Pork And Mixed Vegetables In Broad Bean Sauce/豆瓣酱杂菜肉丝

This dish is super delicious, I didn’t expect it to be this good. I just bought the spicy broad bean sauce yesterday, I love spicy but I can’t eat too spicy, so I didn’t use too much; and besides it is very salty so don’t use too much if you have never tried it before.

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About 2 servings and 85 cents per serving.

Pork 100g

One big Bell pepper

Half small Yellow onion

A few shreds of purple onion for color

A few shreds of carrot for color

Half Fruit Kohlrabi

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Shred pork and marinate it with salt, chicken bouillon, corn starch and cooking wine for at least 30 minutes.

Shred all the vegetables.

Add 3 tbsps cooking oil to the skillet and heat it up.

Add pork to the skillet and cook for a few minutes until they totally turn white and take them out, set aside.

Add 2tsps broad bean paste sauce to the oil and stir a little.

Add yellow onion, fruit kohlrabi and carrot to the skillet and stir fry them for 3 minutes.

Add the rest of vegetables and pork to the skillet and stir fry for another 3 minutes, add 2tsps oyster oil, 1tsp chicken bouillon, 1tsp sugar and mix everything together.

Finish the dish by adding 1 tbsp cooking wine.









猪肉切丝, 用盐、鸡精、玉米淀粉和料酒腌至少30分钟。


在平底锅里加3汤匙食用油, 加热它。

把猪肉加到煎锅里, 炒几分钟, 直到它们完全变白, 取出来, 放到一边。

加入2茶匙 郫县豆瓣酱, 稍微炒一下。

将黄洋葱, 大头菜和胡萝卜放入锅中, 快炒3分钟。

把剩下的蔬菜和猪肉加到锅里, 再炒3分钟, 加入2茶匙 蚝油, 1茶匙 鸡精, 快炒混合。


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