Hainanese Chicken And Rice/海南鸡饭


One whole free ranged chicken 5 pounds

Lemongrass 2 sticks

Ginger 4 slices +5 tbsp minced

Scallion 3/4 cup minced

White rice 7 cups

Minced Red Shallots1/3 cup

Pandan leaves a few pieces

Chicken oil 4 tbsp ( take the fat from the chicken and cook for a few minutes)


In a skillet add 1/3 cup of oil, heat up for 2 minutes then add 1/2 stick of minced lemon grass, minced ginger and scallion and cook until aromatic about 4 minutes. Add 3/4 tbsp salt and 2 tsp chicken powder.


Have a big container of water with ice ready for chicken. In a big pot add enough water so you can later cover the whole chicken in it. Add sliced ginger, 1tsp of salt and the rest lemongrass then bring the water to boil, add the whole chicken to the boiling water for 10 seconds, take the chicken out and put into the ice water for 1 minute. Repeat the same processes for 2 more times. Then leave the chicken in the boiling water for 20 – 25 more minutes with low heat. After that turn the heat off and cover for 15 more minutes.  Take the chicken out and leave it cool for 15 minutes then cut.


Mince 1/3 cup Shallots. Add chicken fat and  shallots to a skillet saute until aromatic.

Add the washed rice (7 cups) continue sauté until the rice is dried.

Pour all the rice to a rice cooker with 7 cups of chicken broth.

Add a few pieces of pandan leaves and 1-2tsp of salt then cook.



一只整雞 5 磅 (走地鸡)

香茅 2 枝

姜 4 片 + 5 湯匙剁碎

3/4 杯切碎的青蔥

白米 7 杯

切碎的紅 葱头1/3 杯


雞油 4 湯匙 (用鸡身上的油熬煮)


在一锅里添加 1/3 杯的油,加熱 2 分鐘,然後加入切碎的檸檬草、 姜茸和蔥煮直至香气四溢大約 4 分鐘。加入 3/4湯匙鹽,2 茶匙雞粉。


有一大盆子里加水与冰,用于泡鸡。在大鍋中添加足夠的水來覆蓋整只雞。加入切好的姜,1 茶匙的鹽和其餘香茅然後把水煮开,把整雞加到沸水 中10 秒鐘,拿出並放入冰水中的 1 分鐘。再重複同樣的過程2 次。然後用小火煮雞 20 — 25 分鐘。关火后再泡 15 分鐘。取出雞冷卻 15 分鐘再切。


加雞油在一個煎鍋里接着加紅蔥头炒到发出香味后加入洗好的大米炒到米粒乾了为止。倒入到電飯煲里,加 7 杯刚刚煮鸡的水,加幾片香蘭葉和 1-2 茶匙的鹽 摁下煮饭键煮。

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