Sweet Sticky Rice wrapped In Bamboo Leaves/红豆红枣椰奶粽子


9 servings $0.35 per serving.

I am not a big fan of ZongZi, when I was little I didn’t eat it at all because I hated the smell of Potassium carbonate & sodium bi-carbonate solution (baking soda). Back then we usually made it with sticky rice and peanuts with a lot of baking soda. It had no taste at all but the smell of the baking soda was awful. Since I came here, I saw people making different flavor Zongzi, some savory with meat and whole lot of other ingredients and some sweet ones. I was fascinated, so I started making it myself in hope of making something I will like too. I’ve tried at least 5, 6 different ones. This is the latest invention. Sweet, red bean, dates with coconut milk flavor. Yummy! It has the slightly coconut flavor at the end of each bit, the big Chinese dates give it the unit sweet flavor plus the soft texture of the red bean with the sweet rice. It is a perfect combination! I do eat Zongzi now even though I am still not a big fan of it, but this one I will continue to make every year!


2 cups sweet sticky rice

7 oz. coconut milk

9 Chinese big size date

1/3 cup red bean

1/3 cup sugar

18 pieces Bamboo leave

Soak Bamboo leaves in water for 2-3 hours, then wash them clean.

Wash rice, drain all the water. Dissolve sugar in the coconut milk, then soak rice in coconut milk over night.

Soak red bean in water for 4-5 hours, cook them until tender. I cooked them in my pressure cooker for 8 minutes.

Make sure to drain the excess coconut milk before you start wrapping.

Here is the link how I wrap them. There are different way of doing it, as far as you can wrap them without leaking, then you are good to go!


Cook them in pressure cooker for 25-30 minutes.


The savory ones



我一直不怎么喜欢粽子, 我小的时候, 我根本就不吃, 因为我讨厌鹼水的味道。那时我们通常用糯米和花生加很多鹼水做的。它没有什么味道, 但鹼水的味道让我退避三舍。自从我来到美国后, 我看到人们居然做不同口味的粽子, 有些是肉类做的咸味的有些甜的。我感覺很新奇所以我就开始包一些不同口味的希望能有那么一两种我自己会喜欢。我试过至少 5, 6 个不同的口味。这是最新发明:甜红豆红枣椰奶风味。美味!每一口都有少许椰子味, 大枣的特殊甜香味加上软松的红豆与糯米。这是一个完美的组合!我现在也吃粽子了, 尽管我还不是很喜欢吃, 但这个新口味我会继续做下去!




1/3 杯红豆

1/3 杯白糖


将粽叶浸泡在水中2-3 小时, 然后清洗干净。

米洗干净把所有的水都篦干。糖在椰奶中溶解, 然后用椰奶浸泡大米过夜。

将红豆浸泡在水中4-5 小时, 煮至软。我的在压力锅里煮了8分钟。

在开始包之前, 一定要把多余的椰奶篦出。

下面是我包粽子的链接。有不同的方式包它, 只要你可以包好不漏就都可以。


在压力锅里煮25-30 分钟。

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