Shrimp with Soy Ginger Sauce/姜蓉酱油虾


中号虾 10只

酱油 1.5大勺

姜蓉 1茶勺

葱 1 根

糖 1茶勺


用剪刀把虾背剪开, 清除虾线, 不要剥壳。


接着加入酱油, 糖,料酒炒到虾变红。 从虾入锅到出锅2-3分钟就够了。 当然也看虾的大小。 千万不要炒过头, 虾一定要嫩才好吃。

Medium size shrimp 10 pieces

Light Soy sauce 1.5 tbsps

Ginger 1 tsp

scallion 1 piece

Sugar-1 tsp

Cooking wine 1 tbsp

Use scissors to cut open the back of shrimps and clean the vein but do not peel the shrimps.

Add 2 tablespoons oil to a cooking pan, add the ginger and scallions stir-fry for 1 minute then add shrimps

Add soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, and stir fry until shrimps turn red. From adding the shrimps to finish cooking 2-3 minutes will be enough. But of course it depends on the size of the shrimp. Do not overcook the shrimp.

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