Shrimp With Mixed Vegetable/什錦蔬菜蝦仁

½ pound medium sized shrimps
1 medium size green pepper
2 stalks of celery
A few pieces of dried black fungus
A few pieces of dried tofu skin
Soak dried vegetables in water for at least one hour (overnight will be much better) then clean and cut into smaller pieces
Peel and Devein shrimps, then marinate them with a little bit of cooking wine, white pepper, salt and 2 tbsp. sweet potatoes starch for at least 30 minutes.
In a pot bring some water to boil, pre-cook shrimps. When the color turns pink, take out right away.
In a hot skillet, add 3tbsp of oil, add in black fungus, tofu skin and one tsp minced garlic sauté for 5, 6 minutes, and then add green pepper, celery and 1/3 tsp salt continue cooking for 3 minutes. Finally add shrimps and 4tbsp of broth cook for 2 more minutes, season with ¼ tsp sugar and ½ tsp chicken powder.

½ 磅中号蝦
1 中等大小青椒
2 根芹菜

幹的蔬菜在水中浸泡至少一小時 (过夜會更好) 然後清洗及切成小塊
蝦仁剝皮去肠线,然後用一點點的料酒、 白胡椒、 鹽和 2 湯匙土豆澱粉腌至少 30 分鐘。
熱鑊里加入 3 湯匙油,加入黑木耳、 豆腐皮和一茶匙切碎的大蒜炒 5,6 分鐘,然後添加青椒、 芹菜、 1/3 茶匙鹽繼續煮 3 分鐘。最後加入蝦和 4 湯匙的肉湯煮 2 分鐘,用 ¼ 茶匙糖和半茶匙雞粉調味。

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