Pork Shoulder With Pickled Mustard Green/酸菜蹄膀


This dish is so flavorful! With the sour flavor of pickled mustard green and the sweetness of tender pork shoulder I promise you will feel so satisfied and full after meal.  Especially in a cold winter day, all you need is this dish and a big bowl of rice. Don’t wait because it is winter now!!!

1.5 pounds pork shoulder

One bag of Pickled mustard green 8 oz.

One scallion

Cut pork shoulder into big chunks. Bring a big bowl of water to boil, precook the pork shoulder in boiling water for about 3 minutes and then wash them with running cold water.

Shred pickled mustard green into small pieces.

In a hot skillet, add 2 tbsp of oil then add white part of scallion and pickled mustard green and sautéed for about 3 minutes, add pork shoulder, 1 pint of water, ¼ tsp salt, 1 tbsp vegetable oyster sauce, 4 tsp sugar, 1tbsp cooking wine then bring it to boil. Turn the heat to small and simmer for at least 30 minutes. Depend on how tender do you like the shoulder to be, you can adjust the cooking time.


这是一道非常美味的菜 !酸酸的酸菜加上肥美的猪蹄膀,我向你保證你会吃得心满意足。尤其是在一個寒冷的冬日,你需要的就是這道菜和一大碗米飯。不要等待,因為現在是冬天了 !!!

1.5 磅豬蹄膀

一包酸菜8 盎司。


猪蹄膀切成大塊。把水燒開,猪蹄膀滾水中焯煮約 3 分鐘,然後用冷水沖洗一下。


熱锅中加 2 湯匙油然後添加蔥白和酸菜,炒約 3 分鐘后加猪蹄膀,1 品脫的水,¼ 茶匙鹽,1 湯匙素耗油,4 茶匙糖、 1 湯匙料酒,然後煮沸。轉至小火,煮至少 30 分鐘。取決於你想你的猪蹄膀要多烂您可以調整烹飪時間。

In the boiling water precook any kind of noodles with some vegetable, then bring the noodles and vegetable to a big bowl, add the Pork shoulder with pickled mustard green and some broth, it is another simple but fulfilling dish.


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