Cream Corn Chicken Egg Drop Soup/甜玉米鸡茸汤


Cream corn 1 can (15 oz.)

Chicken broth 22 oz.

Minced chicken breast 1 cup

One whole egg

3 tbsp water

4 tbsp starch

There is nothing better than a big bowl of hot soup in a cold winter time like tonight. But sometimes it can be time consuming to make soup at home.  And I don’t recommend the can soup, and we all know why. I am going to share with you this simple delicious homemade soup that bring me a lot of good memories which will be ready in 15 minutes. Once upon of time, there was this guy who knew I liked this soup. When I was in a bad mood, he would cook me this soup and brought me to happiness again. I think of him every time I make this soup.

  • Add chicken in a food processor or just use a knife to cut meat into really small pieces. Add 1/8 tsp salt,2 tbsp starch and one tbsp cooking wine to marinate it for at least 30 minutes.
  • Add corn and chicken broth together in a cooking pan and bring to boil.
  • Add water and the rest of corn starch to the chicken and mix well then add the chicken slowly to the boiling broth, use a big spoon to stir the soup and bring it to boil again. If you use regular can broth, no need to add any more salt. I usually use homemade broth, so I add a little bit of salt to the taste.
  • Break the egg in a small bowl and use a fork to break it up then add to the soup slowly, while you’re adding the egg, use the big spoon to stir the soup quickly.  Turn the heat off right away. If you want the soup to be thicker, add some starch water before you add the egg.


奶油玉米罐头 1 (15 盎司)。
鸡汤 22 盎司
鸡胸肉 1
3 汤匙
4 汤匙淀粉
今晚这样寒冷冬天没什么热热汤更好吃的啦时它能非常耗费时去煮推荐罐头我们知道这是为什么。今天分享这道带给美好回忆简单美味。 你可以 15 分钟内煮好从前有个人知道喜欢道汤。每当我心情时候这个汤给我吃幸福汤时就会想起
在搅拌机加入鸡胸绞碎, 1/8 茶匙、 2 汤匙淀粉汤匙料酒腌制至少 30 分钟
一个小碗里打个鸡蛋叉子 搅拌开来然后慢慢地倒入汤里,同时勺子快速搅拌汤 马上关火如果喝稠一点的汤鸡蛋前淀粉

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