Stem Lettuce Salad/凉拌莴笋


It is 1 serving and about $1 in total.

Stem lettuce 150g

Salt 1/3 tsp

Light Soy sauce 1tbsp

Sugar 1/2tbsp

Rice vinegar 1 tsps

Chicken bouillon 1 tsp

Peel the hard skin of stem lettuce off then cut it into thin slices.

Add salt and mix, let stand for about 20 minutes. Discard the water from the vegetable.

Add the rest of ingredients to the vegetable and marinate for a few hours.

Image result for stem lettuce


盐1/3 茶匙


糖1/2 汤匙

米醋 1 茶匙


削掉莴苣的硬皮, 然后切成薄片。

加入盐混合, 腌约20分钟。把莴笋出的水倒掉。


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