Tomato Egg Drop Soup


There is no another Chinese soup dish going to be easier than this tomato egg drop soup.

one medium size tomato

one egg ( beat up)

a big bowl of broth or water

Cook the tomato in boiling water for 2-3 minutes so you can easily peel the skin off. Cut the tomato into small pieces.  In a pan, add a little bit of oil and sauteed the white part of scallion for 2 minutes then add tomato and broth ( water is fine too) bring it to boil then add in beaten egg. If you like the egg drop to be big, stir the broth slowly, otherwise, stir really fast then the egg drop is going to be small. Add in some salt and chicken powder to the taste.

沒有另一個的中國 汤要容易过這番茄蛋花湯。
一個雞蛋 (打匀)
放番茄在開水中煮 2-3 分鐘,所以你可以很容易剝番茄的皮。把番茄切成小塊。在一鍋裡加一點點油,炒蔥白 2 分鐘然後加番茄和肉湯 (水也是可以的) 把它煮開,然後加入打散的雞蛋。如果你喜歡蛋花較大,慢慢地攪動湯,否則就快速攪拌。加一些鹽,雞粉来调味。

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