Eggplant Tofu with Garlic Sauce/魚香豆腐茄子



Two small Chinese long eggplants

A few white mushrooms

2/3 box of firm tofu

One scallion

A few pieces funguses


½ cup broth

½ tbsp. dark soy sauce

1.5 tbsps. light soy sauce

1/2 tbsp. oyster sauce

2.5 tbsp. white rice vinegar

½ tbsp. hot oil

1tsp chicken powder

3 tbsp sugar

Add everything for sauce together and microwave it for one minute

Cut tofu into thin triangle pieces, pan fried each side in a non-stick pan until each side is golden brown.

Cut eggplants also into small pieces and wrap them with some sweet potatoes starch so they won’t absorb too much oil.

In the same non-stick pan add 3 tbsp of vegetable oil and sautéed eggplants until they are soft, take them out of pan and set aside.

In the same pan, add 2 more tbsp of oil and sautéed white part of scallion and some mince garlic first then add the sliced mushrooms and continue cook for 2 minutes.

Add the eggplants and tofu to the pan then add the sauce and mix well, add a few tbsp of corn starch mixture to thicken the sauce. Add the green part of scallion at the end.

IMG_9395 IMG_9394




2/3 盒的老豆腐




½ 杯肉湯

½ 湯匙老抽

1.5 大勺生抽

1/2 湯匙蠔油

2.5 湯匙白醋

½ 湯匙辣油

1 茶匙雞粉

3 湯匙糖




同一不粘鍋加 3 湯匙植物油和炒茄子,直到他們變軟,拿出了鍋,放置一邊備用。

在同一鍋內,添加更多 2 湯匙油,炒蔥白和大蒜,然後加入切好的蘑菇,繼續炒2 分鐘。


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