Fish Ball Soup/鱼滑汤



蛋 2 个


姜蓉 1大勺

水1/4 杯


鸡粉 1茶勺

白胡椒粉 1茶勺



加入地瓜粉, 姜蓉,鸡粉,胡椒粉继续捣10分钟

如果喜欢还可以把香菜切碎后加入到打好的鱼茸里,更香。 爱吃福州鱼丸的买点碎肉包进去就是福州鱼丸了。



烧开一小锅水, 把鱼浆用汤勺舀出小块的放滚水中煮3-5 分钟后捞出


那天在做了一半以后觉得用檊面棍来捣太累人了,所有在加了鸡蛋后就用手动搅拌器来搅了, 效果很好。 所以如果你怕累的话就试试用搅拌器来做好了。

Mackerel fish 1000 g

Egg 2

Potato flour 1 cup

Ginger 1 tbsp

Water ¼ cup

Salt 1 teaspoon

Chicken powder 1 teaspoon

White pepper powder 1 teaspoon


Cut fish really fine and put it in a large bowl, use one side of a rolling pin to punch the fish for about 30 minutes

Add eggs, water and salt to mix well and continued to pound for about 15 minutes

Add sweet potato starch, ginger, chicken powder, white pepper continue to pound for 10 minutes

If you like you can also add finely chopped cilantro to the fish paste for more flavor. If you like Fuzhou fish ball, wrap the ground meat inside the fish paste, and it will be even better.


Fish soup direction:

Boil a pot of water, use a spoon to spoon out some small amount of fish paste and cook in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

In a saucepan, bring some stock to boil, add the cooked fish pastes with a little bit of salt, vinegar, white pepper, cilantro for taste.


Tip: half way through the process that day, I feel it was too much work to use the rolling pin so I used electronic mixer instead after I added the eggs, it worked really good. So if you don’t want to get really tired, go ahead and use electronic mixer.

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