Sushi Sandwich/寿司三明治


Sushi rice 2 cups

Rice seasoning 6 bags

Crab meat sticks 7 sticks

Japanese seaweed salad 2/3 cup

Egg 2

Roasted eel 1 bag/6Oz.

Spam 3 Oz.

Cheese 2 pieces


Cook the sushi rice in a rice cooker.

Precook everything that needs to be cooked, steam the fish and crab stick over the water; pan fried thin sliced spam; scramble the eggs then pan fried the egg to make a whole piece egg.

When rice is ready, add 3Tbsps Japanese sushi vinegar and mix well. Then add the rice seasoning also mix well.

Get a 6 inch cake pan, tear a big piece of plastic wrap and cover the inside of the cake pan so when you finish the cake you can easily pull it out of the pan.

Add one thin layer of rice on the bottom and press it down firmly by using another piece of plastic wrap.

Add the eel evenly on the rice, then add another layer of rice, press down firmly using the plastic wrap again.

Repeat the above process with the rest of ingredients.

When done use the edge of the plastic wrap to pull the whole thing out of the pan and leave it on a plate.

Rice seasonings


If you do not have the rice seasoning, you don’t have to use it. For the layers, use any kind of your favorite ingredients, I wanted to use avocado that day, but they were too hard to cut open. If you don’t have a cake pan, use any deep container you have at home will be fine too.


壽司米 2 杯

米饭調味料 6 包

蟹 棒7 条

日本海藻沙拉 2/3 杯

雞蛋 2个


罐头肉 3 盎司。

乳酪 2 片



預先煮熟所有需要煮熟的東西,將鳗鱼和蟹棒隔水蒸熟;平底鍋煎一下切成片的罐头肉; 雞蛋煎成一整片。


拿一個6英寸的蛋糕盤,撕下一大塊塑料薄膜把蛋糕盘里面都覆盖起来, 这样做完后你可以很容易地把它從蛋糕盘里拉出來。







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