This is the best tiramisu recipe ever I found from Wenxuecity.com/这是我从文学城上找来的食谱。非常的好吃。


1 shot Espresso (一份Espresso咖啡)

Some Bittersweet Chocolate( ¼ inch of cube) (一小块巧克力)

1 tbsp Kahlua Liqueur (一大勺Kahlua 咖啡酒)

1-2 tbsp Rum (一,二大勺郎姆酒)

2 pack of lady fingers (两份手指饼)

7 Egg yolks (raw) (七个蛋黄)

½ cup sugar (半杯糖)

8 oz Mascarpone Cheese (8 oz Mascarpone 乳酪)

2 cup of heavy cream (两杯鲜奶油)

A little bit vinila extract(少许香草精), 2-3 tsp sugar for whip cream (2-3小勺糖,用于打发奶油)

Some unsweeted coca powder (少量无糖可可粉)


  1. Mix Espresso , Chocolate and Kahlua Liqueur together and set aside. (You may need to warm up the coffee to melt the chocolate) (融化巧克力,和Espresso,咖啡酒混合待用)
  2. Add sugar toegg yolks and beat until the sugar melt.( Use a double boiler or put mixing bowl over hot water) (蛋黄加糖打至糖融化。盆子隔水加热以助融化。).
  3. Add Rum, Cheese to the egg yolks, mix until smooth(about 1-2 minute)(把郎姆酒,奶酪加到蛋液里搅拌一两分钟至均匀)
  4. In another clean bowl, add 2-3 tsp sugar and vinila extract to heavy cream, beat the heavy cream until hard peaks form.(另取一干净盆,加入香草精和2,3小勺糖, 将奶油打发)
  5. Fold the whipped cream to the egg/Mascarpone mixture. (把打发好的奶油和蛋黄奶酪翻拌均匀。)
  6. Lay lady fingers in a glass baking dish (8x8x2 square dish)(将一半手指饼排放在烤盘里。)
  7. Brush lady fingers with expresso/chocolate mixture.(手指饼上刷上咖啡巧克力溶液。)
  8. Spread half of egg/Mascarpone mixture on the lady finger.(倒入一半的蛋奶酪混合物, 铺平。)
  9. Lay another layer lady fingers, brush with coffee mix.(排放另一半手指饼)
  10. Spread the rest of egg/mascarpone mixture.(倒入另一半的蛋奶酪混合物, 铺平)
  11. Let it rest for 12-24 hours in the refrigerator.(放到冰箱里冰12-24小时)
  12. Sift the coco powder on top before serving(吃前撒上可可粉)

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