Pine Nuts Shrimps/玉米虾炒松仁


2 fresh yellow corns,cut the corn off the cob
A little bit of green and red pepper for color
1/3 cup of pine nuts
A few pieces of shrimps
Peeled, deveined and marinated shrimps with salt, white pepper and cooking wine, precook in boiling water and set aside.
In a non-stick pan, with oil at medium heat add the pine nuts and cook less than 2 minutes (pine nuts get burn easily) set aside.
With some oil in the pan, add garlic then the corn, green and red pepper and sautéed for a few minutes. Add 1/3 teasp of salt, a little bit of sugar and 1/3 cup of water then cover with a lid and cook for 2 more minutes. Add chicken powder and pine nuts.

2 条新鮮的黄玉米把玉米切下来
1/3 杯的松子

用鹽、 白胡椒粉和料酒醃去了皮和 內臟的蝦 15分钟。在沸水中煮熟待用。
在不粘鍋中加油, 中火加松仁炒不超过2 分鐘(松子仁很容易燒焦) 撥出待用。
留少許油在鍋中,加上大蒜然後玉米,綠椒和紅椒炒幾分鐘。添加1/3茶勺鹽、 一點點糖和 1/3 杯的水,然後蓋上的蓋子煮 2 分鐘。加入雞粉和松子。

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