Chinese New Year 2018

Happy Chinese new Year! It took me a lot of time to cook all below dishes. I am very tired today. Give me a few days to update the recipes.

Chicken with Ginger and Scallion Sauce

WeChat Image_20180215222609

Squirrel Fish

WeChat Image_20180215222559

Lamb with Lemon Grass

WeChat Image_20180215222605

Chinese Salty ham with Bamboo Shoot Soup

WeChat Image_20180215222549

Mixed Mushroom

WeChat Image_20180215222541

Braised Duck Tongue

WeChat Image_20180215222530

Black Fungus Salad

WeChat Image_20180215222525

Walnut Shrimp

WeChat Image_20180215222514

Chuck Short Ribs with Onion

WeChat Image_20180215222444

Cold Meat Combination

WeChat Image_20180215224216

Beans with Sweet Potatoes Ball

WeChat Image_20180215222519

Sweet Crisp Pork Belly

WeChat Image_20180215222536

Happy Family

WeChat Image_20180215222554

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