Saute Shredded Potato/醋溜土豆丝


3 medium size potatoes

15 pieces of Chinese prickly ashes

2-3 pieces of dried red pepper

Some bell pepper (optional)

This dish is relatively easy; the only thing is that you need to shred the potatoes and bell pepper REALLY thin.

Peel the potatoes, shred them thin. Then soak them in a big bowl of water and keep rinsing until the water runs clear.

Shred bell pepper too.

Bring a big pot of water to boil, cook the shredded potato in the boiling water until they all turn clear color, it is really quick, shouldn’t be more than one minute if you cut the potato thin enough, quickly drain, then soak in the ice cold water.  Drain again then set aside.

Add 3-4 tbsps. Oil to a big frying pan, heat up a little then add the Chinese Prickly ashes and fry for 15-20 seconds. Pick the Chinese prickly ashes out then add the dried red pepper (if you don’t like spicy then add it at the end of cooking process) and fry for just a few seconds.

Add the shredded potato and bell pepper and stir fry for total 2-3 minutes, remember we already boil the potato, if you want the crunchy texture don’t overcook it.  Add a little bit of salt, chicken bouillon and sugar to taste.  Before you turn the heat off, add 2 tbsps. White rice vinegar and mix well.



2-3 只幹紅辣椒

一些甜椒 (可不要)


土豆削皮, 把它們切成细丝。然後泡在一大碗水里並一直沖洗 直到水变清。


把一锅水煮开, 土豆丝倒入沸水中, 搅拌直到它們都變成透明的顏色。 如果你切的夠细这个过程很快, 不應該超過一分鐘, 迅速捞出,然後浸泡在冰水里。 瀝幹水后再放一邊。

加3-4 湯匙油在锅里。加熱少許然後加入花椒炸15-20 秒。挑出花椒不要, 然後加入紅辣椒 (如果你不喜歡辣, 在烹飪過程結束時添加), 並煎幾秒鐘。

加入土豆絲和甜椒, 炒2-3 分鐘, 我們已經煮过土豆, 所以不要煮太久才会吃到脆脆的口感。 加入少許鹽, 雞粉和糖來调味。 在你關火之前 加2湯匙白米醋拌勻。

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