Pork Chop With Lemon Grass/香茅猪扒


One stalk of lemon grass

Boneless Pork chops 500g

Light soy sauce 1TBSP

Oyster sauce 3TBSP

Cooking wine 1TBSP

Honey 1 TBSP

Chicken powder 1/3 TSP

This recipe is similar to other dish I cooked before, but this one is simpler.

Use a meat hammer tenderizer to make the pork thinner. Roughly chop the lemon grass.

Marinate the pork chop with all the rest ingredients (overnight recommended)

Heat up a skillet really hot then add 3 TBSP oil, pan fry pork chops for about 3 minutes each side ( it depends on the thickness of your pork, I used the hammer tenderizer to make mine really thin).

The other similar dish I cooked before, I minced the lemon grass, it had more flavors, but some of the lemon grass stuck inside the pork and make it hard to eat. So this time I only roughly chop lemon grass. Also make sure you pick the lemon grass out before cooking. Without honey this dish will not be the same, but adding too much of honey will make the cooking harder because the pork will burn easily.

You can eat the pork with a few pieces of cucumber and slices of tomatoes. Yummy!


無骨豬排 500 g

醬油 1 湯匙

蠔油 3 湯匙

料酒 1 湯匙

蜂蜜 1 湯匙

雞粉 1/3 茶匙




平底鍋加熱後添加 3 湯匙油,煎每一側豬排 3 分鐘左右(這取決於你的豬肉的厚度,我用肉錘把肉錘的很薄)。



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