Meat Balls With Hoisin Sauce/海鲜酱肉丸

I made this meat ball dish for my company’s annual Thanksgiving potluck party, and everyone loved it so much. So I want to share the recipe with you. Hope you will like it too. The picture shown below is store bought meat balls. Sorry I didn’t take a good picture of the home made meat balls with the sauce. I will update it once I make the meat balls again.


Meat balls:

Ground Pork 2 pounds

Dried Mushroom 1/3 cup (after soaked)

Dried Seaweed 1/3 cup (Cut into small pieces)

Egg 1.5

Starch flour 2TBSP

Minced Ginger 1TBSP

Light soy sauce 2TBSP

Oyster sauce 2TBSP

Sugar 1TBSP

Cooking Wine 1.5 TBSP

Sesame oil 2TSP


Hoisin sauce 2/3 cup

White rice vinegar 3/4 cup

Soy sauce 1/3 cup

Sesame oil 2-3TSPS

Minced Ginger 1-2TBSPS

Sugar 1/3 cup

Water 2/3 cup

Soak the dried mushroom the day before and then mince it finely.

mix all the ingredients for meat balls together and stir it in one direction for at least 3-5 minutes, so the texture of the meat balls will be elastic, not mushy.

Get small amount of meat and roll them to make the same size balls.

Heat up some oil, you can pan fry or deep fry the meat balls. So the amount of oil will vary. Pan fry use less oil with smaller heat, it is healthier but requires more patient and time.

if you want to eat the meat balls without sauce, it is fine too. You can use this meat balls for anything else ( spaghetti for example). If you want to cook it with something else, then you don’t need to cook the meat balls throughly , just fry them until the out side is lightly brown.

Mix all the ingredients for sauce together, it is recommended to do a night before so all the flavors will come together. You can also use this sauce for ribs or any other kind of meat dishes too.

Add the sauce to the meat balls and bring it to boil and continue to cook for another 2-3 minutes( depend on the size of your meat balls to adjust the cooking time).


猪肉碎 2 磅

香菇 1/3 杯 (浸泡过的)

紫菜 1/3 杯 (切成小块)

鸡蛋 1.5个

淀粉 2 汤匙

切碎的生姜末 1 汤匙

生抽 2 汤匙

蚝油 2汤匙

糖 1 汤匙

料酒 1.5 汤匙

麻油 2 茶匙


海鲜酱 2/3 杯

白米醋 3/4 杯

酱油 1/3 杯

麻油 2-3茶匙

切碎的生姜 1-2 汤匙

糖 1/3 杯

2/3 杯水


将做肉丸子的所有原料都混合在一起,一个方向搅拌至少 3-5 分钟,这样肉丸子会有弹性、 不会软软的。



如果你想要吃肉丸子不加酱汁,也可以。你可以使用这个肉做其他的菜( 例如意大利面)。如果你想要和其他再东西煮,那么你不需要完全煮熟肉丸子,只需将其外表炸成浅棕色。

酱汁建议前一夜做好, 所有口味会融合在一起。你还可以使用这个调料煮肋骨或任何其他种类的肉菜。

将酱汁添加到肉丸子里,把它烧开后继续煮 2-3 分钟 (取决于你的肉球的大小调整烹饪时间)。

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