

Discard all the bones and meat in the broth. I precooked my shrimps and fish balls in my broth too. Add only a few pinches of white pepper and some fish sauce to your taste.

Place some noodle in a bowl, add fish balls, shrimp, spinach and scallion then pour some broth to it.

I cooked my broth for 4 hours with the lowest heat, and the broth turns milky white. Even though I used bones, but there were still whole lot of meat connected to the bones. So the finished product will have a lot of oil on the top, if you don’t want your noodle soup to be too oily, make sure you skim the oil off.

WeChat Image_20180318143914







菠菜一些 (可选)

将骨头在冷水中煮到沸, 把火关掉然后在自来水下冲洗干净。

把4夸脱的水煮开后加入骨头。当水再次沸时, 把火调小熬煮4-5 小时。

在滚水里煮面条大概5分钟或直到您喜欢的软度。用水冲洗面条 30秒。



把面条放在碗里, 加入鱼丸, 虾, 菠菜和葱, 然后倒一些汤。

我的汤熬煮了4个小时变成了奶白色的浓汤了,因为我是开最小的火煮所以也没有什么蒸发。 但是吃之前最好要滤一下那个油。

Rib-eye Cap Steak/牛脊肉排


3 servings and $13 per serving.

I’ve been in love with steak recently. Yesterday I went to Costco and bought 4 pieces pf rib-eye cap steak. It was so good that I didn’t even realize I was eating too much, I am so full now. For a good steak like rib-eye cap steak, don’t use too many spices to marinate it because we want to taste the real beef flavor not the spices. It is so good, and I don’t have words to describe it. This part of meat has more fat then other kind of steak, so it literally melts in my mouth. Um Um Um…

3 pieces rib-eye cap steak

Half big size onion (thin sliced)

4 oz. mushroom (sliced)

Preheat oven to 325F

Sprinkle some kosher salt and fresh grounded pepper to both sides of steaks.

Sizzling the steaks on a hot pan about 3 minutes each side.

Cook the steak in the preheated oven for about 18-20 minutes for medium rare.

Take the steak out of the oven and let rest for 10-15 minutes.


Used 2tbsps oil from searing the steak in the pan to sauté the onion for 2-3 minutes or until onion are tender and turned clear color, add the mushroom and continue to sauté for 2 minutes. Add salt and black pepper to the taste.

Add ¼ cup water or broth and continue to cook with cover on for 2-3 more minutes.

Add 3 tbsps half and half to the onion mushroom and mix well and cook for another minute.

Cut the string off the steak, place the steak on a plate, pour some onion mushroom on top of it and serve it with your favor salad or any other side dishes.


WeChat Image_20180313215137

I made Honey mustard salad dressing for my salad tonight, I didn’t know it is so good so I didn’t take a picture of it. But here is the recipe.

9 tbsps olive oil

Honey 2-3 tbsps

Dijon mustard 2tbsps

Lemon juice from ½ large lemon

Salt and pepper to the taste

Add everything together then use a whisk to mix until everything comes together.

我最近很爱吃牛排。昨天我去了好市多买了4块肋眼帽牛排。真的是太好吃了,我甚至没有意识到我吃得太多, 太撑了。对于像肋眼帽牛排这样的好牛排, 不要用太多的香料来腌, 因为我们要尝真正的牛肉味而不是香料。这部分牛肉有比较多的脂肪, 吃的时候感觉简直就是要融化在我的嘴里。


半个大洋葱 (薄片)

4盎司蘑菇 (切片)




在预热的烤箱里烤牛排约18-20 分钟, 中等生熟。

把牛排从烤箱里拿出来, 让它回汁10-15 分钟。

加2大汤匙油在锅中将洋葱炒2-3 分钟, 或直到洋葱变软,变色, 加入蘑菇, 继续炒2分钟。加入一点盐和黑胡椒。

加入¼杯水或肉汤, 盖盖子继续煮2-3 分钟。

在洋葱蘑菇里加3汤匙咖啡奶, 拌匀, 再煮一分钟。

把绑牛排的线剪下来, 把牛排放在盘子上, 倒上一些洋葱蘑菇放在上面, 用你喜欢的沙拉或其他的菜肴来搭配。

今晚我做了蜂蜜芥末沙拉酱配我的沙拉, 我不知道它这么好吃所以我没有拍它的图片。但食谱在这。


蜂蜜2-3 汤匙




把所有的东西加在一起, 然后搅拌到所有东西融合在一起。

第二天吃的牛肉沙拉/Steak salad the next day。


Lobster Egg Drop Soup/龙虾蛋花汤


I always save lobster juice and fat for soup or something else. Today I used it to make egg drop soup. It sounds a little fancy and it tastes really good.

One egg

Juice and Fat from 2 lobster

3 cups water

Peas and carrot 4-5 tbsps

White pepper a few pinches


Break the egg in a small bowl

Bring water to boil, add the lobster juice & fat and peas & carrot. Cover and bring to boil again.

Add some starch water to thicken up the soup.

Add the egg to the soup and stir up a little.

Finish this dish with a few pinches of white pepper. ( No additional spices needed)


我总是会把切龙虾的时候流的汁和脂肪拿来做汤或其他东西。今天我用它做蛋花汤。这听起来有点花哨, 味道还真的很好。




豌豆和胡萝卜4-5 汤匙



把水煮开, 加入龙虾汁、脂肪、豌豆和胡萝卜。盖上并再次煮开。

加入一些淀粉水, 使汤变稠。



Lobster Maifan/龙虾炒米粉


3 servings and about $16 per serving.

This is my first home cook meal after my vacation. Didn’t feel like to cook anything. Didn’t have any food in the refrigerator either, this morning I went to buy groceries. It was raining like crazy, so I didn’t think too much just grabbed whatever I saw and ended up missing so many things. Anyway, I bought 2 lobsters today and meant to make lobster with ginger and scallion for dinner, and then I realized that as not enough for dinner. I didn’t want to make too many dishes, so I tried to find some noodles to cook with the lobster. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find enough of anything to cook with it. So at the end I used 2 different kind of Maifan to make this dish.


Maifan 150g

2 Lobster about 3.5 pounds

Ginger 5 slices

5 whole Scallion

Shallot 2 big cloves

½ small size Onion

Cut ginger, scallion, onion and shallot into shreds.

Cut lobster into smaller pieces. Drain all the lobster juice to a separated container and take the fat out too for another dish.

Precook maifan in boiling water according to the direction on the back.

Add about 1/3 cup of corn starch to the lobster, and deep fry in hot oil for about 4-5 minutes. If you are cooking with a home gas stove like me, don’t cook too many pieces at once. Cook a few pieces at a time will be easier.

Leave about 3 tbsps. oil in the skillet, add scallion, ginger, onion, shallot and 3 tbsps. XO sauce and Sauteed for 3 minutes.

Add maifan along with 1tbsp soy sauce and 1tbsp oyster sauce and mix together.

Add lobster and 1tsp chicken bouillon powder to the maifan and continue to mix everything together. At the end add 2 tbsps. Cooking wine and mix.


2只龙虾约3.5 磅






把龙虾切成小块。把所有的龙虾汁都放到一个分开的容器里, 然后把脂肪取出来做另一道菜。


在龙虾里加约1/3 杯玉米淀粉, 并在热油中油炸约4-5 分钟。如果你是像我这样的家用煤气炉做饭, 不要一次炸太多。一次炸几块就容易多了。

留下大约3汤匙油在锅里, 加葱、姜、洋葱、红葱和3汤匙XO 酱炒3分钟。

加入米粉连同1汤匙 酱油和1汤匙蚝油混合在一起。

加入龙虾和1茶匙鸡精, 并继续搅拌在一起。最后加2汤匙料酒喷香。

Here are some pictures from my vacation: