Bubur Cha Cha/摩摩喳喳


This is a Malaysia dessert. I had tried it long time ago when one of my co-workers made it. I can’t stop thinking about it since. It is so hot today in New York, and I didn’t feel like to eat other things, so I decided to make it myself. It turned out to be just as good. I am so happy to share it with you. It can be served cold or hot

Mix beans ¼ cup
Taro and pumpkin 1 ½ cup (small diced)
Tapioca pearls 1/5 cup
Pandan leaves 3 pieces
Coco nut milk 2/3 cup
1 quart water
Coco nut sugar ¼ cup
Soak beans in water overnight
Cook beans in pressure cooker for 5 minutes after the steam comes out of the vent and the weighted pressure regulator begins to jiggle. Leave it until there is no more pressure inside the cooker drain the water.
In a pot add 1 quart water and bring to boil then add the tapioca pearls, turn off the heat right away and leave the cover on for 15 minutes. Drain the hot water and add 1quart of cold water also add pandan leaves, taro and pumpkin. Bring the whole thing to boil turn the heat to medium and cook until taro and pumpkin are tender around 10 minutes. Add beans, coco nut milk and coco nut sugar and cook 2 more minutes,pick out the leaves.

混合豆 ¼ 杯
香芋、 南瓜 1 ½ 杯 (小丁)
木薯珍珠 1/5 杯
香蘭葉 3 片
椰奶 2/3 杯
椰糖 ¼ 杯
把豆子放压力锅煮。当壓力調節器開始搖晃时再煮5 分鐘後。等到气全散了,把水倒了,豆子倒出。
在 一個鍋里加 1 夸脫水, 把水煮沸然後加入木薯珍珠 馬上關掉火盖上盖子 15 分鐘。倒掉熱水后加 1 夸脫的冷水,再加入香蘭葉、 芋頭、 南瓜煮至芋頭、 南瓜软了大约10 分鐘左右。添加 豆子,椰奶和椰糖,再煮 2 分鐘 后把叶子捡出来。 可以热吃也可以冷吃。冷的很适合夏天哦!

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