Taro Crepe Cake/芋頭千層

The day before making and assembling the cake, make the Crepe Batter (see recipes below); refrigerate.

Crepe Batter:
6 tablespoons butter
3 cups milk
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups all-purpose  flour
7 tablespoons granulated sugar
Pinch salt
In a small pan, melt the butter until lightly browned; remove from heat and set aside.
In a separate, small pan, warm the milk until steaming; remove from heat and set aside to allow to cool slightly.
In a large bowl using your electric mixer at a low speed, mix together the eggs, flour, sugar, and salt. Slowly add in the warm milk and browned butter. Pour the batter into a tightly-sealed container to refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Taro fillings:

200g cooked Taro (steam over water until fork tender)

5Tbsp sugar

2tbsp cold water

Heavy cream 2 cups

Add first 3 ingredients together in a food processor and mix until taro is smooth.

Add the taro mixture and heavy cream in a big bowl and mix with an electronic hand mixer until soft peak. keep in refrigerator.


Remove the prepared Crepe Batter from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature:

Using a nonstick pan over medium heat. Evenly distribute approximately ¼ cup of batter; swirl to cover the surface of the pan. Cook approximately 40 seconds or just until the bottom of the crepe becomes lightly browned. Using your clean fingers, gently and carefully flip the crepe over and Cook on the other side for 20 more seconds. Remove the cooked crepe onto a prepared baking sheet or a big plate.
Repeat this process until you have at least 20 perfect crepes. NOTE: You might need to prepare a few practice crepes in the beginning.

Remove the prepared taro Filling from the refrigerator:

Assembly of 20-Layer Crepe Cake:
Place one (1) prepared crepe on a large cake plate.
With a small spatula or wide blade knife, completely cover the crepe with a thin layer of the pastry cream mixture .
Cover with another dry crepe and repeat covering with the taro fillings until you have reached 20 layers.
The 20th crepe will be the last or top layer.

Refrigerate the cake for a minimum of 2 hours. Allow to stand at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes before serving. Dust with powdered (confectioners’ sugar).


If you want to decorate the cake with more taro, you can use another 200g of cooked taro, 3tbsps condensed milk, 1tbsp water and process in a food process until smooth, then add 1/3 cup heavy cream and mix until smooth. It would be prettier if I had used strawberry to decorate the cake, but I used whatever I had on hand.

The batter is good for 20-23 7” crepes.


6 湯匙黃油
3 杯牛奶
6 個雞蛋
1 1/2 杯低筋小麦粉
7 大湯匙砂糖

在一小平底鍋,融化黃油直到淺金黃色 ;關火,待用。
在一個小的平底鍋,热牛奶直到有蒸汽 稍微晾涼。
在一個大碗里,用電動攪拌機低速攪拌雞蛋、 麵粉、 糖和鹽。慢慢加入熱牛奶和黃油。把麵糊倒入密封的容器,放冰箱冷藏幾個小時或过夜。







將芋頭混合物和重奶油加入一個大碗中,用手動攪拌機混合,直到中度發泡( 不要打的太乾)冷藏。

從冰箱取出準備的千层蛋糕糊 至室內溫度:

不粘鍋中火。在锅内均勻分佈大約 ¼ 杯麵糊 ;渦流,以覆蓋锅底。第一面40秒左右或直到底部千层蛋糕皮成為淺金黃色。使用乾淨的手指,輕輕地翻开千层蛋糕皮翻转到另一邊继续煎20 秒鐘。放到準備好的烤盤上。 重複此過程,直到你有 20 张完美的薄餅。注:刚开始时您可能需要做幾张练练手。(放涼了才可以繼續)

20 層的千层蛋糕:
大蛋糕板上放置一张 千层蛋糕皮。
用另一张千层蛋糕皮覆蓋並重複这个过程,直到達到 20 層。

冷藏至少 2 小時。放在室溫 15 至 20 分鐘。當準備食用时撒上糖粉。

如果你像我一樣喜歡吃芋泥的話還可以在蛋糕上多一點芋泥裝飾。 200克蒸熟的芋頭,3湯匙的煉奶,1湯匙的水放攪拌機攪拌到滑溜無顆粒再加入1/3 杯的重奶油伴到順滑,放入裱花袋裏擠點花在蛋糕上面再加點水果裝飾一下就很漂亮了。

這裏的麵糊可以做20-23 片7‘’ 的皮。

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