Tapioca With Taro and Pumkin/芋头南瓜西米露


Some taro cut into small pieces

Some Japanese pumpkin cut into small pieces

7 oz. of Aroy-D coconut milk

4 oz of Tapioca

In a cooking pot add water and bring to boil, add the tapioca and cook for 2-3 minutes, turn the heat off and cover it for 15 minutes.  Then rinse it and add 3-4 cup of cold water and the taro and pumpkin ( cut into very small pieces) then bring it to boil again then turn the heat a little lower and cook until the tapioca is clear without white color in the center. Add the coconut milk ( you can add more if you add 4 cup of water or if you prefer it to be very creamy)and some coconut flavor sugar or rock sugar, when it is boiling again, it is ready.

7 盎司的 Aroy D 椰奶
4 盎司的西米
在 一個鍋中加水煮开, 添加 西米煮 2-3 分钟,关火覆蓋 15 分鐘。然後沖洗,並加 3-4 杯冷水和芋頭,南瓜 (切成非常小) 然後把它再次煮沸後把溫度調低一點,煮西米到清晰透明没有中心的白顏色。加入椰奶 (你可以加更多如果您之前加 4 杯水或如果你喜歡它很浓) 和一些椰子味的糖或冰糖,當它再次煮開的時候,就可以了。

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