Potato Meat Balls/土豆鱼丸



土豆650 克

木薯粉200 克

糯米粉10 克

花生油 1大勺


猪肉糜350 克















  1. Skin

Potato 650 g

Tapioca Starch 200 g

Sticky rice powder 10 g

Peanut oil 1 tablespoon

  1. Meat dough

Ground pork 350 g

Dark Soy sauce 4 tablespoons

Green Onion 4 tablespoons

Sugar-2 tbsp

Cooking wine 2 tea spoon

Sesame oil 1 teaspoon

Potato starch 2 tbsp

Mix Sticky rice flour and 1 tbsp water then cook in a small pot of boil water.

Mix all the ingredients in #2.

Potatoes cut in halves then cook in water, remove and Peel the skin when ready. Pour all peeled potatoes back into a large pot mash them, add potato starch, peanut oil, sticky rice ball we just cooked and a tea spoon of salt keep kneading and mixing until they become very smooth. You can add a little bit of potato starch if you feel they are sticky during the processor.

Evenly divide potato skin dough into 30-40 pieces depends on how big you want the potato balls to be, cover with a wet towel. Also divide the ground pork into 30-40 little balls.

Take a potato dough and roll between your thumb and index fingers and make a hole in the center of the potato dough then put a meatball in it, and then wrap it up. Boil them in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Steam the potato balls over the boiling water for 10 minutes if you’re like me who is not very confident in wrapping balls ( so they won’t break during the cooking process).

After you steam them pour into broth then seasoned with salt and chicken powder, seaweed and dried baby shrimps.

This is my “N” times making potato balls, I was never too satisfied until today. This ground pork recipe is provided by 田园时光 which is really delicious. Thanks to her. Adding sticky rice dough is to make the potato ball’s skin more resilient also easier to wrap, but do not add too much otherwise it is going to be very sticky. Add peanut oil so if you freeze potato meatballs (if you can’t finish everything) the skin will not crack later. Add seaweed in the meat is also very good.

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