Ginger&Scallion Lobster/姜葱龙虾


3 servings, $6.00 per serving.


Lobster 2 pounds

Ginger 35g (thin shred)

Scallion 4-5 whole pieces (thin shred)

Half small yellow onion (thin shred)

Cut the lobster into small pieces.

Drain the water out, then add 4-5 tbsps corn starch to the lobster and mix well.

Deep fried lobster in hot oil about 4 minutes, make sure only a few pieces at a time, we want to keep the oil hot.

After all the lobster are deep fried, set aside.

Leave only 2 tbsps oil in the cooking pan, add scallion, ginger and onion to the oil and stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add the lobster back to the pan and mix with the vegetables, sprinkle 1/3 tsp salt, 1/3 tsp black pepper, 1tsp sesame oil and 2tbsps Chinese cooking wine to the pan and mix.





生姜 35克 (切细丝)

葱4-5 整条 (切细丝)

半小黄洋葱 (切细丝)


将水篦出, 然后将4-5 汤匙玉米淀粉加入龙虾, 拌匀。

龙虾在热油中油炸大约4分钟, 每次只炸几块,我们要保持油温。

所有的龙虾都炸完以后, 剩2汤匙油在煮锅里, 加葱、姜和洋葱油炒2分钟。

把龙虾放回锅里拌一下, 洒1/3 茶匙盐, 1/3 茶匙黑胡椒, 1茶匙 香油和2汤匙料酒拌匀。



I didn’t finish all of the lobster, so the next day, I cut the lobster meat into smaller pieces and made myself some lobster fried rice, it was crazily good too!



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