Pork with Red Preserved Tofu Sauce/腐乳酱汁肉


Pork Belly 400g

Cooking wine 5 tbsps

Rock sugar 3tbsps

Salt 2/3 tsp

Red preserved tofu 85g(one big piece)

Red preserved tofu juice 2 tbsps

Star anise 2 pieces

Yeast rice 2 tbsp (wrapped in a piece of cheese cloth)

Ginger 4 pieces

Cinnamon stick 1 piece

Water 3 cups

Bring some water to boil, add 2 pieces ginger, and one tbsp cooking wine to the water and precook pork belly for about 7 minutes.

Rinse the pork with cold water.

Add 1 tbsp oil to a cooking pan, add ginger and star anise to it and saute until fragrant. Add everything else to the pan high heat and bring everything to boil. (Make sure smash the red preserved tofu so it will be dissolved into the water.)

Pour everything to a marmite and continue to cook with low heat for about 1hour and 30 minutes. 


Wrap the yeast rice in a cheese cloth will make it easy when you need to discard it.

While cooking you need to turn the meat a few times just in case it gets burnt.

While cooking you also need to use a spatula to push the yeast rice a little bit so the color will come out. Discard it when the color is red enough.

I only need half of the pork to make another dish, so I cut the meat into 2 pieces, no need to do it if you are cooking this dish.

I cut the pork skin into little squares, it is also not necessary.



料酒 5汤匙


盐 2/3茶匙




红曲米2汤匙 (用一块纱布包起来)




将一锅水煮开, 加入2片生姜和1汤匙料酒, 并将猪肉放入煮约7分钟。


在锅里加入1汤匙油, 加入生姜和八角, 炒至香。把其他的东西都加入到锅里, 把所有的东西都烧开。(一定要用个勺子压一下腐乳, 使其溶解到水中)。

把所有的东西都倒在一个小砂锅里继续用小火煮1个半小时 左右。



在烹饪过程中, 你需要把肉翻转几次以防烧焦。

在烹饪过程中, 你还需要用铲子把红曲米压一压, 这样颜色就会出来。当颜色足够红色时, 请将其丢弃。

我只需要一半的猪肉来做另一道菜, 所以我把肉切成两块, 如果你在做这道菜, 就不需要这么做了。

我把猪肉皮切成小方块, 其实我觉的也没有必要。

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