Papaya, White Fungus with Rock Sugar/冰糖木瓜雪耳



这是一道简单又营养的夏日饮品,冷热均可食用。 对于我来说更加好因为我连食谱都不用详细写。


莲子 半杯


木瓜 ½杯



白木耳撕成小块, 莲子去苦芯加入百合, 适量的水放高压锅煮12 分钟(我用的是电高压锅)



如果家里没有木瓜, 不用也可以。

This is a super easy and delicious summer dish. You can eat it hot or cold.

Dried White fungus one piece

Dried Lotus seeds ½ cup

Dried Lily Bulb ¼ cup

Papaya ½ cup

All the ingredients except papaya wash and soak in water overnight

Peel fungus into small pieces; pick the lotus seed’s bitter sprout out. Mix all the fungus, lotus seed, lily bulb with right amount of water and cook in an electronic pressure cooker for 12 minutes.

When all the pressure is gone, you can open the pressure cooker, add papaya and cook for 3 more minutes.

When you can once again open the pressure cooker add some rock sugar.

If you don’t have papaya at home, then it is ok to cook without it.


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