Lemon Grass Pork Chop/香茅猪扒


Lemon grass one stick

Pork chop 3 pieces

Chop the lemon grass into small pieces.  Smash the pork chops hard with a meat hammer tenderizer so they will become very thin. Marinate the pork with lemon grass, salt and cooking wine overnight.

In a hot skillet add some oil and pan fry the pork chops (pick the lemon grass out before cooking) until golden brown for each side. Add 2 tbsp. of light soy sauce, 1/3 cup of water and 1 tbsp. of honey. Bring it to boil and continue to cook about 1 minute. (The pork chops are already very thin and pan fried, don’t cook too long). This is the best pork chop dish I’ve ever made, so tender and juicy and full of flavor.


豬扒 3 片

把檸檬草切成非常小的碎片。用嫩肉锄把猪扒敲得非常薄。加檸檬草、 鹽和料酒腌渍一晚。

熱锅里加一些油煎豬排(烹飪前,必須檸檬草挑出来) 每一面都煎到有点焦黄。加入 2 湯匙的淺色醬油、 1/3 杯的水和 1 湯匙蜂蜜。把它燒開,繼續煮約 1 分鐘。(豬排已經變得非常薄又煎过,不要煮太長時間)。這是我做過最好吃的豬扒菜。又嫩又多汁还充满風味。

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