Roast Pork & Wings


I love roast pork so much, so I decided to make roast pork again last week. Since I also felt like to eat wings, I made wings too this time. For the benefit of health, I decided not to use any food coloring, and my father complained they didn’t look like roast pork any more! However, he did like everything else!!! LOL… They are so juicy and tender as always. Please roast 10 more minutes for wings.

Since I already posted it before, here is the link for the recipe:

我超愛叉烧,所以上個星期再次烤叉烧吃。因為我也很想吃鸡翅膀,這次也烤了鸡翅。為了健康,没有使用任何食用色素,我爸爸抱怨他們看起來不像再烤叉烧 !然而,他还是吃的津津有味 !!!哈哈……还是一如既往的多汁和香嫩。记住鸡翅要多烤10 分钟。


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