Pork With Hoisin Sauce/海鲜酱肉丝


Pork tenderloin ½ pound

One scallion

Shred pork really thin and marinate with salt, white pepper, cooking wine, chicken powder and 4 tbsp sweet potato starch for at least 30 minutes.

Precook pork in hot oil until they turn white about 4 minutes, set aside. Leave a little oil in the cooking skillet, add shredded white part of scallion and stir fry for a minute then add 2tbsp hoisin sauce, 1.5 tbsp mushroom oyster sauce and 3tbsp water, add in pork and mix well. Finally add in the green part of scallion.

豬裡脊肉 ½ 磅


豬肉切细条,和鹽、 白胡椒粉、 料酒、 雞粉,4 湯匙甘薯澱粉醃至少 30 分鐘。

在熱油裡炒豬肉,直到它們變為白色大約 4 分鐘,放在一邊。在烹飪鍋中留油少許,加蔥絲白色部分翻炒一分鐘然後加入 2 湯匙海鮮醬、 1.5 湯匙香菇素蠔油和 3 湯匙水,加入豬肉,攪拌均勻。最後加入蔥綠。

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