Sweet And Sour Lotus Roots


1/2 pound of lotus roots (Thin sliced)

1/2 cup of sugar

3 tbsp of rice vinegar

Precook the lotus roots in boiling water for about 2 minutes and rinse under the running cold water until cool. in a big container mix well sugar and vinegar, then add the lotus roots in it for at least a few hours. Serve the dish cold. You can prepare this dish according to your own taste by adjusting the ingredients.

1/2 磅蓮藕 (薄切片)
1/2 杯糖
3 湯匙的醋
蓮藕在滾水中煮約 2 分鐘,放冷水下沖洗几分钟。在一個大容器中混合糖和醋,然後加蓮藕进去泡至少幾個小時。這是道冷菜。你可以根據自己的口味調整调料。

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