All-purpose flour 1.5 cups

Baking powder 2.5 tsps

Salt ½ tsp

Sugar 1tbsp

Milk 1.25 cups

Egg 1

Shift flour, salt and baking powder together, add the rest of ingredients and mix when combined, don’t over mixed.

Allow the batter to rest while heating a lightly oiled skillet with a medium high heat.

Pour or scoop ¼ cup the batter onto the griddle


Cook each side for 2-3 minutes or until lightly golden brown.

I sometimes add ripe banana to it to make banana pancakes and they taste even better.  When you use the above recipe, add one big banana then reduce the milk to half the amount. Smash the banana first.

麵粉 1.5 杯

泡打粉 2.5 茶勺


糖 1 湯匙

牛奶 1.25 杯

蛋 1个


麵粉、 鹽及泡打粉一起过筛一下,加入剩下的配料搅拌一下,但不要过度搅拌。


舀 ¼ 杯麵糊倒入煎鍋

每面煎2-3 分鐘或直到金黃色为止。

我有時会加熟香蕉做香蕉煎餅,味道更好。 當您使用上述配方時,添加一個大香蕉,然後減一半牛奶。当然香蕉要先压烂。

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