Anka Sauce And Red Rice Yeast Wine/酒糟和青红酒


Glutinous rice 5 lbs

Water 4.5 quarts

Red rice yeast 300g

White wine yeast 15g

Rock sugar 25g


Clean rice then soak it in cold water overnight.

Bring the water to boil then add the rock sugar, cool to room temperature. Add the red rice yeast to the water and stir to mix well. Pour everything to a glass container.

Steam the rice over the water for about 20 minutes then let cool to only a little warm. if the rice is too hot you will get vinegar, not wine. If the rice is totally cold, it may not get fermented.

Put the white wine yeast into a zip lock bag and use a rolling pin to smash it to powder.

Add 1/3 of rice to the water and red rice yeast mixture, sprinkle 1/3 of the white wine yeast on the top, add 1/3 more rice to it and repeat the above procedure until everything is put in the container.

Use a plastic wrap to cover the container really well and used something to tie it up, then add the container’s lid on and tighten. put it to a place that is cool without sunlight (like somewhere in the basement)

5 days later use a clean spatula to stir the mixture to make sure everything is well mixed. close it tight and put back to the cool not sunlight place.

A month later, the wine is ready to drink or used as cooking wine and the anka sauce is also ready to use.

Use a strainer to separate the wine from the anka sauce/rice. Let the wine stay in a container for a day or so, then pour the wine to a separated container and leave the precipitation out. Doing so will prevent the wine turn sour, the precipitation on the bottom is Anka sauce/rice, after one month they need to be totally separated, otherwise they will continue to ferment until the wine turns to vinegar.

white wine yeast
Red rice yeast


糯米 5磅

水 4.5誇脫

紅曲米 300克

酒饼丸 15 克

冰糖 25克




將米隔水蒸約20分鐘,然後冷卻至略微有点温热。注意如果米饭太热,酒会变酸, 如果太冷可能发不起来。







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