Salmon Fish Fried Rice/三文鱼炒饭

I bought a big salmon steak last week and baked half of it. I didn’t want to bake the other half, so I thought of using it to make fried rice.

IMG_5594.JPGSalmon fish 200g

Cooked long grain white rice 1.5 cups (overnight left over rice)

Ginger 1tsp

Yellow onion 1/2 cup (diced)

Scallion one whole piece

Pork Lard 2-3 tbsps

Egg 1

Chinese Ba choy some for decoration (optional)

Add 2 tbsps of vegetable oil in a non-stick pan, heat it up. When the pan is really hot, add the fish skin side down and pan fried each side about 1.5 to 2 minutes(4 sides).

Use a fork to break the cooked fish into big flakes.

Make scramble egg in a clean pan.

Add lard to a clean non stick pan, add onion, ginger and white part of scallion to the oil and saute until fragrant.

Add rice to the vegetables and stir fry for about 3 minutes or until it is hot enough for you. Add scramble egg and fish last and mix well.

Season the rice with pinches of salt, 1/3 tsp chicken bouillon, one tablespoon cooking wine and pinch of white pepper. Add green part of scallion.

You can boil the ba choy in water or saute it with oil then use it to garnish the dish, or you can totally leave it out.


IMG_5590WeChat Image_20190227212456

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