Water Chestnut Cake/桂花马蹄糕



水 700 克


马蹄 100克


枸杞 几粒




边搅拌马蹄粉水边慢慢倒1/4 到煮沸的糖水里,要不停的搅拌。搅拌到最后,就能搅出很浓稠的粉浆。







Water chestnut powder 125g

Water 700 grams

Brown rock sugar and white rock sugar 100g each

Water chestnut 100g

Sweet-scented osmanthus 1 tablespoon

A few grains of Chinese wolfberry fruit

Add 1/3 of water to the water chestnut powder. Stir with a spoon.

Pour the remaining water to a small pot; add sugar, Chinese wolfberry fruit and sweet-scented osmanthus cook into syrup.

Add finely chopped water chestnut to the syrup.

Stir water chestnut powder and water mixture and pour 1/4 of it slowly to the boiling syrup, keep stirring until it forms thick batter.

Pour the battery slowly to the remaining water chestnut powder and water mixture and keep stirring.

Pour the batter to a tin container and steam over boiling water for 20 minutes

Once cooled, cut into pieces pan fried with little bit of oil or just steam over water.

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