Mango Tapioca/芒果西米露


This is something really delicious and easy to make, only it will take sometime time to prepare.

Chinese purple sticky rice 1 cup

Small tapioca Pearl 1/2 cup

2 big strawberries

1 mango

Coconut milk 2/3 cup

Coconut flavor Sugar 1/3 cup

Wash rice and cook it in a electronic pressure cooker for 18 minutes with 3 cups water.

Bring 2 cups water to boil then add tapioca, turn the heat off and leave it for 30 minutes with a lid on.

Drain the water from tapioca then add 2-3 more cups fresh cold water and start cooking again. At this point, the center of tapioca is still white, by the time the water is boiling again, the white in the center will disappear. when the white is totally disappear, turn the heat off and drain most of water.(depend on how thick do you want your dessert to be, don’t make it too thin though)

Add coconut milk and coconut sugar and bring it to boil again. (adjust the amount of  coconut milk and sugar according to your own preferences)

This dessert can be served hot or cold. If you want to eat it cold (more common) you should cook it with a little more water because it will absorb water while it cools down.

Scoop some purple rice by using a ice cream scoop and add it to tapioca, garnish it with strawberries and mango.


这是一道很好吃的甜点, 很容易做, 只是需要一些时间来准备。


木薯西米1/2 杯



椰奶2/3 杯

椰味糖1/3 杯

清洗糯米, 用电压力锅加用3杯水煮18分钟。

2杯水煮沸, 然后加入西米, 关火盖盖子静置半个小时。

将水从木薯中篦出, 再加2-3 杯新的冷水, 再开始煮。此时, 木薯的中心仍然是白色的, 当水再次煮开时, 中间的白色就会消失。当白色完全消失, 关火并篦掉大部分水。(取决于你希望你的甜点有多稠, 当然也不要让它太稀)

加入椰奶和椰子糖, 再次把它煮沸。(根据您的喜好调整椰奶和糖的量)

这道甜点可以冷吃或热吃。如果你想吃冷的 (更常见), 你应该多加一点水煮, 因为它冷却下来会吸收很多水。

用冰淇淋勺舀一些紫糯米加入西米中, 用草莓和芒果点缀。

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