Seafood Fried Rice/海鲜炒饭


1/3 cup of peas, corn and carrot mix/1/3杯的青豆,玉米和萝卜

1/4 cup onion diced/1/4 杯洋葱
A few pieces of beef marinated with salt, cooking wine and white pepper /几片牛肉用盐料酒和白胡椒腌一下
A few pieces of shrimps and squid marinated with salt, cooking wine and white pepper/几只虾和几片鱿鱼用盐料酒和白胡椒腌一下
2 eggs/ 两只蛋
One big bowl of overnight rice/一碗隔夜饭
1 tbsp. Scallion/一点葱花
A few pieces of crab meat( Can or fresh)
Precook shrimps and squid in boiling water for around 4 minutes and set aside/在滚水里先把虾和鱿鱼煮熟放一边。
In a hot nonstick pan add 2tbsp oil and precook beef in it until the beef turns light brown color about 4,5 minutes. 在一热的平底锅中加2汤勺油加入牛肉炒4,5 分钟到变褐色。待用。
In the same hot nonstick pan add 2-3 tbsp oil, scramble the eggs and set aside./在同一锅中再加2,3 汤勺的油把鸡蛋炒好待用。
In the same nonstick pan add 3 tbsp. veg oil then add in onion and sauteed for 5 minutes or until soften, add peas, corn and carrot mix and sautéed for one minute then add in the rice. Add salt, chicken powder, sriracha hot chili sauce and a little bit of white pepper to your taste and stir constantly for 6-7 minutes. Add in the rest of ingredients and a few drops of sesame oil stir fry for 3,4 more minutes. / 加3-4tbsp 油在同一不粘锅里等油热了加入洋葱炒几分钟,加青豆,玉米和萝卜稍微炒一下。 接着加入饭。加盐,鸡粉,越南辣椒酱和一点白胡椒不停的炒大概6,7 分钟。最后加入其它的材料与几滴的芝麻油再炒3,4分钟。



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