Clam Chowder/蛤蜊浓汤

I used to cook this dish very often, then I stopped for years not cooking it. ( I don’t know why) And just last week, I went to Costco and saw this beautiful little clams; I was thinking: ” this can make really good clam chowder” !!! So I bought a bag of it. And here is the soup I made, so rich, creamy and flavorful!

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4 servings $5.75 per serving.

5 pounds clam

6 cups water

2 stalks celery diced

One small carrot diced

One small yellow onion Diced

½ Leek thin sliced

2 small potatoes cubed

1 cup Half and half

1 cup whole milk

Butter 2 tbsps

Flour 1/3 cups

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Clean the clams well. Cook the clams in the water until the clams open (discard any that do not open). Pick the meat out and discard the shells. Collect all the juice in a separated container. Roughly chop the clams.

Add 2 cubes of herb olive oil and 2 tbsps. unsalted butter in a big skillet.

Add vegetables to the oil and sauté for 10 to 15 minutes or until the vegetables are tender, sprinkle the flour to the vegetable and mix well.

Add clam juice to the vegetables cup by cup (don’t add all of the juice at once), add additional clam juice after you stir together vegetables with the clam juice.

Bring it to boil, then reduce the heat to small, continue cooking for 20 minutes.

Add half and half, milk and Clam meat to the soup then turn the heat to high and bring everything to boil.

Season with black pepper and little bit of salt (I don’t use more salt because the clam juice is salted naturally)

Garnish the dish with bacon and chives/parsley if you desire.

If you don’t have herb olive oil, just use 2 tbsps. olive oil with 2 pieces of bay leaves.

Home made herb cube:

  • I sometimes buy too much herbs, and I can’t use all of them.  So I am using this method to save them for later.
  • Pick all the leaves from the herb, then put them in the ice cube container, pour some good quality extra virgin olive oil over them, then freeze them.
  • Save all the herb cubes in a zip lock bag in the freezer, so when you need some herb for cooking later, you can always get one.

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2柄芹菜 切丁


一个小的黄洋葱 切丁

½条大蒜苗 切薄片





面粉1/3 杯

把蛤蜊洗干净。在水里煮 直到蛤开壳(丢弃不开的)。把肉挑出来扔掉壳。 把汁倒到一个容器里, 粗略地切一下蛤蜊。


把蔬菜加到油里炒10到15分钟, 或者等到蔬菜都软了, 把面粉洒到蔬菜上拌匀。

在蔬菜中加入蛤蜊汁 (不要一次把所有的汁都倒进去,一杯一杯的加), 将蛤蜊汁与蔬菜搅拌均匀后加入更多的汁。

煮开, 然后把火调小, 继续煮20 分钟。

添加咖啡奶,牛奶 和蛤蜊肉, 把火调高, 然后煮开。

加黑胡椒和少许盐 (我没加更多盐, 因为蛤汁自然带咸味的)


如果你没有香料橄榄油, 只需用2汤匙橄榄油与2片月桂叶。

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  • 在一個不粘鍋里煎培根直到脆。把它們放在廚房纸上, 以吸收多余的油。切成小塊備用。
  • 加入1汤匙 黃油和香料油放入鍋中, 加入洋蔥和大蒜炒2分鐘。
  • 加土豆繼續煮3分鐘
  • 加入雞湯 (幾乎覆蓋住就好了不需要太多的湯) 蓋上蓋子繼續煮 5-7 分鐘, 直到土豆软烂。
  • 用搅拌机把汤搅成泥好然後倒回鍋裡加入牛奶繼續小火煮到它再次煮开。加入黑胡椒和鹽來調味。
  • 用一些切達乾酪、熏肉、歐芹或蔥來裝飾湯。

Lobster Egg Drop Soup/龙虾蛋花汤


I always save lobster juice and fat for soup or something else. Today I used it to make egg drop soup. It sounds a little fancy and it tastes really good.

One egg

Juice and Fat from 2 lobster

3 cups water

Peas and carrot 4-5 tbsps

White pepper a few pinches


Break the egg in a small bowl

Bring water to boil, add the lobster juice & fat and peas & carrot. Cover and bring to boil again.

Add some starch water to thicken up the soup.

Add the egg to the soup and stir up a little.

Finish this dish with a few pinches of white pepper. ( No additional spices needed)


我总是会把切龙虾的时候流的汁和脂肪拿来做汤或其他东西。今天我用它做蛋花汤。这听起来有点花哨, 味道还真的很好。




豌豆和胡萝卜4-5 汤匙



把水煮开, 加入龙虾汁、脂肪、豌豆和胡萝卜。盖上并再次煮开。

加入一些淀粉水, 使汤变稠。



Lobster Maifan/龙虾炒米粉


3 servings and about $16 per serving.

This is my first home cook meal after my vacation. Didn’t feel like to cook anything. Didn’t have any food in the refrigerator either, this morning I went to buy groceries. It was raining like crazy, so I didn’t think too much just grabbed whatever I saw and ended up missing so many things. Anyway, I bought 2 lobsters today and meant to make lobster with ginger and scallion for dinner, and then I realized that as not enough for dinner. I didn’t want to make too many dishes, so I tried to find some noodles to cook with the lobster. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find enough of anything to cook with it. So at the end I used 2 different kind of Maifan to make this dish.


Maifan 150g

2 Lobster about 3.5 pounds

Ginger 5 slices

5 whole Scallion

Shallot 2 big cloves

½ small size Onion

Cut ginger, scallion, onion and shallot into shreds.

Cut lobster into smaller pieces. Drain all the lobster juice to a separated container and take the fat out too for another dish.

Precook maifan in boiling water according to the direction on the back.

Add about 1/3 cup of corn starch to the lobster, and deep fry in hot oil for about 4-5 minutes. If you are cooking with a home gas stove like me, don’t cook too many pieces at once. Cook a few pieces at a time will be easier.

Leave about 3 tbsps. oil in the skillet, add scallion, ginger, onion, shallot and 3 tbsps. XO sauce and Sauteed for 3 minutes.

Add maifan along with 1tbsp soy sauce and 1tbsp oyster sauce and mix together.

Add lobster and 1tsp chicken bouillon powder to the maifan and continue to mix everything together. At the end add 2 tbsps. Cooking wine and mix.


2只龙虾约3.5 磅






把龙虾切成小块。把所有的龙虾汁都放到一个分开的容器里, 然后把脂肪取出来做另一道菜。


在龙虾里加约1/3 杯玉米淀粉, 并在热油中油炸约4-5 分钟。如果你是像我这样的家用煤气炉做饭, 不要一次炸太多。一次炸几块就容易多了。

留下大约3汤匙油在锅里, 加葱、姜、洋葱、红葱和3汤匙XO 酱炒3分钟。

加入米粉连同1汤匙 酱油和1汤匙蚝油混合在一起。

加入龙虾和1茶匙鸡精, 并继续搅拌在一起。最后加2汤匙料酒喷香。

Here are some pictures from my vacation:




Squirrel Fish/松鼠鱼



WeChat Image_20180215222559

One weever 1.5 pounds

Peas and carrots 3 tbsps

Pine nuts 2 tbsps

Ketchup 6tbsps

Water 6 tbsps

sugar 2.5 tbsps

Vinegar 3 tbsps

Soy sauce 1.5 tbsps

Cut the fish head off, slice each side of the fish from the head down to the tail. Make sure the fish is still connected at the end of the fish tail. Cut the fish bone off  and leave only the 2 pieces boneless flesh as shown below.

WeChat Image_20180216153430

Cut the fish flesh superficially in a pattern of squares horizontally and vertically.


Wrap the fish and fish head with a lot of Sweet potatoes starch, make sure even the gap between the cut need to be covered by starch. Shake off the excess starch, then deep fry fish in hot oil about 180C degree for a few minutes or until it is golden brown.

Leave about 2 tbsps oil in the cook pan, add ketchup to it first and cook for a minute then add the rest of spices, sauce, water and peas and carrot to it. Add a little bit of starch water to thicken it up a bit then pour over the fish. Decorate the finished product with pine nuts.



一条鲈鱼1.5 磅





糖2.5 汤匙


酱油1.5 汤匙

把鱼头切下来, 把鱼从每一侧从头向下片到尾部。确保鱼尾的末端仍然连着。切下鱼骨, 只留下2块无骨的肉, 如下所示。

WeChat Image_20180216153430

鱼肉切花刀, 加淀薯粉把鱼裹上粉,连缝隙都要裹上粉。鱼头也裹粉。

把鱼身上的多余粉抖掉,放入7,8成热的油中炸几分钟。 鱼头也炸熟。

锅里留2汤勺的油加入番茄酱炒一下在加入其他的酱汁,水,青红豆。 加点淀粉水勾个薄芡淋在鱼上。 撒上松子点缀。


I used to make sushi quite often, I don’t know why I hadn’t done that for a while. My mother just recently asked me if I could make sushi again. The answer is YES of course. They could’ve been better looking if it wasn’t because my father couldn’t wait to eat them! LOL. Anyway I will still show them to you. I don’t eat raw fish, so you won’t see any of them here.

People think making sushi is difficult!!! It is actually not as hard as you may think. Of course I am not saying it is easy, it requires some practice, the worst thing could happen is that you’re eating the rolls ugly/broken/messy. Well they will still taste the same in your mouth good looking or not! So please do try to make them at home; I mean think of how much money you can save by making it at home (fun too). My recommendation is watch videos online, and then practice at home, then you will realize it is not that hard at all. Good eat everyone!!!!

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WeChat Image_20180127222637

WeChat Image_20180127222631

WeChat Image_20180127222626

Ingredients for rice:

Short grain rice 3 Cups

Water 3 cups

Japanese Rice vinegar 4tbsps

Sugar 2tbsps

Salt 1tsp

Dissolve sugar and salt in vinegar, set aside.

Cook rice in a rice cooker with the ratio of rice : water=1:1.

when the rice is done, add the vinegar mixture to the rice and use a rice spatula to mix it. ( don’t smash the rice, we don’t want  rice paste. )

Set the rice aside with a damp kitchen paper towel on top of it until it is cool enough to work on.

The ingredient for stuffings can be any of you favor fish, seafood, meat or just vegetables. I have used below ingredients:

Fried shrimp

Artificial crab meat

Salmon fish

Capelin Roe

Roasted seaweed/Nori




Yellow radish

I don’t like raw carrot, so I usually boil it in boiling water for a few minutes. The thin slice avocado is for dragon roll.

Here is how I make them, I like to cut about 1/3 of the nori off. So the finish product will not be too big for one bite. I think we suppose to eat it one piece at one shot.

Add rice evenly to the rough side of Nori


Add you favor stuffings on top of it


With the help of the bamboo mat roll the top portion of it over( I always wrap the mat with plastic for easy cleaning later)


Roll it one more time and it is ready. Make sure you press the mat with some pressure every time you roll over, so the roll with stick together tightly.


Here is how to make rolls with rice side out. You can add some sesame seeds on the rice, so it will be pretty. You flip over the sheet after you apply the rice to it.


After you finish making the rolls, cutting them is just as important as rolling. In order to cut them evenly, you need a very sharp knife!!!! I made a very pretty dragon roll before cutting, I was disappointed after cutting. Clean the knife with water every time when it is sticky with rice on the surface.

IMG_8608WeChat Image_20180127222644

Since I don’t eat raw fish, I pan fry my salmon fish then mix it with Japanese Mayo and pinch of salt.

I also mix my crab meat with Japanese mayo and Capelin Roe ( recommended)

I don’t follow any rules, I use all my favor ingredients to make sushi. I had done Chinese dried fish, Dried pork, fried peanuts…

Here are the dipping sauce:

Soy sauce



WeChat Image_20180127222613

Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

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Crab With Ginger And Scallion/姜葱蟹


WeChat Image_20200506203933

As a Fujianese, I love crabs so much and my family eats a lot of crabs each year. Now it is the season for crab. Steam will be the easiest way to cook them, but I prefer them with more flavor, so this ginger and scallion crab is my favor.

Half dozen live crabs

5  slices ginger (shredded)

4 whole scallion (shredded)

1/4 cup corn starch

Open up crabs’ shells, then cut them into halves, clean them.

Add a few pinches of salt, add corn starch and make sure they are all thinly coated.

Deep fry crabs in hot oil for about 4 minutes ( adjust the cooking time depend on the size of the crabs)

Leave a little bit of oil in the cooking pan, add ginger and scallion and stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add the fried crabs, 1/3 tsp white pepper, 1/3 tsp black pepper, and one tbsp cooking wine and mix well.








放入热油中炸大概4 分钟(看蟹的大小调时间)



Fettuccine With Shrimp/白酒虾意面

Chinese do not serve diner dish by dish, we usually have all the food ready (doesn’t matter we have 5 or 15 different dishes) then everyone will start eating with everything in front of you. So last time when I cooked for my American friends in their home, I was asked to go with orders, at first I was a little confused. Lol… I was thinking:” but I have everything ready, why not just take them out?” Anyway we still had a really great time together! So if you come to my home, I will have everything ready on the table, but you can choose what to eat first!!!

This is so far the best Italian dish I cook. With some simple ingredients, and it turns out to be one of my favorite non-Chinese dishes now.

WeChat Image_20171206202402

Fettuccine 3.5 oz

Medium size shrimp 5 pieces (deveined)

Chicken broth ½ cup

Pinot grigio 1/3 cup (you can use other kind of white wine)

Garlic 1 clove (minced)

Shallot 1 piece (sliced)

Extra virgin olive oil 1tbsp

Butter 1tbsp

Lemon juice 1tbsp

Lemon zest 1tsp

Parsley 2 tbsps.

Cook fettuccine according to the instruction on the back of the package.

Add butter and oil to a sauté pan, add shallot and garlic to it and stir fry for a minute or two.

Add shrimps continue to cook for 2 minutes.

Add lemon juice, chicken broth and white wine then bring to boil

Add fettuccine and mix well, add salt and black pepper to your taste, finally add lemon zest and parsley.

This is so far the best Italian dish I cook. With some simple ingredients, and it turns out to be one of my favorite non-Chinese dishes now.

Fettuccine 意面3.5 盎司

中号虾5只 (去虾线)

鸡汤 ½ 杯

白酒1/3 杯

大蒜1粒 (剁碎)

红葱头1颗 (切片)








在煎锅里加黄油和橄榄油, 加入红葱头和大蒜, 炒一两分钟。


加入柠檬汁、鸡汤和白酒, 然后煮开

加入意面混合好后适量加盐和黑胡椒粉, 最后加柠檬皮屑和欧芹。


Scallop In Garlic Sauce/蒜香扇贝

WeChat Image_20171128183403

WeChat Image_20171128191539

Live scallop 6 pieces

Garlic 6 cloves (minced)

Red bell pepper 4tbsps (minced)

Oil 4 tbsps

Soy sauce for steam fish 3tbsps

Vermicelli 50g

Ginger 1tbsp (minced)

Scallion 2tbsp (finely chopped)

Cut open the scallops and take the white part of the body out and clean the shells.  (each side has half of the scallops)

Add 1tbsp of salt to the scallops and wash them with running water until they are clean without any sand.

Add oil to a cooking pan, heat it up, add ginger and garlic and sauté for 2 minutes or until lightly brown, add the red bell pepper and combine.

Bring some water to boil then cook the vermicelli for a minute. Drain then cut them shorter.

Divide the vermicelli into 12 equal portions and put them in each of the shells.

Put one pieces of scallop in each shell, then add some of the garlic ginger sauce on the top.

Put the scallops with shells on a big plate (I don’t have a plate big enough for all of them)

On a big cooking pan bring some water to boil, steam the plate of scallops over the water for 5 minutes.

Add soy sauce to each shell then garnish with some scallion for color.

WeChat Image_20171128191721


大蒜6颗 (剁碎)

红甜椒 4汤匙 (剁碎)




姜 1tbsp (剁碎)

大葱 2汤匙 (切碎)


切开扇贝, 取出白色的贝肉, 清理干净贝壳。(切开后每边有一半的扇贝)

在扇贝中加入1汤匙 的盐, 用自来水冲洗, 直到它们干净无砂。

将油加入锅中, 加热, 加入生姜和大蒜, 煎=炒2分钟或至淡褐色, 加入红甜椒。

把一些水煮开, 加入粉丝煮一分钟。然后把它们剪短。

把粉丝分成12等份, 把它们放在每个贝壳里。

在每个贝壳中放入一只干贝, 然后在上面加入一些刚煮的大蒜姜汁。

把扇贝放在大盘子里 (我没有够大的盘子装所有的扇贝)

在一个大锅里煮开一些水, 隔水蒸扇贝5分钟。

在每个扇贝中加入蒸鱼酱油, 然后用一些葱来装饰颜色。


Cuttlefish With Black Bean Sauce/豆豉墨鱼


WeChat Image_20171114213328

Cuttlefish 8 pieces

Jumbo shrimp 2 pieces

Purple onion ¼

Celery 1 stalk

Scallion 1 whole piece

Chinese preserved sour cabbage 2 oz.

Carrot a few pieces

Ginger 1 slice

Black bean 10 pieces

Oyster sauce 1.5 tbsps.

Soy sauce 1tbsp

Cooking wine 1.5 tbsps.

Pinch of white pepper

Chicken bouillon 1/3 tsp

Cuttlefish is similar to squid, but much bigger and the meat is thicker too.  I cut the fish both vertical and horizontal, but do not cut through, cut about 2/3 of the depth, then cut into small squares, after cooking each piece will frizzle to beautiful sharp.

Cuttlefish and shrimps marinated with 2 pinches salt, 1tbsp cooking wine and pinch white pepper for one hour.

Cook cuttlefish and shrimps in boiling water, 30 seconds for shrimp and 90 seconds for cuttlefish.

In a separated pan, heat up the pan with high heat then add 2 tbsps oil, add ginger, black bean and white part of scallion then stir fry for a minute.

Add the rest of vegetable and continue to stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add the oyster sauce, soy sauce and 1/4 cup water, cuttlefish and shrimp and continue to stir fry for a minute or so.

Add the rest of spices and scallion, mix well.

蚝汁1.5 汤匙
料酒1.5 汤匙
鸡粉1/3 茶匙
墨鱼与鱿鱼相似, 但更大, 肉也更厚。 我把鱼切成了十字刀, 但不切透, 切约2/3 的深度, 然后切成小方块, 烹调后每一块都会卷起来很漂亮。
墨鱼,虾用一点盐腌制, 1汤匙料酒和少量白胡椒粉腌一小时。
在沸水中煮墨鱼和虾, 虾30秒, 墨鱼90秒。
在一个平底锅里,加热平底锅后加2汤匙油, 加入姜, 豆豉和葱白然后炒一分钟。
加入其余的蔬菜, 并继续炒2分钟。
加入蚝油, 酱油和1/4 杯水, 墨鱼和虾, 并继续炒一分钟左右。
加入其余的香料和葱, 拌匀。


Tofu Sheet Rolls/腐皮卷


Flavored Fish paste 10 oz.

Dried bean curd sheet 1 pieces

Ground pork 10 oz.

Medium size Shrimp 6 pieces (Roughly chop)

Ginger 1 tbsp.

Scallion 2-3 tbsps.

Half egg

Salt 2/3 tsp.

Chicken bouillon 1tsp

White pepper ½ tsp.

Fish paste bought from Chinese supermarket is already flavored, so don’t add too much salt to it. Mix all the ingredients except dried been curd sheet and mix it in one direction for about 2 minutes until it is kind of sticky.

Cut the round bean curd sheet into 4 even pieces, get ¼ of the paste mixture and spread it evenly on the sheet then roll it up or fold it up like you are making egg rolls, they can be in different sharps. If you are going to just pan fry it, the make it thinner. If you are going to cook it with sauce then make it thicker.

Add some oil in a nonstick pan, then pan fry the thin one about 2-3 minutes each side, cut into smaller pieces then it is ready to eat.

If you like to steam it, steam over boiling water for 5 minutes should work.

If you like it with sauce, pan fry the thick one until the bean curd sheet is golden brown about 1-2 minutes each side, then add the sauce to it and cook with lid on for 3-4 minutes.

White sauce: chicken broth, salt, white pepper and chicken bouillon.


Brown sauce: Soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, chicken broth and little bit of chicken bouillon.



WeChat Image_20171009222037Image result for 鲜腐皮