Pork Shoulder In Preserved Red Tofu Sauce/南乳猪蹄膀


Pork shoulder 4 pounds

Preserved red tofu 190g

Preserved red tofu sauce 4tbsps

Dark soy sauce 2 tbsps

Light soy sauce 1tbsp

Oyster sauce 1tbsp

Water 6-7 cups

Rock sugar 1/4-1/3cup

Ginger 4 big slices

Garlic 4-5 cloves (smashed)

Shallot 1 big one

Star anise 5 pieces

Chinese Prickly ash 2tsps

Dried red pepper 2 pieces

Scallion 2 pieces

Dried peanuts 1.5 cups

  1. Bring a big pot of water to boil, add 2 slices of ginger, one piece scallion, one teaspoon Chinese prickly ash and 2 star anises to the water then blanch the pork shoulder in the water for about 5 minutes.
  2. Clean the pork shoulder with running water then use a kitchen paper towel to dry the pork. Add 1/3 cup oil in a pan then heat it up until it is really hot, pan fry all 4 sides of the pork shoulder, 3-4 minutes each side. (Be careful when you are doing this, the oil is going to jump everywhere)
  3. Add preserved tofu and sauce to a food processor to make them paste like.
  4. Leave only 2tbsp oil in the pan that we used to pan fry the pork, add rest of ginger, star anise, scallion, red pepper, garlic and shallot and sauté for 2-3 minutes, then add the preserved tofu paste to it and cook for a minute or so then add water, rock sugar, peanuts, Chinese Prickly ash, both soy sauces and oyster sauce.
  5. Bring everything to a boil, then pour it to a slow cooker alone with the pork shoulder. Cook for 3-4 hours in the slow cooker.
  6. Take the pork shoulder out of the slow cooker, and use a sharp knife to cut the bone out of the meat. In a big plate leave some boiled Chinese ba chop or any other kind of green vegetable on the bottom, then leave the boneless pork shoulder on top of it. bring some of the sauce to boil and thicken it up with some starch water. Pour the sauce over the pork shoulder.



猪元蹄2 个( 4 磅)

浙江红腐乳 190 g

浙江红腐乳酱汁 4汤勺

老抽 2 汤匙

生抽 1 汤匙

蚝油 1 汤匙

水 6-7 杯

冰糖 1/4-1/3 杯

姜 4 大片

蒜 4-5 粒 (敲碎)

葱 2根

八角茴香 5 个


干红辣椒 2 个

红葱头 2 颗 (切丝)

干的花生 1.5 杯


  1. 煮开一大锅水,水中加 2 片生姜,一根葱、 一茶匙花椒、 八角 2 颗然后大火焯猪蹄大约 5 分钟。


  1. 用水洗净猪蹄然后用厨房纸巾擦干猪肉。 再大火加热 1/3 杯油在锅里,然后把猪蹄每面煎3-4 至焦黄。(小心一点因为油会四处飞溅))


  1. 把红腐乳和腐乳汁放在食物处理器里搅拌成酱。


  1. 留 2 汤匙油在锅里,加入其余的生姜、 八角茴香、 葱段、 红干辣椒、 大蒜和红葱头炒 2-3 分钟,加入腐乳酱煮一分钟左右然后加水、 冰糖、 花生、 花椒、 两种酱油和蚝油。


  1. 把所有的东西都烧开后慢慢倒到慢炖锅里与猪蹄膀一起煮大概3-4 个小时至肉酥烂.


  1. 把猪蹄从慢炖锅里取出然后用锋利的刀切出骨头。在一大盘里铺一些水煮的绿色蔬菜在底部,然后将无骨猪蹄膀放在上面。 煮开一些酱汁,加一些淀粉水勾薄芡。酱汁淋在猪蹄膀上。


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