Braised Egg/卤蛋

I made another dish for the potluck party this year: braised egg. It is another simple easy dish. I purposely buy the smaller size egg because it will be easier to make it flavorful.

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I use same kind of sauce for braised duck, pork and any other kind of meat for eggs. Here is the link:

Cook the eggs in the boiling water for 10 minutes, then peel the shells. add the eggs to the sauce and bring the sauce to boil, then turn the heat down continue to simmer for 30 minutes. Leave the eggs in the sauce for a few hours or overnight for best result( no need to refrigerate it), the next day take the eggs out of the sauce. The secret to this dish is to save the leftover sauce every time you braise something and keep the sauce in the freezer, and the next time when you want to braise something else add the sauce from before, the flavor will get better and better every time! ( shhh… Don’t tell anyone) It is also very good to mix noodles with this sauce. Yummy

我用同样用来卤鸭, 猪肉的酱汁卤的鸡蛋。以下是链接:
鸡蛋在沸水中煮10分钟, 然后剥壳。将鸡蛋放入调味汁中, 并将酱汁煮沸, 然后将火关小煮30分钟左右。把鸡蛋泡在调味汁里几小时或过夜(不必冷藏)。 第二天把鸡蛋从酱汁里捞出来。这道菜的秘诀是, 每次你卤完东西后把剩下的酱汁放在冻箱里时,下次当你想卤东西的时候一起用, 味道就会越来越好了!(嘘.不要告诉别人) 这也是非常好的拌面酱。美味!

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