Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Wish you and your family a happy holiday!














Sweet sticky rice 4 cups

Sugar ½ cup and 6 TBSP

Purple sweet potato 4 oz.

Japanese pumpkin 4 oz.

Pork fat 1/4 cup

Some dried fruit such as cranberries, raisin and apricots

Soak rice in water overnight

Evenly spread a thin layer of rice inside a steamer over a piece of cheese cloth and steam for 15 to 20 minutes. If you have lotus leaf at home, soak leaf in water overnight too then use leaf instead of cheese cloth you will have even better flavor rice for this dish.

Mix in ½ cup sugar and pork fat while rice is still hot. You can adjust sugar and fat according to you taste. But one thing very important here is PORK FAT, otherwise it won’t taste the same, but of course I am not saying you can’t use any other kind of oil to substitute.

Peel sweet potato and cut into small pieces. Steam both sweet potato and pumpkin in the steamer until fork tender. Smash them separately with 1-2 tbsp. sugar each.

I prepared 8 different kind of dried fruits and nuts for this dish, but then I was in such hurry, I forgot to use all of them. So at the end I used cranberries, raisin, apricot, pine nut, and boxthorn berries.

In a large deep bowl, use all the dried fruits and nuts to design your best pattern. Be creative!!!

Then add first layer of rice followed by sweet potato, rice, pumpkin then rice again until you fill everything in the bowl.

If you are ready to serve, get a plate to cover the bowl then flick over, take the bowl away, you will have this beautiful eight precious rice.


In a small pot, bring ½ cup water, 1Tsp Osmanthus and 3tbsp sugar to boil, thicken it with some starch water, then pour over the rice.

糯米 4 杯

糖 ½ 杯 + 6 湯匙

紫薯 4 盎司。

日本南瓜 4 盎司。

豬油 1/4杯

一些水果乾,比如小紅莓、 葡萄乾、 杏乾


均勻的把米放在一個蒸锅裡面蒸 15 至 20 分鐘。如果你家裡有荷叶,在水里浸泡後代替布使用將使這道饭更香。


甜薯削皮,切成小塊。在蒸籠裡蒸甜薯和南瓜直到叉子可以轻松叉入。在每份中加1-2 湯匙糖压成泥。

我为這道菜準備了 8 種不同的乾果和堅果,,但是我匆忙中忘了使用所有材料。 所以最后我用了小紅莓、 葡萄乾、 杏乾、 松子,枸杞。


加一层糯米後加甜薯、 糯米、 南瓜, 糯米直到你把所以的材料都放在碗裡填滿。


也可以在一個小鍋裡,把半杯水,1 茶匙桂花和 3 湯匙糖燒開,加一些澱粉水勾薄芡,然後淋在糯米上。




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